Daily Inspiration: January 12. The Eternal Internal Gift: Our Soul’s Song

There is a gift that resides within, that most of us have yet to fully open. Today, let us begin to access what has always been ours to experience, share and enjoy. God’s inheritance is forever yours, because we are forever His. In order to get to fully experience and enjoy your inheritance, you must be willing to accept it as yours. Many times, it is because we unconsciously feel unworthy of God’s inheritance, that we decide not to fully open, experience and enjoy it. Today, let us set aside the ego’s programming, that says that we are not worthy of God’s gifts, a mindset that has in truth never supported us. Let us today recall, that as Love’s creations, we are forever worthy of all of Its manifestations. When we allow our natural state to shine, love and light extend through us, and unto all others. This love and light comes in many forms, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy, passion and understanding. Love is who we in truth are. All the gifts that Love has to offer, are already within us. They are already within us, because we are forever worthy of them. If you feel like you’re lacking any of Love’s gifts, it is not because you do not posses them, it is because you are choosing not to use them. Love’s gifts will, if you allow them to, ask for a greater voice, and a more visible place in your life. Consciously place more of your time, focus and energy, on that expression that you think you lack, and it will begin to blossom and flourish right in front your eyes. God being Perfection, only creates perfectly, and so trust that all aspects or attributes of Love, that you desire, are within you now. Take any aspect of Love that you think that you are lacking, and challenge yourself to give it a greater voice and place in your life. Once you do so, once you practice offering what you thought you did not have, you will start to notice how natural it is for you to express them, how normal and right they feel.

There is a place within you of perfect understanding. There is place within you where the love and peace of God forever reside. It is here where every thought of error is forgiven, and all anger is brought to peace. There is a place within, where your eternal essence shines away darkness, sadness and confusion, and in their place, light, joy and clarity, arise. There is a place within, where the ego’s weapons are laid down, and fear and hate bow and dissolve before the mercy and grace of God. There is a place within, where the past and future are seen as the illusions that they are, and only the eternal present moment abides. It is from this place, the eternal gift within, where God’s song forever echoes and is shared through us, throughout eternity. It is up to us, as God’s creations, to allow God’s mercy, grace, love and peace, to shine through us and unto all those that He sends our way. It is up to us, to now confidently sing our soul’s song. It is time to align openly with our loving nature, and offer all others the memory of their true Home, their Source and eternal essence. Within your soul’s song is everything that you feel passionate about, all you love to do and find peace and joy in. Your soul’s song is personal, unique and sacred to you. It is your perfect co-creation with God. It is what you have come down here to personally experience, become an example of, and share. Your soul’s song, is your personal gift to this world. Do not be afraid, or feel not worthy of opening God’s gift, for it is the gift that you have come down here to present to, and share with this planet. Yes, this planet awaits you to open up the gifts that God has given you. The gifts that are forever within you, just waiting to be unwrapped. Every part of you, every one of these gifts, is a gift that this world can use. Offer them to all others, so that you may experience and enjoy them yourself.

Today, let us return home, by gliding away from the past and future, and back into timelessness, into the eternal holy instant, the ever-present now. It is in this eternal holy instant, where the uncertain heart once again begins to beat in tune and union with, its Creator. Hand in hand with your Creator, now consciously walk this world. Love is what unites your hands, and because we are all One, Love is what can unite every hand on Earth. Today, let us with confidence, open the eternal internal gift, and begin to fully radiate God’s mercy, grace, love and peace. Today, let us take great joy in knowing, that it is the eternal truth within us, that is helping quench our brother’s thirst for peace and understanding. It is the eternal gift within, God’s song, our soul’s song, that He is asking us to now sing and share. Today, when the ego’s self-doubt begins to once again try to creep in, use such instances, not to buy into them as true, but instead to help awaken in you, the memory that you are One with God. Keep reminding yourself: “I am worthy of God’s gift, His Love, His eternal song, because I am His creation. I am God’s eternal loving song. Today, I make the conscious decision to share this song with all my brothers and sisters. We are all One, thus the more I share it with them, the more I recall and reinforce within, that I am truly fit and worthy of God’s Love, of my soul’s song. I am worthy of experiencing and sharing who in truth I am and was created to be. Today, I will not feel ashamed to share who in truth I am, my soul’s song. God and I have written it together, and God only creates perfectly. I am on this planet now, because it is my soul’s song, that this world is in need of, and has been waiting to hear. Today I sing of peace, love, joy, forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Today, I sing of who in truth I am and was created by The Creator to be!”

Today, let our goal be to sing our soul’s song. This is the song that we have co-written with God. Let us remember, that God being Perfect only creates Perfectly, and so our song is perfect for us and for this world. Your soul’s song is sacred and unique to you. It is what you have come into this world to be and share. There are innumerable ways that we can sing our soul’s song. Let us today focus our time, on aligning with the energy of Love, and sharing our unique expressions of It. It can come in the form of what you are passionate about, of what brings you joy, peace and understanding, or from becoming a greater example of forgiveness and compassion in this world. You are here now because this world needs to hear your song. Today, align with your true essence, and your audience will be brought to you. All those who can benefit from your gifts will be presented to you. Now, when you meet another, know that it is not by chance. You are in front of them, expressing the truth within, so that they too may begin to recall, that their song is also, forever worthy of being heard.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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