Daily Inspiration: July 29. Our Gift to Each Other Is Each Other

There are now over seven billion people on this planet; yet know, that it is not by chance that you are interacting with the people you’re in communication with. You have been specifically gifted to them and them to you. It is not by coincidence, that they are in your presence and you in theirs. You have all made, unaware of it as we may be, a spiritual commitment to each other, to come together, and assist each other in healing, recalling and becoming, an expression of our true loving nature. There is something for you to learn and teach them, and there is something for them to learn and teach you. Let go of the ego’s past programming, become present, and ask God to help you see them, and your interaction with them, through His loving non-judgmental eyes. Ask my dear friend, ask, you ask for so little. Free will is God’s law and gift, thus ask and you shall receive. You are worthy of all that you ask for, and when you do ask, know that what you are in essence saying is: “I trust God”. Ask, and by doing so, consciously align with the Mind of God. You will know when you are aligning with the mind of God, because your judgments of others will disperse before your light and understanding. When you are in alignment with the Mind of God you become grateful for each person’s participation in your experience. Your gratitude for them will increase, because you will be remembering, that it is not by chance that God has placed them before you. If they are before you, then it is a gift that God is personally offering you. If you choose to open the gift, you will find the possibility for love, growth, healing and awakening, in your life, that God’s angels, His messengers, are delivering personally to you. Today, when you meet anyone, above all else, remember, that they are a gift from God to you, and that you are God’s gift to them.

Imagine, putting aside, even for just one day, all the ways that the ego has programmed us to judge our brothers and sisters. Imagine, finally accepting and aligning with God’s will, which is your highest will for yourself, and forgiving and letting go of the judgment filled burdens, that the ego would demand you carry. Go ahead, release judgment’s weight, feel it lifting off your shoulders, and dissolving in the Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Light of God. Imagine, actually looking at your brothers or sisters, and not judging the way they look, act, dress or what they like, believe, say or do. Imagine, if no matter how loud the ego is screaming in your ear to judge, you simply and calmly chose to aligned with the mind of God, and decided to see them only as His prefect creations. Imagine, how much more comfort, peace, joy, compassion, love and understanding, you would experience, if you but chose to put aside the ego’s false mindset, and instead aligned yourself with the Mind of God. Thanks to God’s gift of free will, this choice is available to all of us in every moment. How grateful would you be to God, and to your brothers and sisters, if they, every time you saw or thought of them, reminded you, that the ability to choose comfort, peace, joy, compassion, love and understanding, was always just a simple choice away? This is a simple choice, between the ego’s judgment filled mindset, that you have tried a thousand times before, but has never brought you true everlasting peace, joy and understanding, or the Mind of God, that simply acknowledges His children as His children, all perfect parts of Perfection, all forever worthy of His Mercy, Grace and Love.

Today, let us practice recalling that we are all One, and in reality, all gifts to each other. We are all One, and so today offer all others what you yourself would desire to experience. Today, let us awaken to our sisters and brothers true loving nature, so that we may be reminded that this nature is our own. Would you not be grateful, to those who dedicated a part of their day, to help you heal and awaken to your true loving nature? Would you not be appreciative of someone who is offering you, through their participation in your life, the opportunity to experience this world in a less judgmental, and more peaceful, loving and compassionate manner? Are they not worthy of your gratitude instead of the ego’s judgment? My friend, we have come far, but our true destination is not a place where we can enter alone. It is the recognition of the sameness in each other, the gift that we are to each other, that opens the gate to everlasting peace, love, joy and understanding. Peace, love, joy and understanding, are your true Home. It is in the memory that we are all equally God’s creations, where we recall that we are all equally worthy of His gifts. Offer your brothers and sisters what you would desire for yourself, truly it is this simple. Truly nothing else is asked of you in order to have everything that you desire. Offer them peace, love, joy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, acknowledge that we are indeed all One, that they are all gifts from God to you, and that everything you ever give to them, through its experience, you will get to forever keep. You have come so far my friend, but still this is a journey without distance. Ours is a journey from forgetfulness to remembering, from sleeping to waking, from the ego’s false mindset to the Mind of God.

Today, when you meet anyone, remember, that this is not by chance. They are God’s gift to you, and you are God’s gift to them. No matter what thoughts they may be entertaining while they sleep, you be awake, and see them only as God’s perfect creations. Every time you do this, you will be recalling and reinforcing your Oneness with God. This is all that your brothers and sisters are in truth ever offering you, the opportunity, in every moment, to be One with God. What else but gratitude could you have for such beings? You my dear one, are a perfect part of God, and we are all One, thus everyone, when seen through Truth’s eyes, are equally a perfect part of God. To judge them is to judge God. Guilt will result when you are unconsciously, through your judgment of others, judging God. Forgive your brothers and sisters, release your unconscious guilt, align with the Mind of God, and once again find peace. Today, let us practice using God’s sight over the ego’s programming, and practice seeing everyone, as who they truly are.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (3)

I am so grateful for you James, all your messages each day. There are days when it’s like you are speaking right to me…the message resonates. Great reminder !!! Blessings to you…

Thank you Margaret for your kind words and for being a member of our community. We are all One, and so what is within one is within all. May you each day shine brighter so that you may assist those that are searching, find the light within. Peace. JBC

If we are in alignments with God we are not panicking worried or freaked out and trying to get what we want, instead we live in gratitude . I am not there right now . ..I think all of it requires a state of emptiness….

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