Daily Inspiration: June 14. Becoming the Expressions of Oneness

Love, and its expressions such as kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace, are all energetic representations of God. When we align with any of Love’s expressions, we are aligning with God, making God and us, consciously One. No matter how aware or unaware, awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious, you are, you are always One with God, forever in His arms. When we are asleep to our Oneness with God, we dream of being judgmental, angry, resentful and hateful beings, but in truth we could never be what God is not. God is Love and All, and so all that we can ever in truth be is love. Yes, we can still dream that we are something other than what God is, but that is always just a dream. Have you ever needed to judge your child for a dream or nightmare that they have had? And so you see, God has no need to judge you or your dream, because they are very simply but dreams. God created you in His image, thus God knows your true nature, and that you are, now and forever, love. There is thus no need to judge yourself and others for being who we are not, for who we are not, being in opposition to God, cannot exist within reality. When we judge ourselves or others for being who we are not, we are viewing and participating in, the ego’s dream of separation from God, as real. We have all judge ourselves and others enough times to see that this behavior has nothing of value or real to offer us. If you are reading this now, then know that the time for sleeping is now over, and the time to awaken has finally come. Blessed is the day when we can begin to remember who we truly are, and by our example, help others awaken to their eternal loving essence and nature, the real them that is forever One with God. God is Oneness and Oneness is All, and so please do not despair when you are feeling lost or alone, for in truth, you can never, even while you sleep, be apart from God. Simply stop investing your time, focus and energy, on the false concepts of feeling lost or alone, then with all your heart, mind and soul, invite Him in, feel Him and He is there with you, but not because you have called upon Him, but because He has never left you.

Imagine, spending our time judging ourselves or others for dreaming. Would this not be a waste of time? Judging someone for what in truth they have never done. What point would it make, to look upon God’s child while he sleeps, and judge him for dreaming? What peace of mind, joy and love, could judging God’s child while he sleeps, ever bring to you? There is nothing of true worth, that your judgment of God’s child, can bring to you, other than maybe help you recognize that you too must be dreaming. Judgment of self or others, anger, resentment and hate, are all symbols of a mind asleep. Have we, those of us who are awakening, not slept long enough? Are we not tired of dreaming the same type of dreams over and over again? Today, show that you are awakening, by letting go of your judgment filled dreams. If those that you interact with today are sleeping, and they show, through their thoughts, words or actions, that they need to sleep a bit longer, then let them sleep. We will all awaken when we have gotten tired of sleeping, when we have gotten tired of believing in the ego’s dream of separation as more real the our Oneness with God. If there is no point in judging others while they sleep, and we are all One, then what use does it make for us to judge ourselves simply because we dream. No longer waste your time judging yourself when you are dreaming of yourself as being a judgmental, angry, resentful or hateful person. Simply allow such times to remind you, that you are sleeping, and because you are remembering that you are sleeping, that means that you have slept long enough, and so you can now make the conscious choice to start to awaken.

Today, we will know if we are awake or not, because if we are, we will offer our sisters and brothers gratitude not judgment, for the part that they played, in reminding us that we are indeed all One. Every time they interact with us, and we consciously choose forgiveness over judgment, peace over anger, joy over resentment and love over hate, they are in essence helping us practice consciously reconnecting with our Oneness. The more times we get to practice this feeling of Oneness, the more real and natural it will be for us to be in this state, and the greater example of this Oneness we will become to others. Today, let us not hide nor deny our Oneness. Today, ask with deep sincerity, to slight shyness, and shine our example of Oneness out into this world. How peace-filled will our days become, when we realize, that all that we are being ask to do, is to be who in truth we have always been? How less stressful and more fulfilling will our days become, when we recall that all we are being asked to do, is to align with our Creator, the One we have truly never left? Today, simply practice being who in truth you are. Awaken to the expression of Oneness, be the love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace, that as parts of you, have always been yours to experience, enjoy and share. You are forever One with All, offer all that in truth you are, every time, to all others, and this will reinforce your true nature, your eternal loving essence, your Oneness with God, making you once again a conscious part and partner with All That Is.

Today, let us practice recognizing when we are asleep or awake to our Oneness. When you are treating yourself or others with judgment, anger, resentment and hate, let these expressions remind us that we have unconsciously separated ourselves from our Creator, from Love, and that therefore we must be dreaming, asleep to our true nature. When you are treating yourself or others with love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace, let these expressions be symbols to you that you are awake and consciously at One with your Creator. Let us not put ourselves or others down for dreaming, instead let us begin to recognize that we have slept long enough, and realize that it is now time to awaken, and by doing so, once again consciously unite with God. Do not despair, you can never not be who in truth you are, awake or asleep, God forever holds us in His loving arms. Yes, in the dream we may sometimes believe that we and others are separate from God, from All, but let us always remember, that thought is just another scene within the dream.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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