Daily Inspiration: January 23. You Are Never Alone

You may sometimes feel lonely, but you are never alone. God is always with you, within you, and even your seeming darkest of time, just a thought away. In any moment, choose to place your focus and value the thought of God’s Love over the ego’s thought of loneliness, and you will feel His presence embracing you. It is what we focus on, in any moment, that we end up experiencing. As God’s creation, you are forever worthy of God’s Love. God is Love and All, and so how could you ever be alone or apart from All? You may have bought into the ego’s false concept that God lives in some far away place. That He becomes available to only those that deserve Him. That you can only encounter with Him after your death, or a hundred different other tall tales, but being all illusionary in nature, none of them are true. You could keep buying into those stories, but what has your belief in any of those fairy tales ever brought you? Have they ever brought you true everlasting peace of mind or joy? Have they ever taught you how to leave this illusionary world behind, and align with your true loving essence and nature? If not, then lets stop buying into these lies that seem to separate us from each other. Let us start to recall and reinforce the All-encompassing nature of Oneness, an eternal union with God, who because He is our Father, we are all forever worthy of. Let us remember, that being all One, when you offer any of your brothers or sisters your true eternal loving essence and nature, it is this feeling and belief that will be reinforced and strengthen within you. Being all One, when you bless ‘another’, you feel this blessing flowing through you and throughout your day.  When you, through your example, share your loving essence and nature, your sense of Oneness with others, it is you who are representing God on Earth.

God is forever with and within you. God is not with and within you just because during difficult times you call on Him. He does not come running to you when you call, simply because, He has never left you. It can only ever be your focus that leaves God, not you. You are forever a part of, and One with, your Source. You have been gifted free will, thus it is you who must choose, what you will focus on, and thus experience. Focus on and value your connection to God more than your aloneness, and you will feel God with and within you. Choose to focus on and value this world’s distractions more than God, and it will be the emptiness of this world’s illusions that you will feel within. Today, when feeling alone, close your eyes, and instead of continuing to feel bad or sad, consciously choose to visualize and feel God’s Love and Light like a warm blanket cover and comfort you. Take a deep breath in, feel this Love and Light being absorbed into your skin, allow it to sink deeper and deeper into your body as it washes all thoughts of loneliness away. Feel it reaching into your core, your heart, and like a sponge, soak in His Love for you. Spend a few moments bathing in wave after wave of His Love; allow it to fill and reenergize your body and soul. Then breathe out wave after wave of your gratitude and appreciation for His presence and support. Extend gratitude and appreciation, in wave after wave, from your heart and soul, towards Him. Feel it pouring out through your skin, your love and light, going back to your Source. This moment is forever available to you. Your free-will forever allows for this Holy Instant. Continue this exchange, to receive Love and offer your gratitude, over and over again, for as long as you so desire.

Today let us honor God’s gift of free will, by making the conscious decision to be the love, the expression of Oneness, that He created us to be. As we do so, we will reinforce the idea, that we are never alone. God’s gift of free will offers you the choice between His eternal Loving embrace or the ego’s delusional attempt at separating us from All. Your focus away from the ego’s delusions and towards God, is all that is asked, for you to feel at One with your Creator. Practice this shift in focus over and over again, until you begin to feel and realize, that God has really never left you. Realize that because God is All, it is impossible for you to ever be alone. Yes, you could in your confusion, because of a lack of self-awareness, feel alone, but you could in truth never be alone. As often as you can today, become an example of Oneness, by offering love in whatever ways the moment is calling out for it. This is in truth why you are here, to represent Love on Earth in your own unique and sacred ways. You need do nothing more than to be who in truth you are, to never again feel alone. Today, represent Love on Earth, so that others may, through your example recall, that they are not alone. Imagine, the peace, joy and sense of connection, that you would begin to bring to so many who are now feeling lost, alone and confused. Imagine, the blessing it will be to return to those souls, the awareness that God is forever with and within them. As you are helping others recall their Oneness with All That Is, you will also be reinforcing, who in truth you are. Today, a representative and reflection of Love, of Oneness on Earth, is who we are and know that we were created to be.

God is Love and All, thus in truth, you could never be alone. Yes, if you have bought into the ego’s lies as true, then you could, in that darken mindset, feel alone. But, even then, you could never be alone. Today, let us stop buying into the ego delusion, that we could ever be separate from All. Let us no longer invest our time, focus and energy, in a mindset that does not support us. Instead, let us listen to what aspect of Love the moment is calling out for, become it, and in doing so, help remind others that they are not alone. Today, let us no longer keep walking into the ego’s dark cave of isolation, instead, when that feeling of aloneness comes, let us use it to trigger in us, the realization that we are headed where we do not belong. Then, let us call upon our Creator, and visualize and feel, His Love and Light, flowing within and overflowing. Then offer Him your gratitude for helping you recall that you are not, nor could ever be, alone.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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