Daily Inspiration: January 6. Turning Hopelessness Into Hope.

When we are buying into the ego’s false concepts as true, unconscious as it may be, we are choosing hopelessness over hope, darkness over light, and a fear-based mindset over God’s Love. This can manifest in numerous forms, such as when you choose judgment over forgiveness, anger over peace, sadness over joy, or worry over trust. Today, if you find yourself entertaining any of the ego’s thinking, do not put yourself or others down for being in a state of unconsciousness. Instead, let this trigger you to take your thinking and thus mind back from the ego. The more you practice turning away from the ego’s mindset, the more control you will have over your thoughts, and thus over your life. Every decision you make that moves you toward God, Love, leads you to hope.

If you find yourself stuck within the ego’s mindset, do not despair. Simply recall that you have free will. Then use it to leave the darkness and return to the light. Hopelessness in not our Home, hope is. In every moment, no matter how hopeless it seems, thanks to free will, you can choose differently and begin anew. Every decision we make that moves us towards God, Love, leads us to hope. Simply practice doing what Love would do. Simply practice choosing with Love. We have free will, we do not have to blindly follow the ego’s mindset that only leads us further into the dark pit of despair. When feeling lost, hopeless and in despair, consciously stop that line of thinking, breathe deeply and recall that thanks to free will, the final choice of what thoughts you think, entertain and thus experience is yours and yours alone to make. No one other than you holds the key to your peace of mind, hope and joy. Today, allow peace of mind, hope, joy, compassion, forgiveness and a sense of gratitude, to symbolize to you that you are in the process of awakening and headed in hope’s direction.

Today, let us practice paying close attention to when we are, or are not, in control of our own thinking. When our minds are not aligning with loving thoughts, it is the ego and its programs, who is in control of our thinking, and thus of our lives. When our thoughts are aligned with Love, with our loving essence and nature, it is we who are in control of our thinking. Nothing other than the Love that created us, Who is All, is true. Hope, is an expression and extension of Love. Hopelessness, is a sense of homelessness. It is a symbol of one who has forgotten their Home, their connection to their Source, Love. Hopelessness, just as other ego-centered false concepts, such as those of judgment, anger, condemnation, sadness, worry and hate, are not our truth. Only when we place our time, focus and energy, on them, do they appear to be real. Focus fully on being your truth, your loving essence and nature, and they will cease to rule over you. Do not despair, your time in the ego’s grip will not be long now. The ego is self-destructive in nature, and thus more we use it, the more we realize how useless and unnecessary it truly is. This is the gift it offer us, to use its mindset long enough to realize its lack of utility, and how unlike and unaligned it is to the truth within. Once we realize that the ego’s programs are illusionary and useless, we let them go and become an example to others, that false concepts such as hopelessness, need not rule over us. This understanding helps return us back into alignment with hope, with the light in us. Still, know that the ego will not go quietly into the night. When it again tries to have you buy into its false concepts as true, simply remind yourself where the ego’s “advice” has led you, no where you want to be. Then learn to use such instances to trigger in you the desire to once again be, align with and share, the light within, the truth in you.

Today, let us awaken to the realization that we no longer need to buy into nor support the ego’s false concept of hopelessness as true. Today, let us use that feeling of hopelessness, not as a way to punish yourself or others, but as a gift, as an opportunity to truly feel and experience how different it is to our loving nature. It will be by bringing our misperceptions up to the surface light, where we will be able to see them for what they really are, not Love, not hope, not us. Let us recall that a sense of hopelessness must always begin as just a thought. Let us recall that thanks to free will, it is always we who have control over that thought. If we decide to stop fueling the thoughts that support the delusion of hopelessness, then hopelessness must begin to dissolve back into the nothingness from which it first came. Hopelessness could never continue to exist within one who is fully aligned with Love. What lack of hope could one who has co-designed his or her life with the Creator of the Universe ever experience? You are here as your Creator’s, Love’s creation. You are here as a representative of Hope. You are here to bring joy to the joyless, peace to those who are worried and anxious, and light and understanding to those confused and lost in the dark. Only Love, only the Truth in us can do that. Today, let us make the conscious decision to no longer feed hopelessness with our time, focus and energy. Let us instead use that time, focus and energy to support decisions that align us with our All-Loving Source. Let us allow Love, through our support of it, grow in us and guide us. As we allow Love to guide us, as we learn to choose with Love, our light will shine brighter and brighter each day. Let us pray that this light will reach those who are feeling hopeless, those who have yet to recall their true and eternal, essence, nature, mission and home.

Today, if a sense of hopelessness comes knocking at your mind’s door, do not put yourself or others down for this. For that would only sink you deeper into its darkness. Instead, recognize it. See that it is not offering you the life you want. Recall that you have free will, and stop supporting the thoughts that support the ego. You no longer need to support thoughts that don’t support you. You have the final say over the thoughts you think, and thus of your attitude. Start supporting thoughts that will support the life you want. Today, end your support of the thoughts that fuel the false concept of hopelessness. Then place that same energy and emotion into looking for and supporting thoughts that move you in hope’s direction. Do so and watch despair fade away before your light and understanding.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

If you are interested, please check out the video about today’s inspirational message.


Daily Inspirational Messages with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (15)

The peace that passeth all understanding:)

Thank you Deborah for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Thank you needed this message x

Thank you Joan for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Thank you, James, for such another wonderful message.
I appreciate you and your consciousness with all my heart.

By the way, did you stop doing videos or am I having a hard time finding them?


Thank you Shelly for being open to the message.

Yes, I have for now stop doing videos because I am focused on editing the Daily Inspirational messages (DIM). Some DIM have videos, some not yet. I do have around 200 DIM videos in my YouTube site “James Blanchard Cisneros”. I will finish my edits of the DIM by December 2020, and then I will start up with the videos again. In the meantime I will be doing a few videos here and there.

Thank you for watching the videos. Right now I have around 200 of 365 videos that cover the DIM. God willing by December 2021 I should have one video per DIM.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for setting me on right footing and put me on path today!

Thank you Paul for being open to the message.

You have co-created your sacred journey with The Divine, thus you are always, no matter what the ego may say, on your perfect path.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Again, Thank You for your most enlightening posts.

Thank you Judy for being open to the message.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Sometimes, as in a relationship, there are secondary forces, darkness, pushing you at every turn and every waking moment to feel threatened and defensive. This blocks the ability to see hope, joy, peace, light and love, and makes ones soul worried and anxious. Yes, knowing you are one with God can bring a feeling of peace and serenity but in the now, the flesh must fight the forces of evil constantly.

Thank you Geoff for your comment.

Yes, your comment is more literally true than most would think. When such negative forces pop into your mind, remember that in the end, after all is said and done, it is you who thanks to free will, has final control over the thoughts you think and focus on.

Thus whenever a negative thought pops into your mind simply tell it, that it is a lie, then stop feeding it with your time, focus and energy, this is a simple but very useful technique.

Remember, in truth you are only love, thus any negative thought or force has to be something apart from you. But also remember that only God is truly real, and that there is nothing in the universe that does not bow down before the love of God, and you are God’s creation.

Practice every day taking greater and greater control over the thoughts you think, and you will know when you are truly doing this when the states of peace, love and joy result, are experienced, and shared with others.

Peace. JBC

As always, thank you for your generous sharing.

Thank you Jen for being a member of our community.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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