Daily Inspiration: July 10. Today Let Us Practice Being Who in Truth We Are

Today, let us offer God our voices, so that The Divine may speak through us to those in need. Let us offer our feet, trusting that where we are, is exactly where we are needed. Let us offer our time, knowing that we will get to where we are going at the appointed time, in His divine timing not ours. Let us offer our hands, holding them out to all those drowning in the ego’s sorrows. Let us offer our minds to bring light and clarity to those who are confused, lost and finding it too dark to see. Today, victoriously, we humbly accept our election and call upon His strength whenever we forget our own. Today, the hopelessness in us surrenders to the knowledge that the Father/Mother of Hope completely and forever resides within us. Today, every single person that we meet, we see as His child, and we are honored that He has chosen us to take care of His children. Today, the false idea of ‘strangers’ dissolves before the understanding that we are all One, all children of the same loving Source, all brothers and sisters on a journey back home. Today, to those feeling stressed out and worried, we share with them our peaceful presence, given to us by our choice to trust in God completely, knowing that Love Himself only and always has our best interest in mind. To those who, in their own unconsciousness, choose to judge or condemn us, we reflect back to them only the peace that true forgiveness, offers all those who value it more than judgment. Today, before any decision we make, we invite God in, and humbly ask The Divine to decide for us. By doing so, we silently state that nothing that we can choose would be better for us than what Love can choose for us, and through this loving surrender, we bathe calming in peace and certainty. Today, let us recall, that where we are going we can not go alone, and so we gently take our brother’s and sister’s hands, and gently guide them back into our Father’s arms, back to our Loving Home.

Today, let us no longer judge ourselves, and show this same kindness and compassion to all others. Anytime that you find yourself being judgmental of self or others, angry, resentful, revengeful, anxious or stressed out, you are being who the ego has programmed you to be, and not who you in truth are. The ego would have you act in a judgmental manner, like it wants you to act, then judge you for acting in this manner towards yourself and others, that is the ego’s insane thinking. No, today let us not continue to fuel a mindset that only fuels the insanity in us. We have come to a point on our journey, where we are starting to see, that what we consciously or unconsciously feed and fuel, grows within us, and thus becomes a larger and more important part of our days and life. We have all tried the ego insanity long enough. If we weren’t ready to become more self loving, and because we are all One, loving to others, then we would not be here reading this now. Take this writing, as a sign of your victory over the ego’s delusion, as a call from the Universe, that it is now time to awaken. Let us awaken and actually begin to feed and fuel, what we truly desire to experience. Our truth is our loving nature, and only our truth is true. The more we practice, consciously only being and choosing our truth, the more natural this way of thinking, being and living, will become. You will know when you are being who in truth you are, when you are focusing only on other’s loving nature, and overlooking or forgiving what the sleeping or false part of them is thinking, saying, or doing. Remember today, that only the love, the truth in your brothers and sisters is true, and that everything else is but a fabrication of a foreign mindset, a lie that we have been programmed to believe is true.

Today, let us dedicate to remembering, that what we fuel and feed with our time, focus and energy, we grow and become. And so let us practice using the fuel sources, that will help us become, who we in truth desire to be. What a gift it is to remember, that thanks to free will, we can become who we desire to be. All we need do, is practice becoming conscious within the present moment, and offering all others, the love that we have been created to be. For example, if someone judges you, instead of judging them back as the ego would demand that you do, make the conscious choice to recall and align with your eternal loving essence, and from this sacred place, offer your brother or sister the symbolic representation of love that in truth they are searching for. Let’s say that representation of love in this case is forgiveness, and so we forgive them, and by doing so allow forgiveness to fuel the love within us. The more you practice fueling the love within you, and making the conscious effort in every moment and interaction possible, to search within your heart and mind for the energy that most closely aligns you with love, the more love will encompass your life. These efforts will then help you recall and reinforce your true nature. Sooner or later, you will start to notice that there is in truth nothing easier, than being who in truth you are. Who in truth you are, is the love that you were created to be. Love is your Creator, and Love only creates lovingly, thus love is who you in truth are. You may, due the ego’s programs, have temporarily forgotten who in truth you are, yet your forgetting does in no way impede God’s love for you. You can not change who God knows you to be. Do not ever despair, for you can never change Love’s mind about you, His perfect child and creation.

