Daily Inspiration: July 16. Achieving the State of Peace by Seeing the Face of Divinity in All

Today, when the ego’s programming demands that we judge another, we will instead use such a request, not to see the face of guilt, but to trigger in us, the desire to see the face of Divinity. The symbol of Divinity can come in many different forms, simply choose the one you are most use to or comfortable with, say for example seeing the face of Christ, Buddha or Krishna, on those that the ego demands you judge. If you feel uncomfortable focusing on the face of Divinity, then maybe just see the face of someone who you very highly respect, say like Dr. King, Gandhi or Mother Teresa, on all those that the ego would have you judge. Simply practice changing the face of guilt, for the face of Divinity. By doing so, you consciously place down the need for judgment, and in its place peace rises. You will find that the less need you have to judge another, the less use you will have for the ego’s mindset and tools. Today, if we fall back into the ego’s programming and judge and condemn another, choose not to continue the judgment cycle, by judging yourself for judging others, instead, let us see the situation as a signal to us, that we are lacking a full understanding of Oneness, and thus of who is truly before us. Let us pay special attention to how Oneness feels, by noticing how everything that we do or think of another, we also get to experience ourselves. When we bless or are charitable towards another, we too feel blessed. Equally so, when we judge or condemn another, it is we who end up carrying and holding unto judgment’s burdensome weight. What a gift our brothers and sisters are offering us today, the opportunities to practice making the conscious choice to align with and feel Oneness, God, Love, by simply seeing the face of Divinity on them. That is all that we need do today to find true peace, to see people as who they truly are.

When you judge another, you unconsciously create a feeling of separation from Divinity, Oneness, God, Love. When you unconsciously separate from your Source, you will feel unsafe, unstable and insecure, always believing that you have to constantly defend yourself against a hostile world. Peace cannot be found when you are always unconsciously defending yourself against everyone and all. Imagine, no longer having to defend yourself against the world. Imagine, no longer having to carry judgment’s weight. Imagine, no longer staying up at nights tossing and turning because you defended and chose to value the ego’s judgments as more real and precious than God’s peace. All this weight is now yours to forever release. Carry it no longer. Put it finally down. Simply make the conscious choice to see Divinity instead of the ego’s programs, do so, and begin to experience the true peace that is your inheritance. Are you not yet tired of walking on the ego’s judgment filled path? Are you not sick of poisoning yourself with your own thoughts? How could you not see a poisoned world, when you are seeing it through a poisoned mind? How could you, as a part of the Whole, achieve the state of peace when you deny it to so many? You can not deny something to parts of yourself, and still fully experience it. And so, to fully experience it, simply offer it to all others. God has never denied you anything that is truly real, yet you do have free will, so if you do not think that you are fully worthy of peace, then you will unconsciously, not allow yourself to experience it. You will always feel yourself to be unworthy of true everlasting peace as long as you withhold it from others, who are in truth just parts of you. We are all God’s creations, all worthy of peace, no matter what dreams we may be dreaming. Offer peace, even and especially to those who the ego says do not deserve it, and you be reinforcing within you, that even those places within you that still sleep, are worthy of peace.

Today, it is by making the conscious choice to look upon the face of Divinity on everyone, when the ego is demanding judgment, that strangers will become friends. It is when we begin to recognize the sameness in each other, that will be returning to our natural state, the state of peace. You and your brothers and sisters, are all God’s creations, are all One, all worthy of peace. It is when you begin seeing God’s creations as God’s creations, that the true feeling of peace will embrace you. The more your circle of peace expands, the more of your day you will be spending in alignment with, and as a representative of, God. These are your brothers and sisters gifts to you today, the opportunities to practice seeing their divinity, and by doing so, expanding your circle of peace. They are, through their presence in your life, allowing you the opportunities to recognize your divinity. God’s children, all of them, are forever worthy of His inheritance, of His love, peace and joy. Today, choose to see the face of Divinity on all, and you will have all that your heart, mind and soul, desired. You have come far my friend, and every single person that you have ever met and thought of, has help you get to where you are now. Know, that every single person that you meet till your return home, will equally come into your presence, to help you practice recalling and reinforcing, who in truth you are. Remember this, and silently bow down in honor to everyone you meet, for they are who you have been waiting for, and you are who they having been waiting for. They may yet not recall this truth, and so today, through your own example, gently, calmly and lovingly, help them begin to remember.

