Daily Inspiration: January 14. Is Anger Justified?

God is Love and All, therefore everything that is in truth real, has Love as its foundation. This foundation, in any moment, may or may not appear to be visible and available, but it is always there. In every person, situation or event, this Loving foundation, possibility and choice, exist. The ego, placing itself in opposition to All, is illusionary in nature, thus all of its tools, such as that of anger, is not a real expression of who we are. It is only when we believe that our illusions are more real than our truth, that we get affected by such emotions as anger. Anger, not having a loving foundation, is in truth not real, but will appear real to those who have yet to awaken to their true nature. Yet still, even in anger, below its surface, Love and its expressions reside. In fact, all of Love’s expressions are never more than a choice away. You are not bad or less spiritual for experiencing anger. It is just that you have not fully awaken to your true nature. Do not despair, for once we have slept long enough, we will awaken. Anger, being part of the ego’s mindset, will after using it enough times, help you see and feel, how unlike it is to the truth in you. Once you begin to realize how unlike it is to you, how unproductive and hurtful it is, once you have punish yourself and others enough times, you will get sick and tired of it and its results. It is then that you will want it no more. It is then that you will look for and want a better way. Anger then, when properly perceived is, a catalyst for you to awaken. Therefore, there is no need to judge it, yourself or others, as bad or not spiritual, simply because you experienced a falsity as true. Let us today offer anger, and everyone else who was a part of that experience, our gratitude, for helping us realize that we no longer need to use it, nor want to support or represent it.

Anger does not in truth balance any scales, and thus is not justified. That being said, being itself unreal, there is nothing “wrong” with anger. There is nothing wrong for thinking that a nightmare is real while you are in it. As we grow, heal and awaken, anger is a tool one sometimes chooses to use, express and experience, in order to learn how to deal with that type of person or situation, in a more forgiving, peaceful and productive manner. Thus, gratitude not anger, would be the “justified” response, to those who are helping us awaken to our true loving nature. What else but gratitude, could we logically offer those who are assisting us in seeing and experiencing how unproductive anger really is? What else but gratitude, could we have for those helping us find more productive, loving and self-loving ways, of co-existing on this planet. What else but gratitude and appreciation, could we have for those individuals and situations, that are helping us see, that anger is just a choice we make when we are lost, and buying into the false as true. The more experience we have in life, the more we see the wisdom of aligning with our true loving nature, the less need for anger we will have. The less angry we become, the less hurt we feel, and the more peace we experience. The more peace we experience, the more grateful we become to everyone and all. Next time someone “makes you” angry, remember, that because God is Love and All, there is always the gift of peace just below the surface. Next time anger comes knocking at our mind’s door, let us be discipline and self-aware enough to see what is truly going on, that we are just supporting the false as true. Then let us walk through the ego’s veils, and beyond the false, find our truth.

Today, let us see, understand and acknowledge, that it is our sisters’ and brothers’ participation in our life, that is actually assisting us in awakening from the dream of anger. Today, let us justifiably respond to them, with appreciation and gratitude, not judgment and anger, for the part they are playing in our growth, healing and awakening. Let us also recall, that only the thoughts that we entertain with our time, focus and energy, can drive and fill our days. Today, when an angry thought comes, stop it right there on its tracks, tell it that it is a lie, and that you will no longer be investing anymore of your time, focus and energy, on it. Then place that exact same time, focus and energy, on supporting thoughts, like forgiveness, that align you with your true loving nature. When a negative thought about person x comes in, instead of entertaining and thus growing that thought, pray for person x, pray for their peace, healing, joy and well-being. We are all One, thus what you ask for “others” you will get to experience yourself. Then, with your whole heart, mind and soul, offer gratitude to God and person x, for helping you find peace, where you once thought that only anger was a possibility. But be aware, that the ego will not quit so easily. This new way of reacting to your thoughts must be repeated over and over again, each and every time that thought of anger pops back into your mind. Do not despair, for the more you practice being who in truth you are, the more natural and easy this behavior will become. Today, when anger comes knocking, simply remind yourself: “I am worthy of peace, because the Father of Peace is my Creator. I forgive and pray for my brother, because doing so reminds me of my own innocence, and that I too am worthy of God’s forgiveness and blessings.”

Today, when an anger thought knocks at your mind’s door, stop for a moment, and recall where such a thought has taken you before, no where that you desire to be. This simple action, helps you take control over your angry thought, instead of your angry thought controlling you. Then use that thought of anger, not to put yourself or another down, but instead to trigger in you, the desire to choose, a better, more loving, compassionate and productive road. Today, your true destination is the state of peace, and so thank your thought of anger, for being part of a process, that will help you practice achieving today’s goal. The more you practice using a “negative” thought for your growth and healing, the better you will be able to see, how every thought, can be used by God for good, to help you and those around you, awaken our true loving nature.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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This was a great reading for today. I have been refining my lifestyle since my father had quite an anger pattern, which I “inherited,” copied. Now, as mentioned here, it really is an illusion of some other messages my consciousness is needing to understand or express.
Thanks for sharing and the depth of the insight.

Thank you Donna for you kind words. You understood what your challenges would be before you arrived on this planet, still you had the courage to accept your mission and take them on. You will overcome every illusionary expression that is not love, and then you will assist others, through your life experience to overcome those same type of challenges. When you do you will see how sacred every step and every one was on your journey. This will bring you a sense of gratitude for every one and all, and peace. Peace. JBC

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