Daily Inspiration: July 31. Living Fully Within the Present Moment

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When you’re living in the now, you are living in alignment with with your loving nature. When you’re in alignment with the now, you are using and experiencing Love’s expressions. Love’s expressions are many, such as those of trusting in God, forgiveness, generosity and compassion. These are all energetic expressions of your true nature. When in alignment with your true nature you will feel balanced, safe, fulfilled, joyful and at peace. When you are feeling this way, it is because you are in essence allowing God to flow through you. By doing so you are in essence representing God on Earth. Thanks to free will, the choice, in every moment, to be or not to be aligned with your true loving nature, is yours to make. Every moment offers you this opportunity, to choose your true loving nature over the ego’s programs, and thus peace over pain. Now, if you find yourself lost in the ego’s programs, experiencing judgment, anger, resentment, fear and hate, do not despair. Simply recall that thanks to free will, you can always choose once again. Choosing God over the ego, and thus Love over fear, aligns you once again with your true loving nature, and thus with the state of peace. Today, allow the state of peace to signal to you that you are aligned with the now. Also, allow a sense of a lack of peace to become a signal to you that you are out of alignment with the now. There is no need to judge yourself or others for being out of alignment with the present moment. Simply recognize that you are not where you belong, align with your loving nature, and then choose once again. You are the son or daughter of the Father of Peace. Do not ever allow the ego to convince you that you are not worthy of peace, of your Father’s inheritance. Peace, as an extension of Love, is one of your many natural states of being. Your natural states of being, being your inheritance, are always but a simple choice away.

Within this world of duality, the opposite of God, Love, seems to exist. Within duality there will be plenty of opportunities for you to decide between living in alignment with the now, or that of being rule by the ego’s past programs. The one that you value most in any situation, is the one that you will consciously or unconsciously believe you are worthy of. Therefore, it will be the one you will end up choosing and thus experiencing. For example, reacting with anger is an energetic and emotional expression and sign that you have chosen the ego’s past programs over the now and your loving nature. Being all One, it is not possible for you to experience Love’s expressions such of that of peace, if peace is not what you offer others. Being all One, if you desire more peace in your life, simply offer others what you yourself desire to experience. Peace is found within the present moment, because being an expression of Love, is a true reflection of the now. In order to have peace, all you need do is let go of your past programs that say that others are unworthy of peace. All of Love’s creations are forever worthy of peace. Anger is not a proper response to God’s creations, because it is not an expression of Love. Only Love’s expressions are proper responses to God’s creations. Only in alignment with Love’s expressions can you experience peace. Today, let us remind ourselves throughout the day: “Right now, I offer peace to all others, so that I may experience it myself. Right now, I offer peace to all others, because I am my Father’s creation, and thus forever worthy of His peaceful inheritance.” No matter how the ego has programmed you to respond, always remind yourself that you, as God’s creation, are always worthy of peace. Simply offer peace to have it. The more you practice doing so, the more worthy of peace you will feel. The more worthy of peace you feel, the more open you will be to experience it, and thus the more you will experience it.

Today, let us recall that the opportunity to live more fully in the now, is always thanks to free will, but a simple choice away. Today, if the ego once again tries to convince us that its way is The Way, let us recall that its roads of judgment, anger, resentment and hate, have never taken us to where we desire to be. We belong in the now, One with the Mind of God. We, as Love’s creations are forever worthy of the now, and thus forever worthy of all of Love’s expressions. Acceptance, understanding, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, being some of Love’s expression, are some of the energies that we are forever worthy of. Today, let us return to the present moment, by witnessing to our brother’s and sister’s innocence. Our brothers and sisters are God’s prefect creations, and as such, in truth, can only be love and loved. If we see and react to them as someone other than love, then that misperceptions falls on us, not them. If we condemn them, we condemn ourselves to a lack of peace. If we condemn them, we are using the ego’s past programs and are therefore not aligned with the now, with the Love that God is. Still, there is no need for us to judge ourselves for doing so, for when we do, it is not the truth in us doing so. It can only be the sleeping parts of us that dreams of judging self or other. Let us today gently awaken those sleeping parts of us. We awaken them by reminding them that any expression other than a loving one, is not a real representation of who we were created to be. At first it may appear to be hard to awaken those sleeping parts of us, those parts of us that are still dreaming the ego’s dreams. But the more that we practice doing so, the clearer it will become to us that Love not fear, is our true nature, and that the now, not the past nor future, is where we in truth belong.  

