Daily Inspiration: February 7. Ending the Blame Game

Today, I stop placing blame. By doing so, I start taking greater personal responsibility for how I am feeling. As I take greater responsibility for my thoughts and how I feel, the world outside of me begins to lose its power and control over me. I now see and understand that the more I blame this world and those in it, the more of my power I give away. The more power I give away, the more control the world seems to have over how I feel. Now, having taken greater responsibility for my thoughts, it is I who controls the amount of peace or mental anguish that I experience. By doing so I am no longer held captive to this world’s whims. No longer will I consciously blame my wife, husband, kids, employer, other employees, mother in law or even the traffic, for how I feel. Instead, I now take personal responsibility and acknowledge that it is not what ‘they’ do that affects my state of mind, but how I react to what they do, that affects me. Viewing this world through awaken eyes, I now understand how everyone is actually gifting me the opportunities to see an external reflection and representation of my internal condition. They are in essence showing me where I reside within my heart and mind. Now I know, that if I make the conscious decision to make my peace of mind my priority, then it is through the eyes of peace that I will begin to see, interpret and interact with this world. By doing so, everyone out there, is blessed by my internal condition and dialogue. Now, I also know that if I choose judgment, struggle, chaos and conflict, that such thoughts are showing me where I am out of alignment with my eternal loving essence and nature. It is I who paints the picture of the world I see. It is I who reacts to it as I see fit. It is I who builds up my anxiety or focuses on peace. No longer will the outer world dictate how I feel. I am now in control of the world that I have chosen, through my thoughts, to create.

Today, blame is no longer a game I choose to play. I do not blame the weather, my financial situation, job, or the financial situation of the country. I do not blame the Washington political gridlock, the bipartisan bickering of my fellow citizens, or the news reports, for any loss of my peace of mind and joy. They do not drive nor control my attitude, I do. Today, I finally take full and total personal responsibility for the thoughts, words, emotions, actions, reactions and interactions, that I alone choose to make and partake in. Today, I take total personal responsibility for my peace of mind or internal conflict. I now take full responsibility of my attitude. Today, it is I and I alone who sets myself free from all of the ego’s delusions, illusions, deceptions and lies, or chooses to remain a prisoner to them. Today, it is I who sets a personal example and becomes a physical representative of one who is consciously in control of their own thoughts, actions and reactions. Imagine, no longer being tossed around the ego’s storm, by the words and judgments of those around you. Now, I am no longer fine one moment and angry the next, because of the way others choose to behave. My mood is no longer colored by others, but by the thoughts that I alone allow to enter my mind. Today, it is I and I alone who decide what thoughts get my time, energy and focus. Today, it is I who lift myself above this planet’s illusionary battlefields. From this place of peace, I will light the ways for those who have tired of conflict. Now, when they look my way they will see one who has chosen to take full responsibility for his thoughts, and thus for the way he chooses, in every moment, to define and live his life.

Imagine a world where you no longer give your power and peace away to the ego’s mindset and false concepts. If you put yourself in control of your own thoughts, what kind of power would you begin to cultivate and nurture? What kind of power could the child of God, Perfect Love, achieve if they consciously chose to align with their Source, and fully become and represent their truest self. Our Source is Love, thus all of Love’s expressions are aspects of us. Aligned with our Source, peace being an expression of Love would surely win out over the delusions of conflict and fear. Would the children of Love, knowing that only the love in them was real, need to blame others for any illusionary thoughts they might entertain that are anything other than loving? Would the children of Love knowing that their journeys are a sacred co-creation with God, need to judge or blame anyone else’s journey? If every person’s journey is perfect for them, what other than gratitude, peace of mind and joy, would the children of God experience? What else but grateful would you be if you knew that it is you and you alone who decides your level of peace or pain? What else but appreciative would you be towards God knowing that in any moment you have the free will to take control of your own thoughts and mind, and thus of the life you live? Imagine, no matter your circumstance, peace of mind always being but a simple choice away. Today, let us practice the choice for peace, for the more we practice it, the more real, natural, and normal it becomes. Today, when judgment and conflict are demanded by the ego, I instead choose forgiveness, and experience peace. Today, when stressful and anxious thoughts come, I instead choose to trust God’s plan, and experience peace.

