Daily Inspiration: June 14. Becoming the Expressions of Oneness

Love’s expressions, such as kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace, are all energetic representations of Oneness – God. When we align with any of Love’s expressions, we are One with the Mind of God. Do not worry if you do not feel at one with God. Because God is All, you can never not be a part of God, a part of All That Is. When we are asleep to our true nature, then yes we can, in the dream, think that we are apart from All, God, Love. It is in such a state where we dream of being judgmental, angry, resentful and hateful beings. Still, again do not despair, for you could in truth never be what God is not. God is Love and All, and so all that we can  in truth ever be is love. Yes, we can still dream that we are separated from Oneness, but that is always just a dream. Have you ever needed to judge your child for dreaming? If not, then why would God need to judge you or your dream. God created you in His image, thus God knows your true loving eternal essence and nature. There is thus no need to judge yourself and others when we are being who we are not. Being who we are not, in opposition to God, is not possible within reality. When we judge self or others for being who we are not, we are viewing and participating in the ego’s dream of separation from All – as real. We have all judged ourselves and others enough times to know that this behavior has nothing of value to offer us. Rejoice, for the time for sleeping is now over, and the time to awaken has finally come. Today, let us recall who we are, and by doing so help others awaken to their eternal loving essence and nature, the real them who is forever One with God. Do not despair if you are feeling lost or alone, for in truth you can never, not even while you sleep, be apart from God. Now, when feeling lost or alone, invite Him in. Place your focus on God’s Love and He is there with you. He is there with you, but not because you have called on Him, but because He has never left you.

Today, let us stop wasting our time judging those who dream of themselves as separate from All. Let us no longer judge others for what in truth they could never do. What point would it make to look upon God’s child while he sleeps and judge him for dreaming? What peace of mind, joy and love, could judging God’s child while he sleeps, ever bring to you? There is nothing of true worth that your judgment of God’s child can bring you. The one thing it could tell you is that you too seem to be dreaming. Judgment of self or others, anger, resentment and hate are all symbols of a mind that is asleep to its true nature. We, those of us who are awakening, have slept long enough. Today, show that you are awakening, through your non-judgmental behavior. If those you interact with today are sleeping, and they show through their thoughts, words or actions, that they need to sleep a bit longer, then let them sleep. We will all awaken when we have gotten tired of sleeping. Today, when the ego throws a symbol of separation our way, let us recognize it for the delusion that it is, forgive it, and let it go. If we for a moment fall asleep, let us also not judge ourselves for this. Instead, let us learn to recognize when we are dreaming, and use that understanding as a trigger to help us awaken. We awaken by choosing the symbols of Oneness over those of separation, of Love over those of fear. Today, when those symbols of separation come, let us not despair, for this would only have us diving deeper into the darkness. Instead, pat yourself on the back for having come to a place in your awakening process that has given you the wisdom to be able to recognize when you are dreaming the ego’s dream.

Today, we will know if we are awake, because when we are, we will offer our sisters and brothers gratitude instead of judgment. We will offer them gratitude for being part of a process that is helping us practice choosing Oneness over separation. When we interact with them and choose forgiveness over judgment, peace over anger, compassion over resentment and love over hate, they in essence are helping us practice choosing our true nature, Oneness, over the ego’s dream of separation. The more times we get to practice choosing Oneness, the more natural and normal it will be for us to reside within this state of mind. The more normal the state of Oneness becomes to us, the greater example of Oneness we can set for others. Oneness, being our true nature, is who we were created to be and share. How stress-free and peace-filled will our days become, when we realize that all that we are being asked to do is to be who we were created to be? All we are being asked to do is to align with our Creator, All, the One we have truly never left. Being loving, kind, forgiving, grateful, joyful and peaceful – this is who you are being asked to be, share and enjoy. Can this be such a hard task to accomplish? To make this shift from unconsciousness to consciousness even easier, let us use Love’s tool of forgiveness. Forgiveness is in essence overlooking the actions of those who sleep. Forgiveness releases others from the sins they within truth never committed. Forgiveness helps you see only the truth as true, aligns you, makes you One with, the Mind of God. At One with the Mind of God is in truth the only place where you could ever be. You are and will forever be One with All. Offer all that in truth you are, every time, to all others, and this will reinforce your true nature, eternal loving essence, and Oneness with God. As you do so, you once again become a conscious part, and partner with, All That Is.

Today, let us practice recognizing when we are at One with the truth in us. Love is our Truth, Creator and All. Anytime we are aligned with the energetic expressions of Love, we are at One with our true nature. Today, allow Love’s expressions such as those of love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace, to show you that you are at One with your Creator. Anytime our expressions seem to be in opposition to Love, such as when we are being judgmental, angry, resentful and hateful, we are asleep to our true nature, and not at One with the Mind of God. We need not judge ourselves when out of alignment with our true nature. All we need do, is learn to recognize when this is occurring, and shift direction. Yet still do not despair, for you can never not be who in truth you are. You can never not be One with God. 

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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