Daily Inspiration: June 15. Offering Our Past Self Gratitude Instead of Judgment

If we look into our past, we will recall situations that once brought us thoughts and emotions of anxiousness, anger and resentment, that we now deal with in a more peaceful and productive manner. The same type of situations may occur today, but thanks to our life experience, our reactions and attitudes towards them and ourselves are now more calm, positive, loving and productive. We have simply learned that there are better ways of dealing with these types of issues and situations. A more experienced and mature attitude, has now brought us greater feelings of compassion, peace and understanding. Looking back, we see that the ability to choose peace in such situations had always been available, and that it was simply the way we looked at, reacted to, and interacted with them, that needed seasoning. It is this past experience, the one that we so much, at the time it was occurring, and even after, judged ourselves and others for, that has brought us to this place of greater compassion, peace and understanding. Today, let us offer gratitude to our past self for all he/she has gone through to become our present self. Imagine, thanks to the gift of time, being able to look back at your past self with appreciation instead of judgment, for all that he/she went through to help us become this more mature and wiser being that we are today. Including being grateful to our past self, has not everything and everyone in our past, in one form or another, helped us become who we are today? Looking at our past in this manner, as a teaching tool, was it not then useful? Now, that we can better see and understand, how each step along the way, was a useful part of our lesson plan, that helped us become who we are today, would a sense gratitude towards our past self and those who were a part of it, not result? God is Love and All, and thus there is no step in our past, that was not in some way, shape or form, of use to us, and for this understanding, let us practice looking back at our past and past self with gratitude, not judgment.

What need would you ever again have to judge your past self, when you recall, that all that he or she was doing, was helping bring to you the maturity and self-awareness tools that you now have? What need would we ever have to judge others past selves, when now we understand, that they were simply part of a process, that actually helped us become more mature and self-aware beings? What need do we have to judge anything in our past, when we realize that our loving Creator only creates lovingly, and thus that He uses all our and everyone else’s thoughts, words and actions, for good, for our growth, healing and to help us awaken. If you learn to not consciously carry, and let go of, all unnecessary judgments of the past, then would your present, freed from past judgments, not be experienced, as a gift from God to you? Imagine that, a present free from past judgments, how much more peace, joy, love, compassion and understanding, would you experience in such an environment? How much gratitude, would you be constantly expressing to God and others, for being part of your growth, healing, and awakening. This is what becomes possible, when you let go of the ego’s need for judgment. Today, as you recall that the ego’s judgmental mindset is no longer true, practice simply letting go, and no longer focusing on, what is not true. Imagine, no longer having to spend your days wondering what could have been, or how things could have been different, as you begin to recall that because the plan that you have co-created with God is perfect, it need be, no other way. Imagine, no longer tossing and turning at night, replaying the what ifs, what you could have done or should not have done, because you now know and trust, that the journey is, exactly as its suppose to be.

Today, when looking back at our past self and all those who interacted with him or her, let us practice offering gratitude for the growth, healing and understanding, of the gifts, that our past self and other people’s past selves, have brought to our present self. Bringing this type of thinking into the present moment, let us also no longer judge our present self as bad, not wise, worthy or spiritual enough. Instead, let us simply recall, that this life experience, right now and in every moment, no matter how the ego is trying to make us judge ourselves and others for it, is actually always helping us develop into more peaceful, productive, positive, loving, compassionate and understanding beings. When time is understood in this manner, as a tool that helps you achieve greater peace and self-awareness, what use would you ever again have for judging yourself or another? Every moment, when properly perceive, is seen and understood as a gift from God to us. Every moment, when properly perceive, is seen and understood as a holy instant in time, that is helping us become more self-aware, and reach a higher level of consciousness, in order to help us accomplish, what we have come here to do. Today, let us remember that God uses every moment, everyone and all, for good. Let us remember this, and offer our past and everyone in it, gratitude, not judgment for being part of a process, that is helping us once again, align our minds with our Creator. Today, let us honor and give thanks to our past self, for how far we have come. By acknowledging that every step of our journey has been of use to get us here, a sense of peace, joy, understanding and fulfillment, can be experience. It is within these states of peace, joy, understanding and fulfillment, where we belong, and can now be symbols to us, that we are properly interpreting our past. Today, if we are not interpreting ourselves and our past in this manner, let us not continue to feed our misperceptions, our sadness, disappointment, confusion and despair, instead let us simply correct our perception, and continue strolling along our perfect and sacred path, the one that Perfection Himself has co-created with us.