Today, let us stop blaming the outer world for how we feel. Now we know that if we blame the world, we give our power away to it. Now we know that because our journey is a perfect co-creation with God, every moment of it will be used for our good, to help us grow, heal and awaken. Now we know that it is only us who can control the thoughts we think. Understanding this, we now take full responsibility for the thoughts we think and thus of the life that we experience. We now know, that being Love’s children, we are here to create as God created, through love. Forgiveness and compassion are expressions of love. Now, if we find ourselves lost in the blame game, we no longer condemn ourselves or others. Instead, we simply recall the truth in us, align with our loving nature, and choose forgiveness and compassion. Then we thank all those we once blame, for providing us the opportunities to practice taking back control of our minds, and thus of our lives.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

And how do you find peace and not blame when you know that your daughter in law pushed your son to the point where he decided to commit suicide?

Thank you Broken Mother for being a member of our community.

I am sorry for your loss.

Imagine your son now being in a place of perfect Love. In this place of perfect clarity and understanding, what would your son want for you? Would he not desire Love expressions such as those of peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing, to surround and embrace you? Would he not want you to reflect these expressions upon a world that itself needs healing? Would he not want you to become a light within the darkness? Would he not want you to learn how to bring hope to those who are feeling hopeless? Think about how your son would want you to feel, be and think, and then follow his advice until you are able to recognize the wisdom of such a plan.

Forgiveness is the main tool that gets you from a place of pain to a palace of peace. You already well know the dead end roads of blame. You have traveled those roads enough times to know they never get you to the peace of mind you desire. And so if you can not yet forgive your daughter in law, then ask your son or God to forgive her for you. Each and every time you think of her, and you can not forgive her, invite your son and God in, and ask them to lead the way, to forgive her for you. Being all One, offer her everything that you would want to feel yourself. Little by little, after enough times, you will begin to recognize the wisdom of their leadership. It is then that the road to peace will be assured.

Once a certain level of emotional peace, stability and understanding, has touch your soul, use your life experience to teach others who have lost loves ones how to find their way back to peace. As you lead the hurt to heal, you will begin to see the sacred nature of your path. It will be then that you will thank your son and God, and yes even someday your daughter in law, for the part they played in your awakening, for the part they played in helping you heal this world.

Peace. JBC

I searched for years to find what you have written. I knew there had to be others who looked at the world differently rather than simply finding themselves within and reacting to the chaos of the world and within. I so appreciate being able to settle in your daily devotionals. They are powerful and so helpful as I continue to walk in the world of form. Thank you for the reminders that we have chosen this sacred journey with love, with love’s source, with God and that in each moment we may choose forgiveness over judgment. Powerful stuff.

Thank you René for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

All truth is forever within you now. There is nothing that is given to one that is withheld from another.

Continue to recall who in truth you are, allow your light to shine brighter and brighter each day. Do so, and you will help those that are placed before you, recall their own eternal loving essence and nature, who in truth they are, have always been, and will always be.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I was meant to see this today. Thank you! I forget sometimes that it is my choice to experience peace or struggle. I forget that I do not have to react to what others are doing in such a way to cause more turmoil in my life and in my mind. I have been following you on facebook for a while, and decided to punch in your web address before meditating this morning, and I’m really grateful that I did! I look forward to the daily inspirations and exploring the rest of the website.

Thank you Patti for being a member of our community.

In every moment we have the choice between judgment and forgiveness. Judgment of self and others brings us pain and regret, forgiveness brings us peace and freedom. You as God’s creation are always worthy of peace and freedom.

Use the gift of free will to align with and receive God’s blessings.

If you sign up on the website you will receive the ‘Daily Inspirations’ automatically.

Peace. JBC

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