Daily Inspiration: January 4. Aligning With Your Highest Will

Your highest will and God’s will for you are one. God’s will for your life is your highest will for your life. When the Bible says, “Thy will be done,” it is equally saying: “May your highest will be done.” Being all One, it should not be a stretch of the imagination to believe that God’s will for you and your highest will for yourself are aligned and one. Ask yourself, do you want the most beautiful, peaceful, joyful, loving, passion-filled and fulfilling life for your children? Do you hope and pray for their health and well-being every day? Do you not think that God’s will for all His children is at the very least as loving and supportive as yours? Do you make sure that your children have everything they need for school? Do you think that God is as least as caring as you?

Everything that you need to do what you came here to do – is within you right now. Trust that God’s will for you is what you, your highest-self, desires. Trust this, and be at peace. Peace of mind is a symbol of one who has placed their trust in God. Worry and anxiousness are symbols that show you that you are out of alignment with God’s will, not fully trusting in The Divine. No longer punish yourself or others when you find yourself out of alignment with God’s will. Simply recognize that you aren’t where you belong, and then choose once again. Offer your gratitude, not your judgment, for the symbols that show you when you are out of alignment with your sacred path. The quicker you recognize that you are not where you desire to be, the sooner you can correct your path, the less you suffer. We will realize when we are in alignment with God’s will, our highest-will, when we feel peaceful, joyful, passionate and fulfilled. All these are expressions of Love, our Creator’s divine expression, our inheritance.

God is Love and All, thus God’s will for you is that you create as He created, through Love. Anytime you are not experiencing Love in any of its numerous forms, such as those of peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion and kindness, then know that you are not aligning with His will, your highest will. Any expression other than Love, is not the real you, nor what you truly want. Note, that when you are not being who in truth you are, that there is no need to punish yourself for this. Simply recognize what is going on, then choose with Love, and correct your path. Feeling angry, worried, stressed out, anxious or resentful, these are not your true expressions, they are not symbols of one is who is at one with their highest-will. Today, use their expressions, not to judge yourself, but to show you when you are out of alignment with your highest-self. Today, when such energies and emotions come knocking at your mind’s door, say to yourself: “This is neither God’s nor my highest-will for myself. These energies are simply symbols that show me that I have temporarily bought into the ego’s program and false concepts as more real than God’s Love. Today, I will use them, but not to put others or myself down, but to trigger in me, the desire to realign with my Creator’s will for me, with my highest will. Today, I acknowledge God’s will for me is my highest will for myself, and that both of these are in truth One. Today, I acknowledge, that God has given me everything that I need to be who I came here to be. Today, I acknowledge, that all that is occurring in my life, is part of a perfect plan, that is helping me accomplish what I came here to do. Today, I align with God’s will, by blessing all those the ego had programmed me to cursed. I forgive all who the ego demands I judged, and I care for and comfort all those the ego has told me were unworthy of my love.”

When you recall that your Creator is Love, and that Love only has your best interest in mind, what else but a sense of peace, certainty and gratitude, could result from this understanding? God’s will for you is to have a peaceful, joyful and fulfilling life. All that you would ever wish for your own children, He forever wishes for you, His child. Today, let us through our example show others, that the possibility for such a life is also available to them. Today, become an example of God’s will. You can do so by aligning your thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, with Love. Then allow Love, who in truth you are, to decide for you, to lead the way. When you allow Love to decide for you, you will be aligning with God’s will for you, with your highest will for yourself. By doing so you will become a guiding light for all those who are currently finding it too dark to see. When you are feeling separate from God, do not despair. In truth, you could never be separate from Who Is All. Sure, sometimes, when aligned with the ego’s mindset, we may feel lost, alone, separate, insecure and without focus or purpose. Yet, only because we feel this way, does not in any way mean, that this is How He sees us. When you question yourself, God sees only your growth. When you feel doubt, God only sees your healing process taking place. When you feel separate from or out of alignment with your eternal loving essence, God only sees His perfect creation beginning to awaken. When you think you have fallen, God knows your courage and thus does not doubt that you will get up again. He knows that you, as His son or daughter, will stand back up, brush the dirt off, and once again begin to naturally move in His, Love’s direction.

Today, if you find yourself questioning what your highest will could be, simply practice listening to what energetic expressions of Love the moment is requesting. Compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy and understanding are all expressions of Love, and thus of your highest will. Allow them to lead you, and it will be your highest will that you will be following and expressing. The more that you practice allowing Love’s expressions to lead you, the more natural, normal and right this way of being will feel. Love, God, All, Truth, your highest will — they are all One. Yes, they may be different expressions of Oneness, but all joined together in service to humanity. Today, walk hand in hand with your highest will, and you will accomplish what you have come here to do — through your own unique expressions of Love.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

1) Thoughts on post. . . Revival sincerely enters in, basking forward best for kin!
2) If affects me. . . Whether or not in harmony, blessed scope shall inform, which incentive values norm, cascading as the will to be, venturing pardon on history!
3)Implement in life. . . To truly see, the best response is to bring me, upon awareness of centerfold, living in truth of solid gold!
4) Additionally. . . This combination, registers fields interpretation, to foresee the great escape and maneuver gift as blessed cape!
5) Useful experience. . . Encouraging steps to remain true, introducing love to the blue, comforting dynamics in holy play, seeing the sunshine activate ray!
6) Sharing. . . Goals signature groove, sent to witness absolute move, in direction held on high, respectfully glowing to merge precious sky, upon the Plato to greet thee, with sensations liberty!

