Daily Inspiration: January 15. The Time Between Anger and Forgiveness

The stretch of time between anger and forgiveness, is not only measured in time, but also in pain. Pain is not God’s will for you, peace is. You, as Love’s creation, are worthy of peace, not pain. But first, you must acknowledge this to yourself, and truly believe it, in order to fully experience it. In order to experience true peace, practice making the conscious decision, to value forgiveness over judgment, and thus peace over pain. When you finally decide, that you desire peace more than pain, it is then that you will forgive. When you forgive, what you are really saying is: “I am now worthy of peace.” You have been gifted free will, no one other than you can decide when you will choose to forgive, and thus when you will achieve the state of peace. No one else, can choose the amount of pain that you yourself will choose to experience. You will always experience the amount of pain that you deem necessary, in order to convince you, to start looking for a better way. It will be the accumulated amount of pain, that is itself, helping you realize that your judgments of self and others, are not truly worth the pain they bring. It will be the pain itself, that will convince you, to stop and let go of your anger and judgment. Knowing this, would gratitude not be the appropriate response to your anger and pain? Today, choose to see anger and pain as gifts, that you have chosen to experience, in order to finally get, that you desire them no more. When you begin to see and understand, that your anger and pain, just as all your other so-called negative emotions, can actually become your allies in your awakening process, how much more peace of mind and joy would you begin to experience during your day, and thus in your life?

The time that we take between anger and forgiveness, will determine how much time we actually spend in a heaven or hell of our own making. Imagine, realizing, that both the experiences of heaven or hell, are but choices that you make. Knowing this, how much more power, over the life that you are living, will you begin to have? As we grow, mature, and begin to awaken, we will start to notice, that the time we take between anger and forgiveness, lessens. If we have the ability to lessen the time between anger and forgiveness, then we also have the power to end that time. Regardless of what the ego has programmed us to believe, the time that we take between anger and forgiveness, is up to us and us alone. The ego would insist that there are levels of anger, and that there are specific amounts of time that we must remain in anger and pain for each of your brother’s or sister’s “infractions.” This is the time you spend in pain, imprisoned within your own mind. It is through forgiveness, that you set yourself free. Anger is itself an illusion, thus all levels of anger are in truth illusionary in nature. We think we punish another person more severely, for a so-called greater infraction, by expressing more anger for a longer period of time, but who is the one who is really left carrying the heavy burdens of judgment? Are you not in reality, through your own thoughts, just punishing yourself? If the amount of pain we feel, is equal to the amount time we believe we should judge and be angry at others, what exactly is the logic in punishing ourselves longer, for another person’s actions? Is this way of thinking not insane? There has to be a more sane solution than this insane behavior.

Today, let us make the conscious decision, to spend less time between anger and forgiveness, and thus less time in a hell of our own making. We do so, by catching ourselves quicker when we are angry, recall that we are worthy of peace, forgive, and allow all judgments to dissolve in God’s Light. The more we practice this, the quicker we can dissolve our anger, and thus return to peace. Living in the state of peace, will make gratitude, our primary response to the present moment. All it really takes to make this possible, is to consciously value forgiveness and peace more than judgment and pain. Today, let us recall, that it is we who bring our lessons to us, in the exact form, that will best serve our healing, growth and awakening. Let us be grateful to those we once cursed, for now we know that they were only helping us achieve a higher level of consciousness, and thus in essence, a greater sense of peace. Today, we take our power back from the ego, by recalling that it is we who can choose how quickly to forgive, how quickly to let go of pain, and thus how quickly to achieve the state of peace. Imagine, no longer having to wait for other people’s actions, in order for us to forgive and find peace. Understanding this, let us realize that peace is not some prize that we win at the end of some puzzle that we solve. Peace, as an expression of the Love of God, is forever, in every single moment, available to us. All we need do, is make the conscious decision, to value forgiveness over judgment, and by doing so show, that we value our peace of mind over any of the ego’s false concepts, delusions or lies.

