Daily Inspiration: January 26. Offer Others What You Desire to Experience

The ego’s world has trained us so that when we look at, think of, or meet another, we judge something about them. It could be the way they dress, their physical appearance, the way they walk, what they say, or a dozens other things. Let us remember that judgment is the ego’s main fuel source, and that it uses it to try to separate us from each other so that it can have us to itself. We then unconsciously sacrifice all this time and energy to the false idol of judgment, and then complain about how judgmental this world is. Instead of first judging our brothers and sisters as the ego has programmed us to do, how would our day, and thus life, begin to shift and change, if we first blessed and were grateful for, everyone we saw, thought about, or came into contact with? What if we retrained our minds to trust God completely, and offer gratitude to each and every person that came into our presence, knowing that they are here to help lift our level of consciousness and thus to help us become more self-aware. Today, let us start to retrain the mind to first bless and be grateful for, instead of judge, those we see, think about, talk about, and interact with. One of the ways I like to practice retraining my mind is during my daily walks. I like to focus on a person who is walking by me, I open my heart and from it silently say to them, any one of the following phrases: “God bless you,” “You are blessed,” “God loves you,” “I love you,” “You are healed,” “Peace be with you”, or “Thank you for being in my life.” Then I visualize a loving and healing white light filling and embracing them, all with the understanding that having been gifted free will, that I can use any moment to do and think as I wish. As we, in every moment and interaction, wish for them any of the expressions of Love that God is, our union with our Creator begins to feel more natural and real.

We have all played the part of judge and jury, many times consciously and many other times unconsciously. Yet who are we to truly judge any of God’s children, and the journey that they have co-created with their Father? God being Love and All, will use everyone’s journey for the betterment of all mankind. Yes, sometimes the ego may make it hard for us to see how someone else’s or even our own journey is serving a higher good. When such questions try to disrupt your peace of mind and joy, remember that thanks to free will, you can stop that line of thinking that is offering you nothing you want. Then place your questions gently aside, and practice fully trusting in the Creator of the Universe. What do you have to lose by placing your judgments of self and others aside, and fully trusting in Love’s plan, the one that you have co-created with Him? Any time doubt enters your mind, do not despair, simply use such a moment to practice recalling that there is another way of thinking, and that by placing your full trust in God, you will return to the state of peace. Still, even if you find the ego ruling over your thoughts, do not despair, for you will use its tools of judgment only until you personally begin to experience and realize its futility. Once you start to get that judging yourself or another is bringing nothing to your life that you truly desire, it is then that you will look for a gentler, more loving and productive way. Go ahead, place all your judgments in God’s hands, and feel and visualize them bowing down and dissolving before His light, mercy, grace and understanding. As you do, feel your peace of mind and joy increasing, and thus making you a brighter light for others to follow.

Today, let us practice taking greater personal responsibility, for the thoughts we are thinking of others. Let us make a conscious effort, to place our judgments aside, and allow our thoughts to be compassionate, kind, loving, healing and peaceful. By doing so, we ourselves start to become a brighter light on this planet. We become a way shower, a light that shines, reflects and leads, others to a more compassionate, kind, loving, healing and peaceful place in this world. Imagine, walking around, and silently blessing everyone you see. Imagine, sitting in silence, and when a thought of a person comes to mind, no matter what part they play in your life, you find a way to bless them or think compassionate, kind, loving, healing and peaceful thoughts about them. How would your own time on this planet begin to shift, if you thanks to free will, made such an effort? Would you not live a great part of your life in a blessed state of mind, bathing in such beautiful and healing, thoughts, energies and emotions? This is the opportunity that is offered to you in every single moment and interaction. This is the Holy instant, an eternal moment seemingly within the illusion of time, where you make the conscious decision to bless those the ego has programmed you to curse. Where you forgive those the ego has taught you to judge. Where you show love and compassion to those that the ego has programmed you to believe are not worthy your time, love or kindness. Are you not, as Love’s child, worthy of such a love-filled life? Are we not all One, are we not all worthy of such blessings? My dear friend, you are indeed, as God’s child, forever worthy of life lived and embraced by Love. Simply offer all others, all that you yourself would desire to experience. Nothing more than this is ever truly asked of you, to have everything you want.

Today, let us pay close attention to how what we think of or offer to others, must first flow through us, and thus how we end up poisoning or nourishing ourselves, through our own thoughts and actions. Then, let us be thankful that we have free will, and thus in every moment and interaction, it is up to us and us alone, what thoughts enter and remain in our consciousness, thus lifting us up or bringing us down. Today, let us use our thoughts and interactions to practice returning to our Source, Love, and becoming conscious representative of Love on Earth. When doubt about this tries to enter your mind, recall that we are all God’s children, all forever worthy of His Love. When the ego’s judgment centered programs try to once again run and ruin your day, today do not despair or give into them, instead simply place them gently aside, and wholeheartedly place your trust in God. Ask Love how He would see and think of others, and then simply see and think of others as He would.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (15)

Every time I point a finger at another, three fingers are pointing back at me.
Thank you for the reminder.
Blessings to all.

Thank you Milo for being a member of our community. We are indeed all One, and so when you judge ‘another’ you are simply teaching yourself that judgment is more valuable than forgiveness, that pain is more valuable than peace. Peace. JBC

Thank You for this enlightening article. You have made me aware that I have been judgemental . I will work on changing how I view others and accept them as they are. I have to remember that I am not perfect and therefore should not judge others.

Thank you Reahla for being open to them message. We are all God’s creations, and as such we are all worthy of peace. Peace. JBC

Thank you for this beautiful way of living my day. Practice is the key to new beginnings! Old habits are hard to overcome … especially when I didn’t realize my unconscious judgments were holding me captive. I will silently bless everyone who crosses my path today … and hopefully every day here on out. Peace and Blessings to you and your ministry. PXene

Thank you Tina for your comment. In the end, it is truly only our thoughts that can hold us captive. But it is also only our thoughts that can set us free. We are all One, bless those you think about and meet, and your own blessings will flow through you and throughout your day. Peace. JBC

well said. is it that easy to get out of my prison of judgement?

Thank you Lynda. It’s a matter of practice, practice, practice. We have mostly unconsciously imprisoned ourselves through our own judgments, and now we must consciously free ourselves through forgiveness, trust in God and understanding. Peace. JBC

thank you, I have printed your response and will place it in front of me to remind me.

Thanks, for your inspiration.

Thank you Alicia for being a part of our community. Peace. JBC

This reminds us to be a ‘host to God and not a hostage to ego’ (Wayne Dyer) Thank you for sharing your gift. Light and blessings.

Thank you Sherma for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

I want to say thank you I look forward every morning to reading your thought provoking powerful affirmations. Thank you much

Best regards

Thank you Felicia for your kind words and for being a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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