I have asked God for thousands of times: “please tell me what do You want me to do”.
no answer came
I don’t think that the Creator of the universe is unable to speak
so this leaves me with a simple observation: God doesn’t want to talk with me
it just happens for me to be undesirable
there is no other explanation
perhaps I have done something so wrong that not even God doesn’t want to forgive
for me this thing is over
I don’t trust a god that doesn’t find time to answer a few questions like “what the hell am I supposed to do on this planet???”
there is no proof that what you say is true. not for me
and more: if what you say is indeed true – when will God speak to me if not now when I need Him to???
it is disappointing to see all these religions, sects of spiritual teachers that say that God is a forgiving and perfect being and when I look at my life as it was and is to notice that it’s been a constant source of heartbreak and disillusionment…
I would expect more from The Source of All That Is

without a dialogue how am I supposed to know what to do in this life???
you might say: follow your heart
my heart is mute… and my ego is loud!!!

Alex, I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes we have to open the door before we let others in. When we have a certain disbelief, a certain way of thinking, this blocks our door. And so respectfully and lovingly I ask you to temporarily suspend your way of thinking, that way of thinking that is truly not working for you, not working for your peace of mind and joy.

I have a free video on my (James Blanchard Cisneros) youtube channel called “Love: A Physical Sensation of God’s Loving Embrace” Its 58 minutes long. Just me sitting in front of my computer guiding you through a meditation, nothing fancy. Please consider trying this meditation with your whole heart and soul, every night before going to bed for 30 days. Then get back to me. Just for those 30 days, no matter what the ego has sold you as true, open your heart and soul to the words I speak in the video.

You are God’s creation, you are worthy of peace and joy. If you want, you can email me a picture of yourself to chosentoremember@aol.com and I will visualize you every night in my personal meditations achieving what you desire, for we are all One, and so when you succeed and find peace, joy, and a connection to your Source, so too do I.

Alex (not sure if you’re male or female so I will use the male form in this prayer), if you allow me, let me say a prayer for you:

“Dear God, in Jesus name I pray from the deepest and truest part of my soul, from that part that is connected to You and only You, that Alex place the illusion that he is alone aside, allow his illusions of himself to dissolve into the nothingness from which they came. Allow my brother to sit in quiet peace, to breathe deeply and feel Your waves of Love begin to enter him. Dear God, please continue wave after love filed wave to enter my brother Alex so that he may begin to remember Your everlasting connection to him. Dear God, please soften my brother so that he may feel and allow these waves of Love enter him, let them be absorb through his skin, through his muscles and bones and into his heart. Continue to fill my brother’s heart with Your Love until it begins overflowing from him. Dear God, from the deepest part of my heart, from the birthplace that is my soul, I ask Alex’s soul to absorb and feel the perfect and unbreakable Love You have for him. Dear God, help remind my brother Alex that All You Are he Is, that All You Are he forever will be, that the time he spends with you today or tonight, that this time with You is available to him Any Time he wishes to focus on You over the ego’s illusions. Dear God this I pray, and this I know will be. Thank You Father/Mother for your time, patience and peace, thank You for your everlasting never ending Love that You will share with Alex, today, tomorrow, forever and then forever more. Thank You Father, thank you Alex for helping us remember that we are all One. Together we all say Amen.”

Peace. JBC

I too prayed that prayer, for I am going through a most difficult time, letting go of the ego is difficult most of the time. Being still and quiet is difficult, but it’s beginning to slowly take effect… God bless all.

Thank you Geoff for your comment.

The Universe along with your highest self desires you to be at peace, and so it will bring thoughts that are within you that are blocking your awareness to the state of peace in you. Once the blocks are brought to the surface they can be better dealt with and let go. And so in essence when you are having a negative thought or difficult time, you are simply cleaning up your inner self from the ego’s programmed mindset.

Now, when a negative thought pops up, don’t judge yourself or others as bad, not good or spiritual enough, instead:
First, thank the Universe, God, for helping you see what does not belong in you.
Second, stop yourself from fueling that thought with your time, focus and energy.
Third, fuel with your time focus and energy thoughts that fill you with hope, light, peace, and love.

The more you practice these 3 steps the easier it will be for you to start letting go, and stop supporting, thoughts that are not supporting you.

Always be reminding yourself: “I am God’s creation, as such I am worthy of peace. I forgive, because I am worthy of peace.”

Peace. JBC

I feel deeply for what you are going through as I am so too asking the same question, and so are others, we are not getting our answer ..why…because it is not our time yet. If we knew we would do it, and it would be like pulling apart the catipilliars womb, and therefore would ever become the butterfly it was intended to be.
Keep asking and praising Him that He gives you life every day and please repent for being so angry at Him and forgive Him, He is love in the highest degree. his thoughts and ways are higher than ours, today we know in part, just trust and believe! He loves you no matter what and understands.

Thank you Susan for your comment.

Let us remember that God is Love, and there are many expressions of God’s love, such as charity, kindness, compassion, courage, peace, passion, trust in God, forgiveness, and joy. Every day take steps in their direction and you’ll be slowly clarifying the reason that you are on this planet.

As you continue to practice aligning with God, aligning with Love and its expressions, your specific gifts will begin to appear. As your gifts appear, follow them, use them, by doing so you will strengthen them and your connection to your mission.

Peace. JBC

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