Daily Inspiration: January 10. Within The Present Moment Every Person Is a Gift

Within the eternal present moment, the Love of God forever resides. What the Love of God is, we forever are. Anytime we are being Love in the numerous ways that it manifest, such as through kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, these are all symbols that show us, that we are in alignment with the now. The present moment, as an energetic expression, is free from the past and future. It is the present moment, the now, that is our true home. When you look upon a brother or sister, and see them as Love’s creations, see only their eternal loving essence and nature, as unchanging and unchangeable, it is then that you are truly experiencing and residing within the now. Every one of God’s creations is a gift from God to you, just as you are a gift from God to them. They are helping you, in each moment realize, if you are allowing the present moment to be what it is. They are also helping you see, if you are lost, relying on the ego’s past programming and future imaginings. Choose to see all others as they were created to be, and only as they were created to be, and love, peace and joy, will forever fill and embrace you within the now. Choose to align with the ego, and define others through its mindset, and judgment, pain, suffering, confusion, chaos, resentment and regret will result. The choice, thanks to free will, is in the end, always yours to make. In the end, it is only we who can see the present moment as the gift from God that it is, or reject God’s gift, and see only what the ego has programmed us to see. Love, kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, are all good and useful symbols, that helps show you, when or when you are not, accepting God’s eternal gift, the present moment.

There is not one person that is placed in front of us by chance. Chance is a false concept, fabricated by the ego, to try to explain what it can’t, God’s all-encompassing love, mercy, wisdom and grace. All people who are sent to us within the present moment, are His gifts to us. Gifts that we, unconscious of it as we may be, have asked for. We have all, unconscious as we may be of it, made a spiritual commitment to each other to meet, in order to practice letting go of the ego’s programs and mindset. We are in each others presence to help us become more self-aware, and raise our level of consciousness. Even those that we, through the ego, have been programmed to perceive with anger, their participation in our life is a blessing, not a curse. They have volunteered, unconscious of it as they may be, to help us deal with anger in a more productive, forgiving and loving manner, and thus gratitude, not judgment, should be our response to them. For who best to assist us in realizing the unproductive nature of anger, than those we perceive “make us” angry? Remember, no one can ever truly make you feel anything, without your permission. Remember, it is only your mind that can think the thoughts that you are choosing to entertain within your mind. How you see, perceive and react in this world, is not a function of what is happening out there, but of how you are choosing to define the experience within your mind. It is always those who can best assist us in extracting the specific poisonous thoughts, emotions and beliefs, that we hold within us, that will come to help us do so. They come to us, so we can more clearly see and understand, what is separating us from our natural state, the state of peace. Let us be sure to thank, not judge them, for this.

Today, let us recall, that it is within the present moment, where the eternal loving presence of the peace of God, forever resides. Today, regardless with how much judgment the ego has programmed us to view our brothers through, let us make the conscious decision to forgive them, and thus by doing so, return to the now. Today, let us see all others as they truly are, as God’s gifts to us. When properly perceived, all others are here to help lift up the veils that separate us from the state of peace, that is our true nature and inheritance. It is by forgiving the past, and placing the future fully in God’s hands, that we come to the now. It is only within the eternal now, freed from the past and future, where our brothers and sisters are seen and understood, as who in truth they are. They are our companions on our journey from forgetfulness to remembrance, from confusion and chaos to clarity and peace. They are here to help us travel from the ego’s dark illusionary world to our true home, God’s loving eternal light. The more someone awakens, and becomes aware of their true nature, the more grateful they become for their brothers and sisters participation in their life. The more someone awakens, the more he or she realizes, that others are simply helping them find their way back to the present moment, back to the state of peace. It is by offering them the love that in truth we are, that will help us align once again with the now. Today, let us practice seeing all others, only as God’s perfect creations. Since we are all One, this practice will help our light shine brighter. Our brighter light will remind others, that it is within the light, within the state of love, peace and joy, where they also forever belong.

Today, let us practice better understanding when we are and are not in the present moment. Judgment of self and others, and anger, are symbols of one who is stuck in the past. Worry and stress are symbols of one who is being enticed by the future. Peace, love and joy, are symbols of one who is present within the eternal now. Every single situation, brother or sister, who comes into your presence, by the way you think of and treat them, helps you see and better understand, where you are within your own heart and mind. Let us understand this and be grateful for their service to us. You can choose to reside within the past or future, but those are not your true Home. Your true Home is the now, at One with the Love that is your Source. Today, practice forgiving the past, placing the future fully in God’s hands, and returning to the Home that God has created for you, the eternal now.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Great for Sunday morning, to remember our GOOD GODNESS.

Thank you Luis for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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