Daily Inspiration: July 19. The Ego and the Illusion of Separation

One of the ego’s main fuel sources is judgment. Thus, for the ego to survive and thrive, it must convince us that it is safe for us to judge and condemn others. It does this by programming us to focus on the apparent separate nature of our bodies, instead of the eternal sameness in our souls. It is key for the ego to convince us of our separateness, because then we will believe we can judge “others” without that action having a negative effect on us. The ego’s reward system tells us that our judgments of others, strengthen us and weakens them, thus give us power over them. And yet, as always, the ego’s delusional thinking is in complete opposition to the truth within. In reality, any and all attack filled judgments, regardless how “in the right” the ego insists that we are, only weakens us. They weaken us, because since we are all One, what we are really doing is unconsciously attacking ourselves through our own thoughts. The poison that our thoughts carry, that the ego has us project unto others, resides within. If they reside within us, then it is we who are corroding from within. Equally so, because we are all One, when we attack another, we are in essence attacking God. Unconscious guilt, uncertainty and fear, results from such efforts. We can not achieve peace as long as we live in alignment with such states of mind. Today, let us start taking greater personal responsibility for the thoughts we think. Let us notice that when we focus on attack thoughts,  they only seem to produce guilt, uncertainty and fear. But the good news is this: If it is we who are thinking and focusing on our judgmental thoughts, then it is also we who can choose to end such a self-destructive practice. Today, let us recall that it is always we who hold the power over the thoughts we think. Thus, it is always we who decide our levels peace or of guilt, uncertainty and fear.

Being all One, there is nothing you can say, think of, or do, to another, that you don’t in some way, shape or form, experience yourself. In every moment, you can focus on and experience Love’s expressions such as those of forgiveness, peace and joy, or fear’s expressions such as those of judgment, anger and guilt. One set of choices nourishes your heart and soul, the other set of choices poisons you. Which choices do you think will revitalize and fulfill you, and which ones will slowly corrode you, and make you sad and sick? Being all One, how we treat and think of others, is consciously or not, how we treating and thinking of ourselves. To go one step further, how we treat others is what we unconsciously believe we are worthy of experiencing. Still, no matter the amount of mistakes we make, let us not despair. Let us remember that God is Love and All, and thus everything that we bring into our experience, will in some way, shape or form, be used by God for good. God will use everything in our experience to help us grow, heal and awaken. Thus, what we are bringing into our experience, when seen from a place of Love, will always be something that we can benefit from and be grateful for. If we can benefit from all our experiences, then what need would there be to be judgmental of self or others? One who is aligned with this understanding, frees others to lives their journeys as they believe they need to, and by doing so achieves the state of peace. The state of peace then becomes a symbol of one who understands the perfect and sacred nature of each one of our experiences. Today, knowing this, let us let go of the ego’s demands and delusions and become a beacon of peace and understanding for others.

Today, let us decide to become aware of the insidious nature of the ego’s false concept of separation. Let us begin to pay attention to and feel how our thoughts, words, actions and reactions, of others affects us. Let us notice how when we are kind and forgiving of others, these actions have a way of bringing us peace of mind, love and joy. Equally so, let us notice, that when we react or act in a judgmental, angry or hateful manner towards ‘others’, this end up darkening our own path. It makes our journeys feel more isolating, confusing and guilt ridden. Let us notice how acting or reacting to others in a kind and forgiving way allows us to rest our head gently on our pillow and fall peacefully to sleep. Equally so, when we act and react with judgment, anger or hate, towards others, its hard for us to fall asleep, as our guilt has us toss and turn throughout the night. Are you, as God’s child, not worthy of feeling and experiencing all of your Creator Loving’s expressions? Peace of mind, joy, forgiveness, compassion and kindness, these are all, as Love’s expressions, your Father’s inheritance. Yes, my dear one, you as Love’s creation, are forever worthy of all of them. Therefore, offer them to all others, so that these energies may on a daily basis flow through you and surround you in their warm, gentle and welcoming embrace. If God desire all His children to experience and be embraced by all of Love’s expressions, would it not make sense to try to follow His example, way, path and lead? We are all One, the love that One deserves, is the love that All deserve. Today, no longer consciously withhold from others the loving expressions  that you yourself are worthy of experiencing.  