Today, let us practice being, expressing and sharing, the love that we have been created and come here to be. We need not know or worry about what to think, say or do, for today we allow The Divine to direct us. Today, before any interaction that you have with a fellow brother or sister, make the conscious choice to align your mind with God and remind yourself: “I fully and completely trust Your guidance. I now lend my voice to You so that You may speak through me to others. I offer You my feet so that you may take me to where I am most needed. I allow You to guide my hands so that I may lift up those who are in despair. I offer You my eyes so that you may show me how to lovingly and without judgment look upon and work with all those who presence I am blessed with today. Father, most humbly, I desire only to be who You are. Please awaken my heart, bring clarity to my mind and enlighten my soul. Today, all I desire to be, is who You created me to be. Thank you Father for your guidance, leadership, confidence, strength, trust and love. Amen.”

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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James, many heart felt blessings to you for all your inspiring messages. I have been feeling out of sorts lately with all the troubled souls that I am surrounded by, I found I was getting caught up in it all. I feel like I just strayed from the path for a short while. This message is affirming to me that I am growing and expanding and to continue being the light for others and to not let ego be my guide and to be truly grateful for all those that I am blessed to have in my life. I am so grateful for your reminders James….

Thank you Margaret for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. When you feel out of sorts, choose to use such times not to focus on them and on blaming self or others, instead use them to trigger in you the memory that you are participating in a state of mind that is not Love, God’s, or yours. Feeling out of sorts is just a sign that the ego is currently in control of your thinking, and thus of your life. Practice using this self awareness, to forgive the illusion, to raise your level of trust in God, and to make the conscious choice for peace, your true Home. The more you practice doing so, the more natural and normal this behavior will become, and thus the more time you will end up spending in the state of peace and as a beacon of peace for others. Peace. JBC

The prayer offered in this message is amazing and tears came to my eyes as I read it!! Thank you James for your inspiring, insightful and Love filled messages each and every day. Your messages are a part of how I begin each day!! Love and Light to you, James!

Thank you Sharon for your kind words and for being open to the message. When we are touched, it is because we are remembering who in truth we are. When we are touched, it is because we are recalling that we are One with, and Loved by, God. When we are touched, it is because we are allowing ourselves to be touched, and thus your openness is simply a symbol of the Love that deep down inside, you know that you are forever worthy of. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

I was reminded yesterday that if I’m upset, angry, frustrated.. I must pause, breath and align myself with God before I respond. I did not do this on Sunday and the person who showed up at the store with a complaint was not who I am. I could literally see this other self extending from me attacking others and although the outcome was what I wanted…there was no peace.

I later meditated on my performance ( as it was a performance) and realize that I had at one point a choice to make..stand back, stand down in God, breath ask for the most loving way to deal with this situation or run on self will. It was a split second decision and I chose the later. I was reminded to humble myself before God snd align my thoughts with Its thoughts or run the risk of humiliating myself through ego. Host to God or hostage to the ego.. my choice.

Thank you Shirley for your comment and for being a member of our community. That was a lovely self awareness moment that you experienced. Let us, with all our heart, mind and soul, always when self-awareness comes, sit down, close our eyes, and offer those brothers and sisters, who through their participation in our experience, have in their own sacred, unique and beautiful ways, helped us awaken to who in truth we are, our gratitude. Let us offer them the complete opposite of what the ego demands, let us offer them forgiveness when the ego calls out for judgment, let us think of them with compassion when the ego insist that we think of them with anger and resentment, let us pray for their healing, awakening, health, peace and joy, when the ego insist that they are unworthy of all of that. Let us remember, that we are all One, and so that we heal or poison ourselves with every thought we have of ourselves or others. Let us see them within our mind’s eye, and choose to see them only as God would. Let us see them with our mind’s eye and bathe them in our love, compassion, kindness, charity and gratitude. Let us see them in our mind’s eye and recall that they are us, all of us God’s children, all of us forever worthy of Love. Peace. JBC

I experienced a blip on my radar. I was trying to rent a house, but ALL those around me kept saying it was a scam. I wanted to believe it was Gods will for me to have this house, but I let OTHERS sway my mind. I ended up telling the renter, no. And it hurt me and I cried for an hour straight as I thought I was going against Gods will for me. It is hard for me to live where I am currently residing and I want to move in with my sons. This was a painful lesson in trust. I ended up trusting someone who may have not had my best intrest in mind though they said they were trying to protect me from a scam. I ask that you pray for me that I get what I need. And that I trust in God more and not in the arm of man.

Kim, thank you for your comment. God’s will for you is peace and joy. Do what brings you peace and joy and you will be doing God’s will. Do not despair, God always, after all is said and done, uses all, every experience that we have ever had, for good, to help you grow, heal and awaken to who in truth you are. Peace. JBC

Yes I will do this Thank You

Thank you Donna for being your true self. Peace. JBC

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