Daily Inspiration: July 12. The Ego’s Imaginary Childish Games

As you notice people participating in the ego’s illusionary mindset, you will see that their performance is like that of children playing imaginary games. When you see them as children playing games, this will not come from a sense of superiority, but from the understanding of their eternal innocence. Now, if they judge you, you have no need not judge them back, because that would be like you defending yourself against a child’s imaginary game. If they shape their little hand into an gun, regardless of how many illusionary bullets they shoot your way, they cannot hurt you. Your choice to not defend yourself is thus not a sign of superiority or weakness, but of clarity and wisdom. Your inner certainty comes from knowing that you forever remain as God created you. You now know there are no illusionary thoughts, words or actions, within the ego’s fairy tale, that can change the changeless in you, or replace the irreplaceable in you. You now know that you do not need defend yourself, not because you are not worth defending, but because there is truly nothing to defend against. Imagine a world, where you no longer need to defend yourself against the shadows in your dreams. Imagine a world, where you can forgive or simply overlook the silly little games that those who remain asleep play while they dream. Imagine a world, where peace of mind, clarity, forgiveness, compassion, joy and understanding, become your constant companions. This world is always available to all of us, even while we sleep. Yes, even if you have forgotten that you are dreaming and buying into the ego’s tools and mindset as real, even then, God patiently and lovingly awaits for you to awaken. Awaken my dear friend, and when you do, you will realize that you have always been in God’s arms, forever safe in HIs loving embrace. 

How much longer must we continue to waste away and sacrifice to defending ourselves against others’ imaginary games. Now, if we decide to duck when an imaginary bullet is fired our way, let us duck, but with a smile. Let us duck, but with the knowledge that no matter how much the child likes such games, that sooner or later he will get tired of playing them. Let us no longer condemn children for the games they choose to play. Let us no longer become angry or resentful of the imaginary bullets that are flying our way. Let us no longer punish ourselves for thinking that the child shot us because he or she thinks of us as less than or worth injuring. Once we get that one of their shots is imaginary in nature, is it then that we will start to realize that all of their shots, no mater in which form they come, are imaginary and not real. Today, let us simply smile at the children as they play their seemingly important, but in essence, imaginary games. Allow your smile while they play to be a symbol of one who has awakened, and is now an adult. Adults know when they are playing a child’s game. In such games they act appropriately, compassionately, respectfully, and lovingly. They will set, through their example, the tone for the game. Led by this tone, the child will feel safe, secure, joyous and loved. Today, let us be the adults, but again not because we feel better than or superior to, but because we desire to lead by example. Today, our forgiveness of other people’s judgment filled dreams will signal to us that we have awaken to who in truth we are. Today, let us set humbly the tone for our children, and for all those others who remain asleep. By doing so, let us help guide them back to a place of peace and self-awareness.

Today, let us recall that when we choose to not defend ourselves, when we in essence turn the other cheek, we reinforce the loving truth in us as true. When there is no longer a need to judge nor protect ourselves against a delusional mindset, it is then that the state of peace results. Today, let us check ourselves throughout the day by asking: “Am I at peace.” If you are at peace, give yourself a mental pat on the back and continue to serve as an example to others. If you are not at peace, do not punish yourself by continuing to judge self or others. Instead, use such instances to remind you that you have simply bought into the ego’s childish game as real. Then correct your behavior by aligning yourself with your loving nature. It is this correction that will help return you back into alignment with the state of peace. Today, let us be at peace knowing that a child is just a child for a little while, and that most children do desire to some day grow up. Knowing this, be patient and kind, generous and loving. God is Love and All. God loves All because He Himself is Love. Would it not be wise to at least try to follow God’s lead and example? Today, we have the opportunity to represent unconditional Love, God here on Earth. There is no greater gift that we can offer the children of this world then to try to be who God is. Let us today, share only our loving nature with them. Let us do so, not because of what they do or do not do, not because of what they say or do not say, but simple because of who they are. They are who we are, God’s children, all here together in this playground called Earth. 