Today, let us decipher the symbols of Oneness and of separation. When we align our thoughts with Oneness, we support and bring into our experience such energies as forgiveness, compassion, love, peace and joy. When we align our thoughts with separation, we support and bring into our experience such energies as those of judgment, anxiousness, anger, resentment and hate. Today, let us recall that it is we who have final say over the thoughts we think, and thus of the kind of life that we experience. All these energies begin as a thought within our minds. Only we can decide how much we think and entertain a thought. The thought then only exists as long as we support it with our time and focus. Today, let us stop blaming the outer world and those in it for our experience. Now, let us only support the thoughts that will help us create the life and world we want.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

But at the same time we cannot allow others to walk on us..self-realization is part of our journey.

Nancy, always do what brings you peace, and you will have peace.

Peace. JBC

Many times my husband has used my forgiveness as weakness and continued to manipulate me. We only experience “fun times” together if we are doing something he enjoys. My wants and dreams come second. I have a difficult time now trying to maintain my own identity.Its exhausting…

Thank you Barb for your comment and for being a member of our community.

You will keep supporting behaviors that you do not want in your life, until you get tired of supporting them. Once you stop supporting them, they will begin to diminish and then dissolve from your experience.

The life that you experience is a result of the time, focus and energy, that you put into the thoughts that support such a life. Change the thoughts that you are supporting with your time, focus and energy, and you will begin to change your life.

It is you who hold the power over the world you see.

Peace. JBC

Recently I am tested by people behaving badly. My response has been anger and hate. From this moment I will see these people surrounded by love and send forgiving thoughts whenever I think of them. It is not going to be easy but I can see the damage I am doing to myself and need to change. Thank you.

Thank you Jo for being open to the message.

Every time a thought of anger and hate tries to enter your mind’s kingdom, stop them and remind yourself: “I control of my thoughts, my thoughts should not be controlling me.”

Then use those thoughts of anger and hate, but not to dive deeper into the darkness, but instead as a call from the Universe inviting you to practice taking greater control of the thoughts you are thinking, and thus over your mind and life.

Would gratitude not become the appropriate response to anything or anyone who is helping you practice achieving a greater sense of control over your thoughts? You will know when the truth in you is in control of your thoughts when they are aligning them with your loving nature, and thus are moving in the directions of forgiveness, peace of mind and joy. This is what all those brothers and sisters who the ego would have you condemn are actually doing, helping you realign with, become and represent, your eternal loving essence and nature.

Today, through forgiveness, decline and dismiss the ego’s delusions. Through forgiveness take back control of your own thoughts and mind. Then do something that would be shocking to the ego, but do not worry for the ego is not a true or real part of you. Shock the ego by instead praying for and blessing, wishing health and happiness, to those the ego would demand you judge and condemn. See and truly feel them surrounded in and embrace by God’s love and light. Do so and being all One, it will be this same loving and light filled embrace that will hold you, and walk with you, hand in hand, throughout your day.

You are Love’s creation. You are here to create as your Creator created, through love. Every time you get to practice consciously substituting fear with love, judgment with forgiveness, and anger with peace, you will feel fulfilled because in essence you will be doing what you were created to do. This sense of fulfillment will fill you with joy and a gratitude for all those who, in their own ways, helped you practice achieving this deeper level of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness.

Every form of despair hides one thing, an unforgiving thought. Today, become a beacon of light for others by having appreciation for the opportunities to practice forgiving what the ego would demand you condemn. Do so and you will be fulfilling your function as the light of the world. Do so and through your example, help light the way for others who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Peace. JBC

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