Daily Inspiration: June 16. No Longer Blocking Our Awareness to the Presence of Peace

When you seem to lack peace in any situation, please do not despair, for it is really not peace that you lack, it is the tools to see that the choice for peace is available to you, that you lack. It is not peace that is not available, it is that the thoughts and attitudes that we have been programmed to take in that situation or interaction, that are blocking our awareness to the presence of peace. Once these false concepts are dismantled and let go, all that remains is the presence of peace. As we continue to practice choosing to align with our true nature instead of our programs, our loving essence is reinforced and strengthen, and greater peace results. As our true nature is reinforced and strengthen, we begin to notice, that the choice for peace had actually always been available to us. Once we understand this, we get that our level of peace has actually very little to do with the outer environment, and really much more to do with our own self-awareness, and thus with the attitude that we choose to take in any situation. Today, let us recall, that because Love has co-created our journeys with us, that peace as a natural reflection of Love, is available to us, within us, in every step along our path. Once we start to see, that indeed yes, the choice to focus on our light, even in our seeming darkest times, is always available to us, the more grateful we become to God, for being our constant companion. Love, peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness, are all symbols of our awareness of God’s presence in our lives, are all choices that when we make them, align us with our Source. It is aligned with our Loving Source, that we truly belong, feel secure and at Home. It is this inner sense of belonging and security, that brings about the peaceful state. You are you Creator’s creation, and your Creator is All, therefore whoever we are with, whatever we are experiencing, He is there with us, and all we need do is look His way and focus on His Love, to know that this is truly forever so.

It is our belief in the ego’s tools, such as those of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, that act like blocks that obscure our light. The ego has trained our minds to focus on their illusionary nature instead of our truth, this block our awareness to the presence of peace. The truth within us, in every moment tries to remind us, that because God is Perfect Love, every step along our path will be use for good. The more you trust in God, the more peace you will experience. When you fully trust God, peace is all that you will experience. The ego’s mindset would say that if your life is not going according to your plan, then there is something wrong and someone to blame. Blame is one of the ego many false concepts. Each false concept that the ego supports has one main function, to block our understanding of who we truly are. When our self-awareness is blocked, the ego and its mindset has reign over us. The more the ego can fuel itself through you, the bigger part of your life it becomes. The bigger part of your life it becomes, the less you will be able to tell the difference between it and its mindset, and you. Another of the ego’s false concepts is that you and your brother are separate, and thus that you can judge and condemn them, without such behavior having any effect on you. What the ego fails to mention, is that we are all One, and thus when you do this to ‘another,’ you are unconsciously punishing yourself. You cannot achieve the state of peace when you are constantly unconsciously attacking yourself through others. The more attacks you think that you need to defend yourself against, the weaker you will feel, and thus the more power you will delegate to the ego. The more you delegate to the ego, the more that the ego lives your life for you. The more that the ego lives your life for you, the more disillusioned you will feel and become.

Today, let us remember, that we will only continue to react to the ego’s nightmare, as long as we remain unconscious, asleep. Today, let us begin to awaken by realizing, that when we make the conscious choice to align with Love, and move in the direction of peace, of our true nature, the world itself seems to “soften.” This softening does not occur because the world has suddenly changed its nature, it occurs because we achieve a greater level of clarity in relation to what the world’s true nature is. We are the sons and daughter of Love, and one of Love’s many expressions is peace, thus it is aligned with and sharing peace, that we truly feel at Home. Today, anytime we are with anyone, or experiencing any situation where we are not at peace, let us not judge ourselves, others and this world, as bad, evil or unworthy of peace, instead, let us recall that this misperception is occurring, simply because we have made an unconscious choice, to value the ego’s false concepts and programs, more than God’s perfect plan. God’s will for you is in truth your highest will for yourself, they are One. When feeling lost and confused, feed these feelings no longer, instead, placed all your doubts, concerns and worries in God hands, and trust that whatever He wills, will be, and that it is in your best interest. Whatever He wills, in truth, so to do you. Trust this, trust God, and encounter the true eternal peace of mind, that as God’s child, is forever and in every moment, available for you to experience, enjoy and share. Today, as we awaken from the ego’s dream, let us consciously align with our true loving nature, become the physical representatives of peace on Earth, and through our example, lead all those that God sends our way, to the state of peace.

Today, let us remember that God is Love and All, and thus that He must therefore be available to us in every moment and situation. If we are not seeing Love’s expression, in this case peace, in any moment or situation, it is not because peace is not available to us, it is because having bought into the ego’s false concepts as real, we are blocking this self-awareness from ourselves. We need not punish ourselves or others for placing these blocks before us, we simply need to recognize that through our misperceptions, we have done this to ourselves, forgive ourselves our misperceptions, make the conscious choice to align with the energy of peace, and then choose once again. Peace, thanks to God’s mercy and grace, are always just a choice away. In fact, because God is all that is in truth real, it is peace as an expression of Love, that is our natural expression and state. Anytime we are not at peace, it is simply because we have bought into the ego’s lies as true, forgotten who we in truth are, and it is this lack of self-awareness, that is blocking the ever lasting presence of peace in us.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I needed this message today James! I love the way you contrast the Ego’s programming to God’s peace and perfect Love. Much Love, Jean

Thank you Jean for being open to the message and a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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