Daily Inspiration: June 10. You Are Not In the Presence of Others By Chance

We have been programmed to believe in the false concepts of coincidence, chance, good or bad luck, those are all realities for those who believe in the illusion, but they are illusions for those who understand the sacred nature of their journey. Each one of our individual journeys, is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus each and every person we meet along this journey, is a part of that sacred plan. We have all, unconscious as some may be of it, made a spiritual commitment to each other, to assist one another to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. There are very specific reasons why you are in front of your brother or sister, it is not by chance, not by coincidence, not because of good or bad luck, they are in truth gifts, blessings, spiritual contracts that are being fulfilled for the betterment of all mankind. Yes, even those that you sometimes read about or see on television, that seem to irk you and make you lose you peace of mind and joy, they themselves have volunteered to be a part of your journey, in order to help you better see and understand, how the thoughts that you yourself focus on, color your experience. They are, in their own ways, helping you see, that it is not the outside world who in truth has control over your state of mind, it is you and you alone that does. It is you and you alone, who can choose to read about or see them, and still choose to trust the Creator of the Universe with the Divine plan, and thus achieve the state of peace. You can also, continue to play the ego’s silly little mindless judgment games, and curse and condemn them, and because we are all One, you only end up hurting and punishing yourself through your own thoughts, while giving your power away to someone else. Let us remember, that it may very well be those that you read about or see that irk you, that brings back the passion and motivation into your heart and soul, that motivates you into action, and helps you recall why you are here on this planet. You are here in part to follow your passions, and so let us be grateful, not judgmental towards those who are assisting us in this effort.

Imagine, a day when you start to see all those who walk along your path, and yes, all of them, as gifts sent from God to you. Imagine, a day when you truly start believing that all others are here to help you, in one form or another, grow, heal and awaken. Imagine, a day when you no longer think you must fight or defend yourself against other’s thoughts, words or actions, simply because they don’t align with what you have been programmed to believe. Now, I’m not saying not to act in the form that aligns you most with the state of peace. It is perfectly fine to follow your heart and oppose those that you feel should be opposed. Also, I am not saying that if you are in a china shop and a bull comes in, that you should not leave. What I am saying is that you do not have to react to other people’s thoughts, words and actions, as if they were all bulls in a china shop, just because they differ from, or are in opposition to, yours. The more you start to see and realize the perfect nature of the present moment, the less those thoughts, words and actions, that differ from, or are in opposition to yours, will bother you. The less they bother you, the more peace you will have. The more peace you experience, the more grateful and appreciative of the present moment, and all those in it, you will be. The more grateful that you are to everyone in your experience, the more you can choose to oppose or not oppose them, but still remain at peace while doing so. The more you are able to remain in the state of peace or non-violence while opposing others, the more of those others will begin to see, that there is indeed a better, more loving and productive way, of experiencing and participating in, their reality.

Today, instead of crossing our arms in defense, let us open them up like welcoming mothers and fathers. Today, our brother’s and sister’s entrance into our life, is a clear sign, that we all have been place here for a purpose, that we are indeed needed here, and that it is not by chance that they have been brought before us. Today, let us recall the perfect nature of our journey, and so if another seems to bring up the energies of judgment and anger within us, we stop, consciously align with the Divine, and recall that our journey is a prefect co-creation with God. Aligned with the Divine, we then choose forgiveness and compassion instead of judgment and anger, and then we use this life experience, to teach forgiveness and compassion to others. When aligned with the Divine, we align with such energies as peace, joy, fulfillment and passion, and because our brothers and sisters were part of a process that got us to this place of greater understanding, we thank them for being in our experience. Imagine, no longer needing acts of judgment, condemnation, anger, resentment and hate, simply because we can now see that our brothers’ and sisters’ thoughts, words and actions, and our reactions to those thoughts, words and action, are what is helping us awaken to our true loving nature. It is our interactions with others, that have led us to a place where forgiveness and compassion, take the place of judgment and anger. What a gift it is, not to carry judgment and anger towards others, simply because our own individual journeys, on the surface, appear to be heading in different directions. What a gift it is, to be able to see and acknowledge, each and every one of our brothers and sisters, not as the enemy, wrong or immoral, but as our companions on this sacred journey.

Today, let us listen to and follow the sounds of the trumpet of peace, and look upon each one we meet, as God’s child. Imagine, no matter who comes to your mind, or who travels along your path, seeing them only, as God created them to be. Today, remember that we are all One, and so that each one of them, is a part of you. Each one of them, is a reflection of the thoughts you think. Know today, that in each interaction you have with them, you either poison or heal yourself, through the thoughts that you hold of them. Imagine, today, trusting in God’s sacred plan, and seeing all your brothers and sisters, with peace, love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, would such an effort not also benefit you? Remember today, that on one is ever brought to you, or comes into your presence, by chance. They are here as God’s gift to you, and you are here as God’s gift to them. Today, you need not do more, than see all others, as companions on your journey Home, those sent to you by God, to help awaken you to your true loving nature.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I love this post. It is so inspiring and presents such a simple but profound way to deal with people who have different perspectives than our own. Thank you!

This is lovely

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