Daily Inspiration: July 15. Aligning with the Truth in You

We are Love’s creation. Love, is our true nature, essence and home. Love has many expressions, such as those of compassion, kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and trust. Today, let us practice reinforcing our true nature, by making the conscious decision, before every interaction, to go into it with the goal of being and sharing our truest self, our loving nature. Do not be concerned with what your mission is, for the situation itself, will tell us which aspect of Love that we are here to represent and share. By doing so, we will strengthen our relationship with, and alignment to, our true nature, and thus make the moment a more real representation of who in truth we are and came here to be.  The more we consciously practice this alignment, the more natural it will become, until one day all that we will desire to do, is interact with others, through and with Love’s expressions. The more the truth in us is strengthen, the greater our light will shine. The greater our light shines, the more easily others, because we are all One, will begin to recall that they too, have the power within them, to return to being, who in truth they are. Today, as a symbol of our awaken state of mind, let us make it a concerted effort, to become a blessing to all those who we are presented with. Today, let us become God’s angels, His messengers of light, peace, love, hope, healing and understanding. Imagine, the honor you would feel, when you actually awaken to the realization, that God Himself has entrusted you with His children, and thus exactly why, you are in front of the people who you are today. When you meet anyone, remember, that out of more than seven billion souls, in that very moment in time, it is you that God has entrusted with His child. It is you, who He has sent His child, to help him or her grow, heal, and awaken. It is you, who He has sent to bring hope to those feeling hopeless, joy to those feeling joyless, and peace to those who are feeling lost and in despair. Do not take your responsibility lightly today, instead know, that in front of you, is God’s child. But also, do not worry, fear or despair, for God being Love, would never send you on a mission that you can not accomplish.

You were created in God’s imagine, therefore all that God is, you are. There was a moment in creation were God thought, and it is this thought that is now the truth in you. God is eternal and eternity, and so your true nature is as changeless and eternal as His. Do not despair, no matter what dreams you may be dreaming about yourself, others or God. God does not change His mind about you, and He has no need or desire to judge His children while they sleep, dream or play. Your truth is your highest will for yourself, which is equally God’s will for you. We are all One, and thus we can practice reinforcing our true nature, by sharing it and seeing it in others. Their truth as ours, is perfect, changeless, and eternal. There is nothing real that we can judge, add to, or subtract from, our truth. Regardless of how deep the ego’s programming may be, regardless of the fantasies that you think you see played out in this world, your truth will never judge anyone else’s truth, and neither will their truth judge yours. For you see, only Love is true, and judgment does not exist within Love, thus judgment, no matter how real the ego has programmed us to believe it is, can not be real nor exist within truth. It is only within the ego’s fairy tales where judgment seems rational, real and right. But we have already played, these judgment centered games, a thousand times before, and so we can now see, that they have nothing of real value to offer us. You are God’s creation, God’s son or daughter, Love’s expression and representative within the physical form. Let us today, make the conscious decision to no longer support the illusionary nature of judgment, as a real part of us. Let us instead, now only support our loving truth as true. Do not despair, our journey through the ego’s fairy tale is soon to come to a happy ending, where we awaken and realize, that we were never really any of the judgment filled characters within its dreams.

Today, when you are in the process of experiencing something other than your truth, do not despair and thus grow the illusion by judging yourself or others as bad, not good, worthy or spiritual enough. Instead, simply see that you are out of alignment with your true nature, and then correct your course. Remember, that you are always just a simply choice away, from correcting your course. The more we get to practice correcting our course, instead of condemning ourselves for it, the more gentle our awakening will be, and the gentler we will be with others. The more gentle we are, the safer and more at peace we will feel, the more space for gratitude we will end up having for our brothers and sisters, for their participation in a process, that has brought us from a place of condemnation and chaos, to one of compassion and understanding. Every moment, allows us this opportunity, to turn away from the darkness and return to aligning with the light. How much more at peace will you be, when you recall, that every moment, is in your experience, to offer you this opportunity? Today, let us become an example to our brothers and sisters, of how truly natural and easy it is, to awaken from the dream. It is simply a choice, and one that thanks to free will, is always ours to make. The choice to awaken is ours and ours alone to make. It is within us, where our power resides, for it is within us, where the wisdom of God forever resides. We have all slept long enough, it is now time to begin opening our eyes and behold the world that God has prepared for us. Today, know that you are now here, to share God’s gifts, the truth within us, with all those who are brought before you. Follow your Father’s example, be kind, gentle, loving, merciful, graceful and compassionate, and help them through your example, begin to recall and awaken to, who in truth they are.

Today, let us recall, that no one has been sent to us by chance. Let us, with humility, understand that out of seven billion plus people on this planet, God has chosen us to help heal and bring peace, to those who we are presented with today. Before every interaction let us remind ourselves: “This is God’s child in front of me. I am humbled and honored, that God has entrusted me with His child. Let me now consciously align with the Love that God Is, so that I may help my brother and sister, begin to recall, their true nature. In this interaction, their peace of mind, clarity, joy, sense of hope, healing and well-being, are all symbols of my conscious union with my Creator. Father, please flow through me now, so that I may deliver your message of hope and healing, of mercy and grace, to all your children. Help me, through my interactions with them, share and serve You. Amen.”

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

I love this post. I have been struggling with my 7 year old son with him not seeing value in himself as well as conflict between us. I need to read this over and over because it feels crucial at this time.
This is God’s child in front of me. He has entrusted me with this child.
I am doing my best.
Thank you for all you share.

Thank you Tammy for your comment and for doing your best to help remind him who he truly is. Peace. JBC

All of your writings are helpful, with each new one understands me better and I am able to come closer to God and his love. This enables me to share this love with others, it gives me a peaceful feeling.

Thank you Ione for your comment. All we ever need do is share who in truth we are. Peace. JBC

I use the words love and God interchangeably since I think they mean the same thing.

Nancy, Love and God mean the same thing to me too. Peace. JBC

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