Today, let us learn to recognize the signs that show us when we are living in the now, and when we are not. Using any of Love’s expressions are signs that we are in, and at one with, the present moment. Any expression that seems to be in opposition to Love’s expressions, are signs that we are out of alignment with the now. Peace of mind, joy, forgiveness, compassion and a trust in God, are all expressions of Love, and thus signs that we are in the now. If we are lacking any of those expressions in any moment, it is not because we are unworthy of them, it is because we are valuing the ego’s past programs more than the now. When you find yourself out of alignment with the now, there is no need judge yourself or others. Simply recognize that you are not where you belong, then align with your loving nature, and choose once again.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Heather Hope Harmony

It seems this came from the divine, at an exact interjection in my life, like a lightning rod from Zeus, about as resonate as resonance can be, and one synchronicity, in a seemingly never ending crest of synchronicities that started very recently… I seem to have two conclusions… God is all that exists, or there is God, and no-god, or perhaps a better way to put it, God, and god (emphasis on the little G). In truth, it seems it is both, which you are either saying, or being contradictory about. What MY personal, and very resonate conclusion, that lead to an immediate FB recommendation of this article (which happens so often), is that there is no good, there is no bad, there is only truth, and authenticity, through love, and essentially surrender to the divine (which if you ask me, is us all – but I can’t say that conclusively, I only know I’m headed in the general right direction). Much to meditate on, but I agree with about 99.9% of this, my juncture, is that perhaps anger is a valid emotion, and comes from God, to give us struggle and growth. However, this could be attachment to past belief systems, and a need for, essentially, a currency system, karma, which may not exist (at least in traditional terms). I do believe that anger is probably not the best choice, however, that’s kind of a contradiction, and a paradoxical statement, if one is to prose that there is no good or bad, so I contend that we merely stay in THE MOMENT, and that THE MOMENT is all that has ever existed, and that the more and more people realize this, we will eventually his a crescendo of sorts, a critical mass, where, whatever form of karma is eleminated, and we are all either liberated, or transcended to another form, say, 4-dimensional, or fourth density, as I do know, simply out of first hand experience, that indeed higher dimensions exist. Entirely sober experiences. All I can say, is I hope, and I will continue to love, and remain in the moment, as my knowledge base, and skill-set grows. Hope is my middle name, after all.

Thank you Heather for your comment and for being open to the message.

There is indeed God who is Love and All, and then there is nothing, which we here sometimes call ego, which thinks it is something that could be in opposition to All.

If All is Love, then all, when properly perceived is good and will be used for our good. And so in this seeming dualistic world, there is what is good, and what is yet to be recognized as good.

The Divinity could be seen as One, or Three, or All which includes all of us, and yet because It is All, in can be seen and experienced in numerous manners and forms.

Anger is valid up and until we recognize its illusionary nature, then it is forgiven, no longer needed or seen as real. Anger comes into our experience in order to show us who we are not. In order to show us how unlike our eternal loving nature is to it.

There is both the opportunities to experience the darkness and The Light. When in alignment with the Light, there will be no need for darkness. Yet, if we find ourselves within the darkness, the Light is what we will consciously or unconsciously always secretly desire and seek.

Indeed, simply be in each moment, knowing that no matter what the moments appears to offer, it is a gift from God to you.

Every moment will be used by God for good. The eternal now, in infinite disguises, is here to help release you from duality, and return you to consciously being One with, representing, reflecting and sharing with all others, who in truth you are, your All-Loving Source.

Peace. JBC

I have been very stuck outside of this.,God’s present moment tied to a bad experience but that experience is not God and it doesn’t exist right now in this present moment where God and all time exist. Nothing else is real. To be truly present then requiem forgiveness and complete presence . .complete forgiveness of all things and letting go of the things in the mind that separate us from presence.

Nancy, you are right, only our own thoughts can seem to ever separate us from the presence and peace of God.

Anytime a thought of darkness tries to enter your mind’s gate. Stop it right there and then, and refuse its entry into your kingdom.

Remember, you control your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you.

Forgive all darkness thoughts for trying to enter, and with love release them and let them go. Then pray for and bless all those the ego would have you condemn until you begin to see and feel the wisdom of choosing forgiveness over judgment, love over fear, and God over the ego.

Peace. JBC

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