Today, let us practice, better understanding and having appreciation for, our past self. Today, when thoughts of our past and past self enters our minds, let us realize how much we have grown because of him or her, how much wisdom and knowledge we have accumulated thanks to him or her, and with this understanding, let us offer him or her our gratitude. When you are judging your journey, because we have co-created it with God, you are judging God as wrong. True peace of mind and joy can not be achieved when you are constantly unconsciously judging God, your Source, with anger, as incompetent or wrong. By looking upon your past and past self, with gratitude instead of judgment, that will become a symbolic way of thanking God, of being grateful to Him, for the journey that He has co-created with you. It also becomes a way of increasing your trust in God, when you remind yourself that, no matter how much the ego demands that you judge your journey and those in it, that the journey itself, having been designed and directed by Perfection Himself, is perfect and exactly what you needed for your growth, healing and awakening. Today, look upon your past self with gratitude, and awaken to the realization, of all he or she has gone through and overcome, to help you become who you are now.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (3)

Thank you James – your daily reminders full of wisdom and love have been helping me overcoming huge emotional trauma. Saying that I still do struggle with the same problem which has been present for almost two ‘long’ years (luckily it’s much less frequent but the intensity when recurrence of feelings happens is still very painful)! Using your ‘vocabulary’: The person who – I believe I have forgiven his ‘resentment, anger and condemnation’ he has chosen to throw at me – rather than choosing ‘friendship, joy and compassion’ – is influencing my well-being. I wish to be just loving and resilient but still happen to suffer from the person’s rude behaviour…
I do ‘listen’ to your message about importance of being grateful to any encounter with the fellow human-beings as even the painful experience is to teach us to ‘grow, heal and awake’ however I am not sure how to inspire compassionate communication in someone who has chosen to literally ‘cut me off’ and deny the feelings…
p.s I practically am unable to physically avoid this person as the present circumstances are set up the way I need to accept for several more months. My genuine wish though is to gain understanding and mutual peaceful state of mind.

Thank you Miriam for your comment and for being a member of our community.
1 – God is Love and All, and peace is one of Love’s many expressions, thus your natural state is the state of peace.
2 – Anytime a thought of another comes into your mind and seems to take away or block your sense of peace, know that what is doing this, is not them or their behavior, is your thoughts about them and their behavior – thus all that is in truth keeping you away from your peace, is your thoughts.
3 – To remedy this miscreation, no longer feed those thoughts that are blocking your peace, with your time, focus and energy, instead offer all those those thoughts, as quickly as you can, over to God and see and feel them leaving you, entering in Loving light, and forever dissolving in His presence.
4 – Then place that time, energy and focus, that you once wasted away on non-peaceful thoughts, on praying for those individuals that you perceived where taking away your peace of mind and joy.
5 – Pray for their healing, pray for their joy and health, pray that they become more self aware and open to peace and love, compassion and kindness. When I use the word ‘pray’ I mean ask God, with all your heart, mind, and soul for these blessings to be bestowed upon your brother and sister.
6 – Do these five points over and over and over again, until they become second nature, natural reactions to all of God’s creations and children.
Remember, that we are all One, and thus what you wish for them you will get to experience yourself.
Remember, you are God’s child, and thus only the thoughts of Love, of peace, are worthy, of being your companions.
All glory to God.
Peace. JBC

Thank you James, yet again you’ve been ever so helpful to me:-) Bless you, Miriam

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