Today, no matter who we have been programmed to believe is in front of us, let us look upon them, as if we were seeing and talking to the Divine, to God. By seeing everyone as the Divine, we will be unconsciously training ourselves, to see every part of ourselves, even those parts of us that the ego has demanded that we judge, as Divine. When you begin to see everything and everyone as Divine, peace will accompany you wherever you go, and you will then have peace wherever you are. The more you practice this, the more natural this way of being will become, until one day, it will be all that you will see. You have created a hundred different stories and scenarios of who you think people are, and even after having invested and sacrifice so much of your time, focus and energy, to these stories, you still do not have true peace. Today, let go of all your judgment filled fairy tales, and decide to see only the truth in others as true, by seeing all your brothers and sisters, exactly as they were created to be. Do so, and true peace will result.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (13)

Thank you James for your faithfulness in sending out the Daily Inspirations. I always get what I need at the time. I am also thankful that you answer everyone who shares their thoughts-someone usually asks something I have been thinking and I learn so much from your responses as well.

Thank you Mary for your kind words and for being open to the message. Remember when you meet anyone, it is a Holy encounter, a personal statement from God to you, that He has faith in you, that He trust you with His child. You are forever worthy of God’s trust, because you are His perfect and loving creation. Peace. JBC

Thank you, James, for a very practical way to see God in others–simply see the face of Jesus. Wow! I feel better already. I knew that each person was a part of God, but actually seeing Jesus is so powerful. Your words in your book and in your Daily Inspirations are so precious. Thank you for being the messenger. I am forever grateful. Love, Carolyn

Thank you Carolyn for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Yes, seeing the face of Jesus in everyone, especially those the ego would have you judge, is quite life changing. Something that I myself still find very useful. May you be able to share your peace and understanding with all others. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

Thank you for your answer. It did help.

Dear James,
Thank you for your awesome book!
I am still confused. We are God’s creations. We have planned our life with God. But what about a murderer, rapist, terrorist. Have they planned with God to live like that?

Thank you Pia for your kind words and question. The question you ask can have multilayered and different answers to each individual’s situation. But allow me to answer in this short version to a very complex question in order to bring some clarity. God is Love and All, and we have all co-created our journeys with God. Now, one of the main laws of this universe, that God ‘Himself’ would not break, is that of free will, that of experiencing our journeys in the way that we so choose to. When we are creating through Love, we are at peace in that state, because we are in essence experiencing the journey that we have co-created with God. When we are creating through fear, we experience a lack of peace, because we have, through free will, chosen to deviate from the path that we had created with God. Hope that helps a bit. Peace. JBC

Peace, love, respect..James.so is this it: when a ‘conflict’ arises its a result of the ego. I therefore now have the CHOICE to feed the ego according to how I react/respond OR allow the Divine within to respond. The ego response will always be judgmental, etc and the Divine will always be peace, patience etc. OK. eg. I am applying for something, the clerk gives me wrong info., I get the run around, poor customer service etc…the moment I begin to feel upset, frustrated, bellowing expletives etc. that’s the ego…if I respond calm, peaceful, patient, understanding then that’s the Divine in control….the feeling of having to prove your point or defend yourself or act as if you should be treated better, all these are ego rooted. if I am in a bank line, someone skips the line in front of me as if they didn’t see I was there just bless them from within and let it be. No need to say a thing then. Just leave the situation as is, move on without a conflict or words. I get it , its just that the ego makes you feel like you have to say something and if you don’t it makes you feel like a wuss. GOT IT! I am gonna so be aware now of the ego and the Divine forces working through me and allow the Divine to shine…too long I have allow the ego to rise up but then I didn’t understand fully the ego…at one poi t I use to think the ego was ME..Now I understand !

Thank you Michele for your comment. You have a good grasp of both forces. Choosing with the Divine, will bring you peace of mind and joy. Choosing with the ego, will bring you conflict and confusion. The ego is a very limited false belief system within your mind that has programmed you to believe that it is you. The less you, through judgment of self and others, fuel the ego, the smaller it will become, until some day it dissolves before your light and understanding, the Grace of God in you. Simply do what brings you peace and you will have peace. And if you do not do what brings you peace, simply acknowledge that you did not choose peace, forgive yourself and others, and then choose once again. Peace. JBC

Thank you. Your writings truly help me to come back to myself. My mom always said god or the “god” or your choosing, is within all of us. Standing in a place on non judgement is so freeing and knowing that even those who have crossed our path that we believe have done us wrong, were there to help us grow. Once our ego comes out of the situation things become so clear. Still such a work in progress.

Thank you Nancy for your comment and for being open to the message. You are God’s perfect creation, all you are doing now is remembering who you truly are. Peace. JBC

Another powerful reminder. I shall start today to see the Divine and I pray it will give me inner peace and bring me closer to God and his Love.

Thank you Ione for your comment. We are all One. The more you practice seeing the Divine in others, the more you will accept it about yourself. Peace. JBC

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