Daily Inspiration: January 31. The Gift of Non-Divisible Love

Today, when we think of love, let’s us place aside the ego’s definition of love, a symbolic attachment where one individual, thing, or group of people, is loved more than or over others. Instead, when we think of love, allow it to be an all-encompassing, all-inclusive, non-divisible Love, that we offer equally to everyone and all. Today, let us make a special effort to align Love with Oneness, so that everything and everyone is included in not only Oneness, but also in Love. Today, no matter how the ego has programmed us to act towards and define the world and those in it, not one single living thing upon this planet is left without our love, nor outside of Oneness. Let us also become grateful to, not judgmental of, those individuals who challenge us in this manner, those people who the ego insists are not, and could never be worthy of our love. When such people, through their behavior, challenge us to love them as much as those that the ego says are easier to love, what happens is, that we get to practice aligning with the Mind of God. By doing so, this helps us begin to see, feel and experience, how God sees and feels about all of His creation. It is aligned with The Mind of God, with Love, where we truly belong. It is this Heavenly state of mind that we have come here to Earth to share with others. What if we made, every day, a conscious and concerted effort, to look past our own judgment-centered programing, and lifted the veil from God’s creation? What would it look like? What if we chose to look upon and love all young men just as we would love our own sons, and all young women just as we would love our own daughters? What if we were to love all elderly as our own mothers and fathers, and love all our peers no matter their religions leanings or geographic affiliations, as our very own sisters and brothers? What kind of world would non-divisible Love begin to design?

Today, let us begin, one thought and interaction at a time, to create the world that we would want our children to inherit. Imagine, a world where love does not separate, but instead, unites us all. Imagine, a world where no one human being is placed above or below another. Imagine, no longer buying into the ego’s hierarchy of love, an extremely limited form of emotion, that places all kinds of demands, restrictions and parameters, around it. Imagine, instead opening your heart up to Love’s true all-encompassing nature. Today, honestly ask yourself: “What do I truly have to lose by trying to love as God Loves?” Imagine, ending your belief in the ego’s false concept of special love. A love that says that only a very limited number of beings are worthy of your love. Imagine, letting go of such limitations, and aligning consciously once again with The Limitless. Imagine, seeing everyone as who in truth they are, God’s, Love’s creations, all equally and eternally worthy of being loved by you. What if, when we thought of anyone, or before any interaction with another, we said to ourselves: “My one goal today, above all else, is to offer all the Love that I am, the Truth which is in my heart, mind and soul, equally, to every single person that is place upon my path. Today, not one single being will leave my mind or physical presence, without me offering to them, in one form or another, all the love that is in my heart, mind and soul. I now know, that because we are all One, the more that I love my brothers and sisters, the more worthy of Love I will feel. Let me today remember, that all my brothers and sisters are God’s children, all forever worthy of His Love, and thus of mine.”

Today, as we allow God’s non-divisible Love to fill more aspects of our lives, the truth of who we are will become clearer. We will find that our sisters and brothers are here to help us practice becoming a physical reflection of this non-divisible love. We will see, that there is no true comprehension of wholeness, Oneness, God, no understanding of how to love ourselves fully and completely, without loving them. By loving them, we will learn to love ourselves more completely. For being all One, we can not fully love ourselves, if we recoil from loving certain seeming other parts of us. The more we practice loving those that the ego says are not worthy of our love, the more we will see, how the ego’s instructions, are not worth following, nor worthy of us. By widening our circle of love and compassion, we will have less need for judgment, and in turn experience more clarity, peace of mind and joy. Today, as we recall that we are all One, everyone and everything “out there,” becomes in its truest essence, a part of us. Now we understand, that if we withhold love from them, we are withholding love from ourselves. As God’s creation, you are eternally worthy of His all-encompassing Love. Would it not seem wise, to try to follow God’s lead, and love others as He loves us? Today, do not despair when others seem to not love you the way you love them. This has in truth nothing to do with you, it is simply a symbol of one whose mind is asleep to their true loving nature. Do not waste your time judging your brother or sister for sleeping. Instead, continue to prepare the world, so that when they awaken, they will do so in a paradise where the Love of God is available to everyone and all. Let us today begin to prepare paradise, by offering to everyone and all, without hesitation or reservation, the gift of non-divisible Love.

Today, let us recall, that being all One, we can not fully love ourselves, if we are withhold love from “others”. If God is Love and All, would His Love not be embracing of all? If God loves all, would it not be wise to try to follow God’s lead? Today, let us see each person that comes into our life, as simply volunteering to help us learn how to loves ourselves more completely. As we slowly begin to remove our programmed barriers to love, we learn to love ourselves as God does. It will be by thinking of others and interacting with them as God would, through non-divisible Love, that greater clarity, peace of mind and joy, will begin to more fully fill our hearts and minds. This is the gift that all others are offering to us today, the opportunity to learn how to love ourselves more completely. Today, let us offer them our gratitude, for their gift to us.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Thank you for your daily reminders of who we truly are. Namaste!

Thank you Charmaine for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

Thank you so much James for your words of wisdom. I myself have had this confirmed already – one example is the pain from the ‘broken relationship’ with a friend – I felt such painful agony from loosing someone so precious to me until some kind of beautiful realization full of Trust in Source/God ‘spilled over me’ and all of a sudden I could feel only Love for him – the sadness is still there but no suffering anymore.
Thank you again for your daily reminders Dear JBC.

Thank you Miriam for your comment. Every time the illusion of sadness comes knocking at your door, instead of allowing it in, fueling it and thus making it a bigger part of your life, offer gratitude to God that He is giving an opportunity to bring peace, clarity and healing to those lost thoughts within your mind. Then pray for that person’s joy, health, peace and healing, offer him or her, with your whole heart and soul, everything that you would want to experience yourself. Do this over and over and over again until you recall that we are all One, that you are worthy of everything you offer your brothers and sisters, that only the love of God is true, that your journey is perfect and sacred, and that you are, and forever will be, His loving perfect child. Peace. JBC

When i see the cruelty in this world I dispair. I can understand that these actions are done by people who are lost and totally ruled by the Ego, separated from their true self. I can even muster up some sympathy and I can send live out to the light inside. I just can’t help the feeling that the world has gone past the point where we can be saved and I am afraid.

Jo, there is nothing to ever fear. The Father/Mother of Love holds us forever safely in her arms. As anger bows down before the light that forgiveness always shines, so too will hate in time bow down before the love that is the truth in all of us. Till that time comes know that there is always Someone in your corner who only has your best interest in mind, trust this more than the ego’s programmed fear and you too shall be blessed by everlasting peace. Peace. JBC

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