Today, let us recall that we have free will, and so the time that we spend angry and in pain, is up to us and us alone. Everything that we seem to experience “out there” must begin as a thought within our minds. If it begins within our minds, then it must be we who take personal responsibility for how we are defining and reacting to our experience. When you do not forgive, what you are really saying is: “I am not yet worthy of peace.” When you forgive, what you are saying is: “I am now worthy of peace.” Today, above all else, let us forgive, because we know that as God’s creations, we are forever worthy of peace. The more that we practice doing so, the more we will see and understand, that the state of peace is much more aligned with us, than our judgment, anger and pain. Judgment, anger and pain are not our true Home, they are simply false concepts that we have been taught to support as true. Peace, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, are all Love’s true reflections, who in truth we are and came here to be.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thank you for this post. I am feeling a bit lost. I have done something wrong. I offended Jesus. And I am experiencing pain and suffering. Is it possible to be angry with myself and to feel unforgiven for the words that I misspoke? I feel like I have to forgive myself in order to feel the Presence of God again. I have been learning to listen to the Voice of the Lord but I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and I hear other voices, that have said it is a demon. So in confusion I said something I should not have thinking that it was a demon disturbing me. (I was hearing some strange statements ) Since then I have been feeling depressed and oppression. Is it possible that I need to forgive myself so that I can feel good again about hearing the Voice of the Lord? I have been praying for deliverance from demonic oppression but feel like I am adrift on the ocean. I am not able to be at peace with myself. It is one thing to offend a human being but to offend a God? Scary. I could use a little bit of council and direction. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Thank you Kim for your comment, for being open to the message, and for being a member of our community.

You can not and never in Truth offend Perfect Love, Jesus, God. God, Jesus, is Love and All, thus all God hears is the truth in you, the love that you were created to be. All God sees is His perfect creation, walking towards Him on her journey Home.

Continue to pray for God protection each and every day. Continue to recall that as His child you are forever worthy of His Love. Surround yourself every day in His Love and Light.

Do not despair, when you hear the negative voices, remember that God is Love and All, and thus those negative voices are a lie. If you focus on the lie, you will make the lie seem bigger and more real. Tell the negatives voices that they are a lie. Then visualize and surround yourself in God’s Love and Light, then extend around you like a giant circle this Love and Light. Visualize yourself sending this Love and Light to the negative voices.

The negative voices may very well not like this, they may try to convince you not to do this. Again, remain calm, knowing that you are in truth forever safe in God’s arms, that God is forever with and within you. Do not despair, keep walking on God’s Light and Love filled path.

Practice doing this each and every day, especially when you awaken and before you go to sleep. Also surround yourself in God’s Love and Light every time the negative voices come. Never feel that you are not worthy of God’s protection, He is always there for you because He is All that is Truth. Ask God to please send you Arc Angel Michael for protection, call on Arc Angel Michael any time that you need extra support. Remember that Arc Angel Michael can defeat any and all negative forces.

When negative judgmental thoughts of self or others come to mind, instead of continuing to swim in that dark mud, practice using forgiveness, forgive yourself and others, send all your judgmental thoughts into God’s Light, and they will dissolve. Then pray for and send blessing to those you once judged. Do this each and every time a thought of judgment of self and others comes to mind.

Every time a negative or judgmental voice comes to mind, do not see yourself as bad or weak, instead see this as a gift from the Universe, that is simply calling on you to practice your own healing. Surround yourself in God’s Love, and in all of Love’s expressions, such as those of forgiveness, compassion, kindness, charity, joy and peace. As Love’s expressions, these are your true brothers and sisters. Focus each day, more and more of your time and energy of being a reflection of God’s Love and its expressions.

Each and every day practice listening to only the voice of Love, of God. If the negative voices come, do not despair, instead see it as an opportunity to practice consciously aligning with God. Remember only you can give the negative voices their power by focusing your time and energy on them. Remember that they are a lie because God is Truth, and no longer spend your time and energy on them. Still, if you do, forgive yourself, align once again with Love, stand Tall and Strong, and become the representative of Love that you came here to be.

Peace. JBC

I love your messages, but please review how to use commas and other punctuation. Incorrect punctuation is very distracting and sometimes messes up the meaning.

Thank you Chris for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. There should be an edited version of the Daily Inspirational post by January 2020. I trust that the comma and punctuation issues will be mostly resolved then. Peace. JBC

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