Daily Inspiration: January 19. The Illusionary Power of an Unforgiving Thought

Because Love is our Creator, even our seemingly most difficult experiences have a higher purpose and will serve a greater good. If we can not see the higher purpose when we are experiencing a challenge, it does not make us less spiritual. It simply means that we have temporarily forgotten the sacred nature of the journey that we have co-designed with the Divine. It is within this state of unawareness or forgetfulness that we unconsciously allow the ego’s fog-filled fallacies to block our light. One thing that blocks this self-awareness is our unforgiving thoughts. Our unforgiving thoughts hold us prisoners within our own minds. If you were to recall that everything that happens in your life is occurring to help you grow, heal and awaken, then what use would you have for an unforgiving thought? It is an unforgiving thought, our unawareness or forgetfulness, that makes emotions such as those of anger, anguish, grievance, regret and revenge, seem normal, rational and right. The only thing an unforgiving thought can seem to offer you is a false power over others. But really, whose power and energy is being drained and diminished by holding onto and supporting this type of delusional thinking? Go ahead, carry as many unforgiving thoughts about self and others as you believe that you must. But, at the very least ask yourself: “Who is really the one who is being damaged by continuously carrying the heavy weight of judgment’s burdens?” Are these judgmental, negative, unforgiving and pain-filled thoughts, not being carried within you? Are your own unforgiving thoughts not punishing and poisoning you? Are they not draining your energy as you log them around day and night? Is it not time to start to look within and better understand what it is that you are doing to yourself?

When you accept your divine nature, and make the conscious decision to forgive unforgiving thoughts, what you are really saying is: “I trust that God’s will for me, and my highest will for myself, are One. Because of this, everything is always, in one form or another, serving the highest good.” When you choose to hold unto unforgiving thoughts, what you are really saying is: “I am not yet ready or worthy of the peace of mind and joy, that forgiveness and trusting in God’s will for me, brings to my life.” Just one unforgiving thought has the illusionary power to separate us from our peace of mind and joy. Today, make the conscious decision to no longer support the ego’s judgment centered mindset as your own. No longer continue to pour salt onto your own wounds. Today, let us recall that whatever swamplands the ego has tried to sell us as paradise, whatever false power it has convinced us that judgment, anger, resentment and revenge have, that all of the ego’s tools, being illusionary in nature, are not real or true. Untruth, illusions, delusions, have no power, other than the power that we give to them. Forgiveness is a statement of self-awareness, one that sees and recognizes the false as false. Forgiveness and faith are the true healing powers that we hold within. They are, being expressions of Love, ways that we align with The Divine. It is The Divine that is our true nature and Home. It is aligned with The Divine where we forever belong. Today, let us practice forgiving the unforgiven thought. The more we practice choosing forgiveness and thus aligning with The Divine, the more worthy of His presence we feel, and thus the more natural it will be for us to want to share His gifts with all others.

Today, let us practice recalling and thus reinforcing the understanding that only the Love in us is truly ever real. Let us recall that forgiveness, as an expression of Love, is real. Let us also recall that its opposite, unforgiving thoughts, are not. Unforgiving thoughts, being in truth not real, have no real power. Yet, this is why the ego demands we use them, because according to it, it gives us power over others. Choosing not to forgive is not evil, it is simply a symbol of a mind that is asleep to its true nature. Only a mind asleep can be held captive by thoughts that in truth have no power. Today, let us no longer buy into the ego’s dream, its lies, as true. Let us stop punishing ourselves with our own unforgiving thoughts. Let us no longer hold anyone a prisoner within our own hearts and minds. Let us no longer trust the unforgiving thought more than the sacred and loving nature of the plan that we have co-designed with the Divine. Today, if we experience an unforgiving thought, let us understand that we do not have to put ourselves or others down for this delusional way of thinking. Instead, let us simply realize, that we are dreaming, and thus buying into the ego’s lies as true. Then let us begin to awaken by recalling that everything that happens to us, no matter how we have been programmed by the ego to see it, will be used by God for good. Understanding this, forgiveness, not unforgiving thoughts, become our primary response to all those along the way. Awaken to the sacred nature of our co-creation with God, what further need would we have for judgment and unforgiving thoughts? None, for now aligned with Truth, we have no further need for the ego’s falsities and fairy tales.   

Today, if you are entertaining an unforgiving thought, do not punish yourself or others for this. Instead, simply see it as a sign that your mind is asleep to your true loving nature. Forgiveness, being a reflection of the Love that is the Creator, is an aspect of your true nature. An unforgiving thought is illusionary in nature, because it is the opposite of who you are in truth. Today, align with the truth in you by replacing unforgiving thoughts with forgiving thoughts. Do so until you are able to see, feel and acknowledge the wisdom of your efforts. Today, use your free will to forgive those who the ego insists you should not. Set free all those who you have imprisoned within your heart and mind through your judgments and unforgiving thoughts. Do so, and feel the Divine in you awaken.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Hi James, another great post. I’ve been thinking about forgiveness for the last couple of hours. I drank alcohol for around 46 years. When I got sober, it was was with the help of Spirit. It was very hard to forgive myself. I eventually accepted that if I knew better I would have done better. But now I’m thankful and grateful for every drink I had. Why because now I have Spirit and my Higher self in my life. I now remember why we are here. I never life could be this GREAT. Thank you again my friend. Love joy and peace Steve.

Good to hear my friend. All our challenges are here for us so that we may overcome them and teach others who are going through these same challenges that they too can overcome. It is your life experience that will truly help you reach, touch and heal all those who are going through what you went through. And so use your whole life experience as the gift that it truly is. Peace. JBC

Wonderful message. Thank you so much.

Wow, exactly, to the tee, what I needed to hear. I had just asked God a question and minutes later I got this daily quote. I got my answer. God is SO GREAT. Thank you, Love is truly all there IS.

Theodore, we are all One. Peace. JBC

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