Daily Inspiration: July 23. A Key to Your Journey is Your Joy

You best serve humanity by aligning with the expressions of Love that feel most natural to you, in every moment and interaction. You are Love’s creation. You are here to create as God created, through love. Joy is one of Love’s main expressions. It is not by chance that there are very specific things in your life that you are personally moved by, that you are passionate about, that bring you joy, fulfillment and inner peace. Today, make a choice to start becoming more consciously aware of what these things are, and how you can begin to implement them more proactively in your daily experience. These are all keys to the purpose of your visit and mission, your calling here on Earth. Your calling is what you have come into this world to express, manifest, and become an example of to others. Being all One, when you are expressing your true loving nature, when you are following your calling, you will be reminding others that their true calling is also within reach. You need not become famous nor even outwardly appear to reach a large number of people to make a difference in this world. Please understand, that what you say or do, to or for another, does not end with that person. That person will carry within them the words you used when interacting with him or her, the emotions that you together shared, and the memories that you made, to others, and then those others will carry it to more. They then will share these feelings and emotions with those that they meet and interact with, and so on and so on. And so you see, you change this world with every single interaction you have. Never underestimate the power you have to change this world. Remember, being all One, when you change and heal yourself or another, you help change and heal this world.

No longer judge yourself because you have been doing and participating in things that you are not passionate about, nor bring you peace, joy or fulfillment. Instead, be grateful that this life experience has shown you a clearer picture and understanding of what you do not want. Finding out what you do not want to do is extremely helpful, and in its own way moves you forward, helping you figure out what you truly desire to do. When in doubt do not despair, remember God is Love and All, and thus uses all, all your experiences, for good. Thus, even those times that you are feeling stuck, sad, depressed, passionless, fearful, isolated and alone, are also just preparing you to become who you came here to be. Yes, every step along your path, regardless of how much the ego has programmed you to judge it, is of worth and useful. They all will, in their own ways, help bring you closer to figuring out what your personal passions, hopes, desires and dreams are and are not. Today, place your programmed self judgments aside, align with the Mind of God, and trust that everything is in its own sacred way working towards helping you achieve what you have come here to do. What emotion other than gratitude would you feel and express for each and every moment, person, place, or thing, when you awakened to this realization that everything is helpful? God employs everything to help you accomplish what you have come here to do. Understanding this, now each day, and as many times as you can recall to do so, align your thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, with Love’s expression of joy. Do so, and little by little you’ll begin to see and better understand, how aligned your mission is to what brings you joy.

Today, imagine if you had no expectations or demands from your parents, friends, peers or society, what would you do with your time and life? Today, make a list of the things and activities that truly bring you joy, passion, fulfillment and inner peace. In that list include anyone who encourages you to be wiser, more compassionate, forgiving, joyful and loving. Include the individuals who are modeling the behaviors that you desire to become an example of. Those who are helping lead you, through their own lives, to recall and awaken you to your mission here on Earth. Every day take steps, no matter how small they may seem, to work and focus on this list. Keep working on clarifying your purpose, on aligning you with your joy, passions, hopes, desires and dreams. Do so, and little by little you’ll discover the keys to the purpose of your journey. Do not so much focus on “what” you think you should be doing, like for example saying “I want to be a social worker or financial advisor”, instead focus more on the question of “why”. Why do you want to do what you want to do? What are the expressions of Love that you are trying to be, share and become an example of? Love has numerous expressions such as those of kindness, compassion, peace, joy, forgiveness, hope, clarity, charity and passion. Today, practice returning to the now, and listen to what expressions of Love the moment seems to be requesting, then be that. Anytime you make any of Love’s expressions, such as that of joy your focus, you will have a sense of fulfillment, because in essence you are doing what you were created to do.

Today, let us pay close attention to the thoughts, words, actions, people, places and things that are bringing us into a closer alignment with the state of joy. Anything that fulfills you, that you are passionate about, that aligns you with your hopes, desires and dreams will bring you a sense of joy. It will do so because in essence this is what you were created to do, to be a reflection and representative, through Love’s expressions, of God on Earth. Every day practice spending more of your time, effort, focus and energy, on those expressions that move you in joy’s direction. Let us also drop or move away from those things, people and situations, that seem to be stalling or moving us away from joy. Recall that being all One, when you assist another person in moving in joy’s direction, then you too, through the experience, will find yourself traveling in that same direction.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (5)

hello james. how are you? love and joy is what i believe our true nature is..but sometimes the ego strikes hard and although you can still feel joy inside, you just can not act with joy.
for me, helping others, making ‘others’ laugh, laughing out loudly, being with others, talking with others, sharing with others brings joy. being my joyous true self in front of ‘others’ brings joy. i have grown so much in these few months and now i have this power/courage which comes from god and my fears have fled. my parents are very conventional and i thought i was too. i always was a very open person who finds joy in connecting with people and making friends but my parents/society always tried to make me fearful saying that people are selfish and bad. now i have finally embraced my true self and i find that the world is beautiful. people are beautiful and perfect in their own ways. everyone is a perfect child of a perfect god.
i found that when one is living in present and perfectly aligned with god, things happen on their own perfectly. i always had a passion for baking and events have happened where i have started my homebakery which i never really thought i ever would since my parents never want me to do it. they still kind of hate that i have started a homebakery. i find joy in baking and although i never did any culinary training, i make great cakes(or should i say god makes great cakes through me). my parents want me to do a job they think would suit their status. they want me to study ahead but i just can’t. i have studied enough to be a teacher which is another one of my passion. teaching and baking give me joy. this causes a lot of conflict sometimes where judgements happen, resentment, hate, anger all are involved. and now i just see it happening and do not defend myself anymore. i see it as a play ,an illusion…i have come to a point where i see this world as a play and me as a character of the play who kind of is involved with the world but in reality is not involved at all.
i just know that i am a child of god and my journey is perfect and so is everyone else’s. god uses everything for good and mistakes or wrong steps are an illusion as well. i just want to reinforce this in me more and more and want to experience the present moment as a gift from our father.
thank you so much james for daily messages. i like talking to you. my comment does not really make any sense and i do not know the direction it was meant to go(lol) but i just wrote it:) i love you james. thanks for guiding me.

