Daily Inspiration: February 4. Becoming Your Greatest Supporter

On a day in day out basis, there is no one who has more opportunities to judge and criticize you, or lift you up and support you, than you. No one in this life will speak to you, advise you, direct or misdirect you, more than you will. It is you who holds the key to how you treat yourself, and through your example, allow others to treat you. Consciously or not, you are always teaching people how to treat you. What you teach them, is simply a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. Others in reality, are simply helping you see, what you think and feel about yourself. As God’s creation, you are forever worthy of love, kindness and respect. But to truly recall and understand this, you must first practice treating yourself with love, kindness and respect. As you do so, others will be guided to treating you, by the path that you yourself have craved out. The truth in you is Love, and only the truth in you is true. Kindness and respect are expressions of love, and so when you are aligned with your truth, you become kind and respectful to yourself and others. We are all One, and thus when you are not kind or respectful of others, you are withholding that kindness and respect from parts of yourself. You can not achieve true everlasting peace of mind and joy as long as you are mistreating any part of you. You are forever worthy of kindness and respect, but you will never fully understand or believe this until you become kind and respectful of your whole-self. Today, when the ego once again demands that you judge, be unkind or disrespect another, stop and recall, that we are all One, and so what you are doing to ‘them’ you are doing to yourself.  Today, be grateful to all those who are offering you the opportunities to be kind and respectful, for as you do so, you are learning that your whole self is worthy of these gifts and blessings.  

The degree to which you allow people to love and support you, is directly correlated to the degree to which you have learned to love and support yourself. Today, when you find yourself being self-critical, stop for a moment, and decide to shift your thinking and internal dialogue, to one that yes challenges, but also one whose foundation is loving and supportive. Today, keep reminding yourself: “Today, I become my greatest supporter. Today, I acknowledge that I control my thoughts, and that my thoughts do not control me. Today, I teach others, through the example of how I treat myself, how to treat me. I am, as God’s creation, forever worthy of love, kindness, respect and being supported, and we are all One, all forever worthy of these gifts and blessings. Today, I treat all others, exactly as I would want and deserve to be treated.” When you learn to become your greatest supporter, because we are all One, you will serve as a light within the darkness. You will help others recall that they too are forever worthy of love and kindness. You will recall that because we are all One, if you are not treating them with love and respect, then you are failing to love and respect your whole self. You will never find true everlasting peace of mind and joy when you are unconsciously withholding love and respect from parts of yourself. All you need do, to experience true peace of mind and joy, is to love, respect and support, your Whole Self. Nothing more than that is ever asked of you. Today, let us thank all others for the opportunity to serve them, for the more we do so, the more we will see, feel and understand, how truly worthy we ourselves are, of being loved, respected and supported.

Today, as we awaken, let us look deep into the mirror and say to ourselves: “Today, above all else, I will become my greatest supporter. I will practice catching myself quicker and quicker when I am being too critical of self or others. Then I will offer God gratitude, that I now have the wisdom to know, that it is I who control my thoughts, and that my thoughts do not control me. I now consciously shift my thinking, to one that loves, supports and encourages me. Equally so, I today acknowledge that all my brothers, sisters and I are One. In doing so I equally offer them my love, respect and support. I now love, respect and support all others, exactly as I would want to be loved, respected and supported.” Respect, support, encouragement, kindness, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, all these are expressions of Love, and Love is our Creator. Our Creator created us in His image and thus we are in the most literal sense, Love in physical form. Today, let us support this truth as true by loving and supporting all those who we meet along the way. When you truly recognize that we are all One, you will become your greatest supporter, because there will be no part of you, that you will withhold love and support from. Rejoice, we have come far in our awakening journey. In order to complete this journey and return Home with our heads held high, let us take our brother’s and sister’s hands, and guide them back to a place of perfect peace and understanding. Let us, through our thoughts, words and actions, remind them, that they are all worthy of being loved, respected and supported, and not because of anything they have or have not said or done, but simply because of who they are, God’s children, forever a part of, and One with, us.

Today, let us practice becoming our greatest supporter by recognizing that we are all One, and seeing each and every brother and sister as who they truly are, a part of ourselves. If everyone is a part of us, if we are not being loving and supportive of them, we are withholding that love and support from ourselves. Let us practice letting go of our judgments and criticisms by recalling that God is Perfect, only creates perfectly, and thus each one of our journeys must be perfect for us. The less we judge and criticize ‘others’, the less judgmental and critical we will become of ourselves. By recognizing the perfect nature of each and every one of us, we recognize and support the perfect nature of each and every part of us and our journey. It is by doing so, by loving, respecting and supporting our whole self and journey, that we begin to truly become, our greatest supporter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

I resonate with what you are posting..Its like the golden rule…do unto others as you would have them do unto you…for we are all one and in this all together now for eternity, iI try to see everyone as evolving perfection thriving in the unconditional love an appreciation of the well-being of God’s perfection that surrounds us always with pure positive unconditional love.. I know and feel that All is well

Thank you Virginia for being open to the message.

We are indeed all One, all here to help each other awaken to the truth within.

May you continue to be a light in this world. May you continue to, by how you see and treat others, remind them that they are forever worthy of the love that is their eternal essence and nature.

Peace. JBC

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