Daily Inspiration: July 25. Creating an Active, Living “To Do List” for Your Soul

Today, let us take greater conscious control, and personal responsibility, for how we are choosing to spend our moments throughout the day. The accumulation of these moments, will become the life that we end up dedicating to this world. In order to start becoming more consciously aware of how we are spending our time, let us create two lists. In the first one, let us list moments that are assisting us in creating the life that we desire, those thoughts, words, emotions, actions, reactions, interactions and beliefs, that align us with God’s Love and Light. In the second list let us will write down the moments that are in some way blocking or impeding us from living aligned with God’s Love and Light, those moment were we see our darkness as more rational, right and real, than our light. These will be ‘living lists’ that will grow or shorten, expand or contract, and shift with you; they will ebb and flow, with the choices that you, on a daily basis, make. On one list, add those activities, thoughts, beliefs and relationships, that bring you joy, passion, fulfillment, trust, love, self-love, and inner peace. On the other list, write down the activities, thoughts, beliefs and relationships, that bring you judgment, self-judgment, struggle, stress, anxiousness, anger and despair. Both of these lists are of equal importance, and should be questioned, thought about, and updated on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with going into our darkness, our unawareness. In fact, it is of extreme use to be able to write down the thoughts and beliefs that are not supporting us, in order to more clearly see what is separating us from having the life that we desire. Once these false beliefs or ego-centered programs, are brought to the surface or into a physical manifestation, it will help us better see and understand, who we no longer desire to be. Once these false beliefs are examined, understood as no longer helpful, forgiven and release, it is then that they will no longer block our light, hold us back or weigh us down. Now, if every now and then, they once again pop up, thanks to our life experience, we now know how to best and most confidently, deal with and understand them, forgive them and ourselves, release them and let them go.

It is we who control our thoughts, words and beliefs. It is we who make them a bigger part of our life by focusing on them, or diminish them by forgiving them, seeing them for what they are, and letting them go. If the life that you are currently experiencing, is not aligned with the life that you truly desire, do not blame the outside world for this, instead go within and ask yourself: “What thoughts, words, and beliefs, am I supporting with my time, focus and energy, that are not supporting the life I want?” Do not feel ashamed nor afraid to go within, to reach into your darkness, your sleeping self, those parts within you that have yet to awaken to who in truth you are. If afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed, recall that God is Love, that He only Loves you and desires your growth, healing and awakening. Recall that God will use all, every step along your journey for good, and so with your head held high, assured and secured, look within, bring your darkness up to the surface, and by doing so, begin to watch the darkness dissipate before your light and understanding. Reorder and reshape the thoughts that are within you, and you will begin to redesign your world. The power to redesign your world, resides within you now, and not in the outside world. The ego would want you to think that it is the outside world who holds the power, that way it makes you feel powerless, and subservient to the ego. We have all been subservient to the ego’s mindset and programs long enough, but now thankfully, we are starting to awaken. Having traveled the ego’s roads a thousand times before, we now know that they do not take us to where we desire to be. Now, tired of the ego’s fake directions, we find ourselves looking for a wiser, more loving and productive Way and Guide.

What if today you decided this: “No matter how I may have been programmed by the ego to think of myself, I now courageously choose to look within, and start removing all, that is not truly me. The more I practice trusting God, and being consciously aware that He is Love and only Loves me, the less afraid or ashamed of looking within, and healing myself, I will be.” Today, let our goal be to help feed, support and nourish, with our time, focus and energy, those people, places, activities, thoughts, emotions and beliefs, that are assisting us in creating the life we want. Let us also slowly diminish, let go, and starve off of our time, focus and energy, those people, places, activities, thoughts, emotions and beliefs, that seem to be blocking our light and impeding our journey. Today, let us not be afraid nor ashamed of our darkness, of our unconsciousness, instead let us become extra vigilant and detailed, understanding what those beliefs are, for the more we clarify them, the clearer we will see that they are not us, and thus the sooner we will figure out who we truly are. Let us today pay special attention and become present to what thoughts we are thinking. Anytime the ego tries to have our programs or darkness control us, we will know this is happening, because we will not be at peace. Let us use such specific times, not to put ourselves down for being subservient to the ego, but instead to practice reminding ourselves that it is we who should be in control of our thoughts, not the ego. Then in control of our thoughts, bring any darken thought to the surface, so that they may be seen for the illusionary blocks that they are, forgiven and dismantled. Now in control of our thoughts let us dedicate them to aligning with the Light of God, thus allowing, peace, love, joy and light to shine through us and unto this world.