Thank you Shivani for being a member of our community and for your kind words.

Each interaction, no matter how tough it may sometimes appear to be, is here to help us achieve a deeper level of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Understanding this, let us be sure to offer all those we think of and meet, our gratitude for their participation in our growth, healing and awakening process and journey.

Knowing that everyone is here to, regardless of what we think they say or do, help us, will fill your mind with peace and your heart with joy. And so today, to all those who doubt or judge us, thank you. To all those who, because they sleep, put us down or try to deny our sacred path, thank you. To all those who feel or act like they have power over God’s creation, thank you. Thank you for helping us disregard, overlook or forgive the false and learn to focus on only the loving truth in each other as true.

Today, to all those who try to hate us, we love them back. To all those who condemn us, we forgive. To all those who try to block our sacred co-design with the Divine, we show them extra compassion and understanding.

Today, when the ego tries to deny our joy, we simply smile and remember that the ego being nothing can not stop anything. Then, we consciously align with the Divine in us, with Love Itself, and offer all those in that very moment, the love that God created us to be in our very own unique ways.

Today, when doubt, conflict, fear, or chaos arise, let us simply stop, breathe deeply, remember that we are One with our all-loving Source, and become a beacon of hope, healing and peace for all those that God has sent our way. Today, we understand that it is their presence in our lives that is helping us practice becoming One with God, and for this we offer them our gratitude.

Today, as the light in the world let us practice seeing only the light in others as true, and forgiving or overlooking everything else, for everything else that is not the love in them is not the truth in them. Our brothers and sisters, no matter who the ego has programmed them to be can only ever be the love that the Creator of the Universe created them to be.

Today, all we are being asked to do is be who God created us to be, and by aligning with the loving light in us sharing it with all others. The more we share the light in us the brighter our light will shine. The brighter our light shines the easier it will be for others to find their way out of the tunnel of darkness and despair that the ego has tried to sell to them as being their home.

Today, if we are feeling frustrated it is not because of what we think is happening in the world but it is because we are lacking trust in Divine Time. When we trust Divine timing, peace results. When we don’t, confusion, frustration, and chaos result. Today, at One with Divine Time, we trust that we are always where and when we are suppose to be. In doing so we light a more gentle and peaceful path for others to travel through if they so wish.

Today, let us become the light of the world by sharing the gifts that God has given to us. It is what we love to do, what we are passionate about, what fulfills us, what brings peace to our minds and joy to our hearts – these are all God’s individual gifts to us that He desire us to share with the world. It is when we are doing so that we feel fulfilled because in essence we are doing what the Creator of the Universe created us to do.

Today, when judgement, resentment, hate and anger try to enter our mind’s gate, we simply and gently deny their entry into our kingdom. We deny their entry by ending the time, focus and energy that fuel them. When we stop fueling these delusions, the dream ends and we awaken. Yet the more times we get to practice this, the less time we will spend in the delusion and the more time we will spend in the state of peace. For this opportunity to practice reinforcing the love and light that we in truth are, we offer all such delusions our gratitude, and through forgiveness we lovingly release them and allow them to dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I agree with everything you have spoken.I have been in and out of “church” all my life. This time I know it’s for good!!! AMEN…AMEN!!! What makes the difference for me is TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL MY HEART AND ALL MY MIND AND HE SHALL MAKE MY PATHS STRAIGHT. He showed me trust was a key for me. I have faith but without total trust I crippled spiritually. Now I have unspeakable joy peace comfort courage compassion and most important LOVE FOR HUMANITY. I asked Our Abba God,I want to know your ways not mine. He showed me that our ways are “common sense” and He didn’t want me to be common He wanted me to His Spiritual Senses(gifts aka fruits) The greatest is Love, it had a price tag.That price was paid in full from Jesus Our Savior!!! This is the message I am to tell others about.
Thank you for sharing the Love that has been paid for!!! Blessings to You abundantly…AMEN…AMEN???????

Thank you Darlene for your comment.

Trust is indeed key, for God is Love and All, and so when you trust in Love’s plan, you know that He only has your best interest in mind, and so that no matter how the ego has programmed us to see the moment, we now know, thanks to our trust, that it is occurring for our highest good, for our growth, healing and awakening.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

AMEN…AMEN!!! I’m so very thankful for the relationship I have with Our Father God…Jesus Our Savior has reconciled us back to God…that is Amazing Grace!!! I can not get enough…lol…I’m so inlove!!!

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