Daily Inspiration: June 13. It Is Our Choices That Determine the Day We Have

It is not what is occurring in the outside world that affects the kind of day we have, but how we choose to react to what is happening, that truly gives form to our day. We can only define this world through our minds, and thus the external world is simply a physical reflection and representation of our internal condition. If we choose to forgive the outer world and ourselves, we will find peace, joy and understanding. If we choose to war with it and ourselves, we will find confusion, chaos, and pain. The power thus, after all is said and done, resides within us, and not “out there.” The ego would insist otherwise, demanding we must blame and judge the outside world, and those in it, for how they “make us” feel. This false perception gives our power away to the ego, and to the outside world. But in reality, the only power the outside world can ever truly have over us, is the power that we give to it. Today, when someone seems to “make you” feel angry, try to better understand what is really happening. Anything that they seem to do to you, is defined by you, by your thoughts, and so in reality, you are giving definition to, everything that they do. If you, through your own thoughts, are defining the outer world, then who is really responsible for your reactions to the world you see, you or the outside world? If you can see that you are responsible for the thoughts that you think and define this world through, then who are you really angry at, they or yourself? Are they really making you angry, or are the thoughts that you are using to define their actions, making you angry? If you can begin to see that it is only you, that can make yourself angry, then is the solution to achieving the state of peace, somewhere out there, or within you? If the solution is within you, then do you not have control over the level of peace or frustration that you feel and experience? Would you not then be grateful to those who are showing you, through their actions, that it is really you who has control over how you see, react to, and participate in, this world?

How many more days of our lives must we continue to allow the ego to lead us, to tell us that we should be judgmental or angry, and stressed out and worried, before we realize the absurdity of its advice, and begin to look for a more competent leader? How much of our God-given peace of mind and joy have we already sacrificed at the ego’s altar? How much longer will we allow the blind to lead the blind? Let us today, start taking greater personal responsibility for our own thoughts, for it is only really at the level of thought, that we can begin to exercise choice. Let us today remember, that it is we who should be controlling our thoughts, and thus having control over how we see, react to, and participate in, this world. Today, anytime we are feeling judgmental, angry, resentful, worried or stress, let those energies awaken us to what is truly happening, the ego has subjugated our thoughts, and it is now in control of our thinking. Let us not put ourselves down for once again being under the ego’s mind control, instead let us use the wisdom that we have accumulated from our past experiences, to end the ego’s rule over us. Now, thanks to our past experiences, knowledge and wisdom, we have enough clarity and conscious awareness to know, when the ego is ruling our minds, or when we are. Anytime that we are experiencing and expressing ourselves through judgmental, angry, resentful, worried or stress filled thoughts, we can now see that this is the ego past programming, not us, who is controlling our thinking and thus behavior. We are now, aware enough to know, that we do not want the ego’s to be ruling over us, and so today let us use our free will, to begin to take back control of our own minds. The more in control of our own minds we are, the more peace of mind, joy, love and understanding, we will experience.

Today, it will be we, not the ego, who will be in control of our thinking. It will be we, our eternal loving essence, not the ego, who will determine how we will see, experience and participate, in this world. Today, when the ego once again demands we blame and judge the world, and thus give our power away to it, let us instead look deep into our sister’s and brother’s eyes, until we are able to see our own reflection in them. Then, as we look into our own reflection in their eyes, let us honestly ask ourselves: “Who is really responsible for how we are feeling? Who has to carry the burden of blame and judgment, anger and resentment, with them wherever they go? Who are we truly disappointed with? Who in reality holds the power to forgive and thus encounter the peace of mind, joy, love and understanding, that as God’s creations, we all deserve?” Yes my dear friend, rejoice, for today it is finally you, who will determine, what kind of day you have. Today, it will not be the traffic, weather, boss, school board, politicians, or mother in law, who will “make you” feel judgmental, angry, resentful or stressed out, today it is you and you alone, having taken back control of your thoughts from the ego, who are now fully responsible for how you feel, react to, and participate in, this world. The days of giving away your power are over. Today, as you make the conscious choice to allow your eternal loving essence, to be your guide, it will be a forgiving, peaceful, loving and joyful day, that you will encounter and experience. The choices to determine what kind of day you will have, are now fully in your hands. This day has been a long time coming, but if you take your responsibility seriously, this will be the start of many days like this one.

Today, let us practice taking full responsibility for the kind of day that we are experiencing. We do so by recalling that in every moment we have two choices, to allow the ego to rule our minds, or to rule our own minds. When the ego is in charge, we will feel judgmental, angry, resentful, worried or stressed. When our loving eternal essence is in charge, forgiveness, peace, love, joy and understanding, result. Today, let us stop making excuses and blaming others “out there” for how we feel. Let us now, fully control, the thoughts we think, and thus of how we see, experience and participate, in this world. The kind of day we now have, is the kind of day we now choose to have. The level of peace or pain that we focus on and experience, is now purely up to us to decide. Let us today, be grateful to God, that thanks to free will, it is we and we alone, who decide the nature and expression, of our experience.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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What do we do when we go into blame since blame is the exasperated child within?

Practice doing the opposite of what you no longer desire to experience. The more you practice it’s opposite, say forgiveness, the less power blame will have. Anytime your ego wants to blame, simply see it as an opportunity to practice forgiveness. Do this over and over and over again until you see the wisdom of it, and how natural not blaming yourself and others truly is to you. Peace. JBC

Thank you James for your words of wisdom

Thank you Nancy for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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