Daily Inspiration: January 9. What is the Opposite of Love?

God is Love and All. Therefore Love is All. The opposite of Love in the world of duality is fear. But in reality, the opposite of Love is nothing. Today, instead of reacting to nothing as something and losing our peace of mind over this delusion, let us decide to simply overlook or forgive anything that is not real. By doing so, we energetically turn the other cheek. Today, let us not be defensive, not because we are not worth defending, but because there is truly nothing to defend against. For if only Love is real, what could anyone ever say to you that is real that you would need to defend against? If only Love is real, then in reality, others can only offer you Love or nothing. If only Love is true, then anything they say to you that does not come from Love is not true. Why would an untruth ever have any effect on you?

An illusion can only affect you if you believe it to be real. Recognize the illusion for what it is, and it will have no effect on you. Illusions being nothing, cannot in truth affect you. Illusions being the opposite of Love, All, are nothing. Illusions being nothing, cannot affect one who understands himself or herself as part of All. Today, let us recall that because God is Love and All, everything and everyone, in their own ways are here only to help us recall and reinforce our union with God. They are here to help us recall that only the Love in us is real. Today, all we do is practice seeing the true as true, the false as false, and no longer buying into the false as true. How much less judgment and more peace of mind would you experience if you simply saw things as they truly are? Today, no longer blame the world for your lack of peace. Instead, allow this lack of peace to become a symbol to you, that you are seeing and reacting to the false as true.

The only power that illusionary fear based thoughts have over us, is the power that we give to them. Only we, can give nothing, power. Only we, can make nothing seem like something. But do not despair, for nothing, no matter how many times you multiply it by whatever power you give to it, is still, and will always be, nothing. It is only the false power we provide to illusions or fear, that makes them appear to be real. The more power you give to them, through the time, focus and energy, that you invest in them, the more real and a bigger part of your life, they seem to become. Within duality, fear may appear to be, to those who dream, the opposite of Love. But, as we begin to awaken within duality, we begin to see that fear is really just a call for Love, which is also a call for help and healing. Yes, the opposite of Love within duality is a call for Love. Within duality, a call for Love, will always be answered by the awaken being, with Love and nothing else, because nothing else is real. Love then becomes the proper response to Love, and also the proper response to a call for Love. Yes, all those who the ego has programmed you to condemn, are really just lost and calling out for love, help and healing, in the best way they currently know how. These people are simply lost in a world that was made by the ego for the ego, not for us. Allow me to ask you, if a child was lost and asked you for directions, would you judge, fear and condemn that child, or would you look to help, heal and guide that child? Today, recall that anytime any of God’s children are doing anything other than loving you, what they are in truth doing is asking you for directions, for help and healing.

Today, let us recall that our brothers and sisters are Love’s creations. There can be no opposite to God’s creations, because there can be no opposite to All. God’s creations, no matter how lost and invested in the ego’s fairy tale they may be, can only ever be the love that God created them to be. Yet still, when we dream, we believe ourselves to be someone who could judge God’s creations. To judge God’s creations, is to judge God as wrong. You can never achieve true peace of mind or joy, as long as you are unconsciously judging God as wrong. When we awaken, we will again see things as they truly are. When we see all others as Love’s creations, as who in truth they are, judgment will no longer be needed. Because judgment will no longer be needed, neither will forgiveness. Today, let us recall, that it is not others’ actions, but our reactions to their actions, that give those actions their power. Today, simply choose to see Love’s creations as Love’s creations, and you will have peace. No one can take away what God has gifted to us. It is only we who in the end can buy into the ego’s programming, and thus for a moment, seem to lose our peace. It is only our unconscious self who can see their actions through fear, as some sort of attack that we must defend against. It is our awaken self who sees this same attack as a simply a call for Love, as an appeal for help and healing. Today, let us all begin to awaken, for we have all slept long enough. Let us recall, that the only logical and appropriate response to our lost brothers’ and sisters’ calls for love, help and healing – is love, help and healing. Today, all that separates us from the state of peace, is our own perception. Today, if you find yourself in the state of unconsciousness, lacking peace, simply forgive your misperceptions of self and others, align once again with your loving nature, and return to your natural state, the state of peace.

Today, let us practice forgiving anything that tries to place itself in opposition to Love, God, All. What tries to place itself in opposition to All — is nothing, an illusion that we have been programmed to buy into as real. The only power that any illusion can have over you is the power that you give to it. Today, simply smile at the illusion’s attempt to blow your house down. See only the Truth, the Love in your brothers and sisters as true, and your judgments of them will dissolve away before your light and understanding. Peace results when you see your brothers and sisters as they truly are. A lack of peace results from seeing them as who they are not. If you lack peace, do not despair. Simply forgive your misperception, re-align with your loving nature, and see your brothers and sisters as the Love that they were created to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

I love receiving these daily inspirations. Thank you James!
Today’s world is quite the classroom in which to learn about ego and of love. I find I must retreat for periods of alone time, often, because it is draining to deal with such ego in most people. I do try to stay focused on myself and avoid being drawn into illusion but sometimes, I am in the thick of it all and realize what I am doing and pull myself back and out of the situation. The illusion is strong and has its own gravity…lol I have begun to pull away from social media because of this.
Anyways, thank you for the daily emails…it helps me a lot to center myself each day through them. It is all good! ?

Thank you Doreen for your comment and for being open to the message. It’s perfectly fine and healthy to leave the world of illusions and focus on yourself, for in truth we are all One, and so when you focus on healing yourself, this action we be healing for everyone and all. Peace. JBC

When a loved one has moved away from your love, help and healing and you yet continue, as God would desire also, to love, help and heal. It is precievd as a weakeness, yet I precieve it as you have stated, let us be the catalyst for love.. It is impossible to know if it is truly a call to love when every complete reaction is the opposite of love…

Thank you Geoff for your comment. Keep doing what brings you peace and you will have peace. Peace. JBC

Great inspiration for me, have to let go my ego fear

Thank you Luis for being a part of this community. Peace. JBC

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