Today, let us practice seeing those who judge us, not as mean, bad or evil, but as simply asleep to their true nature. If we judge those that judge us, then that simply means that we too are asleep. Today, let us awaken from the ego’s dream by choosing to no longer sacrifice our time and energy judging those who sleep. Today, when judgmental thoughts come knocking on our mind’s door, let us forgive them, and by doing so decline their entrance into our kingdom. Today, we become examples of the awaken mind by forgiving those who judge us. When we forgive others’ their delusions of us, what we are in essence doing is choosing to align with the truth within. When we align with our truth instead of our delusions, with Love instead of fear, we let go of silly little judgment centered childish games that we know no longer serve us or this world. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

How is it that rheee is a belief that God is male? Let alone human form,
Surely God would have to be both , the all, the Alpha the omega , the everything.
In that sense would
It not be greater than “male” characteristics ?

Thank you Dean for your comment and question.

God is indeed Love and All. Period.

There are two main ways I can, for now, answer your question.

First, “He” is the most common noun/pronoun figure of speech use to describe God, thus why most writers use it. Most people are use to reading “He rather than “She”, thus why I usually use “He” rather than “She” or dozen of other possible names. If you read my writings, some of the names I use to describe God are: He, She, Love, Source, The Divine, Father, Mother, All, All That Is, That Which Is All, etc.

Usually, I would leave the explanation to your question with only that first response. But, because of my visitation this morning, I feel free to offer this second response.

This morning I was visited by both Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I almost never mention this in my writings, because as you can imagine, if people get stuck, disturb by or stop reading because of a simply pronoun like “He” then imagine if I use the names Jesus Christ or The Holy Spirit, a lot of people would be turned off and completed disregard the message, and this message is a gift from God, which I have been given the honor to delivery to His children, to you. Thus, why I have been instructed by Them not to use their names in those specific forms. But because they came to me this morning, I see it as a symbol that it is ok to mention them now.

The Holy Trinity is as real as you and me. That being God in three forms. The ‘symbol’ of the Holy Spirit is The Dove, yet The Dove is the Holy Spirit’s actual form, that’s How ‘He’ most often (that I am aware of) comes to you. The actual human form in which God “The Son” comes to you is in the form of a Man, and that man being Jesus Christ. Yes, He can obviously use millions of forms, but that is His main Human form. The actual symbol of God “The Father”, if you visit Heaven, as I have been allowed to do, is the Sun.

In Heaven, depending on your “spiritual level” is how close you can come to The Sun, this sense of spacing is done to protect you from literally disintegrating from the Love that He gives out. In Heaven, the symbols of God the Father appears in three forms: Love, Light and Warmth/Heat. I could write chapters on this, but as you can imagine, if some people are bothered by, get upset with me, and stop reading the message simply because I use the noun/pronoun “He” then a good part of this message would be lost if I were to offer the whole truth, (as I know it) and have personally experienced it.

A good part of the reason I use “He” is that that is a main way that God comes to me, in the male form of Jesus. Now, all this material is in truth dictated through and written thanks to The Holy Spirit, none of it is really me, I just use my human name because it is easier for people to process, search for it, and think that some human being is responsible for writing this.

No, I am not responsible nor take the credit for any information that is helpful to you. I do take the full responsibility for any information that my be insulting to you and I ask for your forgiveness for that. Pain is never my intent, peace and Love are.

Now, I’m not saying that I am in any way “special”, all people actually have the Holy Trinity with and within them, all people are only the Holy Trinity because only God is All That Is truly real, yet most people are asleep to this fact because they do not believed themselves to be worthy of God.

Now, it is extremely important for me to at least imply that these writing are being offered thanks to God, and that they are not really from me, thus why always I put “All glory to God” at the end of each writing.

Ok, that is enough for now, please, as I have said on dozens of occasions, take what you find useful from the writing, and disregard the rest.

Change what ever specific words the trigger you, erase them is you wish, and add what ever words you are at peace with, just don’t disregard the writings, because they are, in a very literal sense, a gift from God to you.

Use what you find useful, try this mindset out, and you will see that it is useful because it is true, because it comes from God Who Is Love and All to you, because it comes from God who Loves you no matter what you write, think, say or do.

Peace. JBC


Ione, you are forever what God is.

God is Peace and you are His child, the the physical expression and manifestation of Peace on Earth.

When you align with the state of peace, you are being who God created you to be.

When you are align with God, you will be at peace, because in essence you will be doing what you were created to do, and being who you were created to be.

Peace. JBC

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