Today, let us practice clarifying and reinforcing who in truth we are, and understanding, forgiving and letting go of, who we are not. Let us not be afraid, or made to feel ashamed about our darkness, for our belief in such false concepts are simply symbols of our lack of self-awareness. Today let us bring our darkness to the surface, so that the light of love and understanding, may shine on them, realize that they are not truly us, forgive them and let them go. As we begin to understand and define which thoughts, that we are holding unto, are aligning or not aligning us with our light, we will more easily be able to let go of who we are not, and align with who we were created to be. Looking at our judgments, illusionary thinking, false concepts and programs, that seem to be blocking our light, helps heal and free us. These false concepts will remain within us, blocking our awareness to our light, until we have the courage to bring them to the surface, look at them, and realize that they are not real, not us, and thus have no true power to block us from being and beaming the light that we were created to be.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (7)

Thanks! I get it- only love = truth, is real.

Thank you-Your insight is very much appreciated! Chapter 15 Sec, 10 & 11 on
“Sacrifice” has been swirling in me the past week, and now that it’s all done and said, I can see where I was totally learning that lesson. Do you have anything in your archives about “sacrifice”? I would love to get your insight on that.

Thank you Mary for your comment and question. You can not in truth sacrifice anything because there is nothing real to sacrifice. The Love of God is yours, has forever been yours and will forever be yours. There is nothing more to gain or lose. Let go of what is not real, what do you have to lose by doing so? What sacrifice has the ego convinced you that you must make in order to experience the Love of God. Nothing the ego says in true, because the ego itself is a lie. Enough already with the ego’s deceptions and lies, enough already with buying into the false as true. The Love that in truth you are you will always be, and so offer only who in truth you are to others, so that you, on a daily basis, may reinforce your truth and let go of what never was. Peace. JBC

Thank you James! This was so helpful after picking myself up out of a few days of a very dark place that seemed to have come out of now where. I have been diligently doing ACIM lessons and workbook for some time now and between your daily Inspiration and ACIM I have felt like I have cleared a lot of blockage. I do see how my thoughts were involved in this last meltdown but it was really unexpected and felt like I got hit by a Mack truck. What is that?

Thank you Mary for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. When darkness comes calling, make the conscious choice not to put yourself down for the feelings and experience, for that will only keep fueling those feelings and experience, instead thank it for coming, for helping give you, a clearer picture, of what you do and do not want. Ask yourself, what unforgiving thoughts am I holding unto that have unconsciously invited this energy in? Then make the conscious choice to forgive yourself your misperception of self and others. For anyone you have judged, pray for them, for their healing, joy, peace and awakening. Forgive and make peace with all your thoughts, and with all those thoughts that are passing through.

Include a fast to help you cleanse, maybe try a 2 day fruit-only fast, followed by a 2 day water-only fast, follow by another two day fruit-only fast.

As an ACIM student remember, that there in truth is nothing “out there”, that everything is an extension of your thoughts and mind, and thus those darken thoughts where hidden within you, and thus it was only by bringing them to the surface, to the light, that they can be seen for the illusions that they are and heal.

Lastly, remember that God is Love and All, and so every step on your journey, when properly perceived, is seen and understood as a gift from God to you, as an opportunity to grow, heal and awaken. Therefore, no matter how much the ego wants you to judge and thus continue to fuel the darkness, instead simply smile at the ego’s silly little illusionary games, thank God for the opportunity that you are being given to heal, forgive all unforgiven thoughts, and with gratitude in your heart and peace in your mind, continue on the sacred and perfect path that you have co-created with God.

Peace. JBC

I am going to try this

That’s great to hear Nancy. Peace. JBC

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