Daily Inspiration: June 2. The Birth of the Present Moment

Imagine, a moment, a holy instant in time, where we lay down every one of the ego’s trinkets and toys, where every thought of anger is forgiven, and every need for judgment is let go. Imagine, expanding this moment, from one to many, and from many to all. This is the gift that the present moment forever offers you, the opportunity to choose once again and begin anew. Every single moment is birthed from the womb of Truth, from Love Herself, with it having one overlaying desire, to serve us, to help expedite our growth, healing and awakening. Align today with this knowledge, by gently placing the present moment in God’s arms. When you truly do, you will notice that the need for judgment, anxiety and anger, will begin to dissolve. This is the key, that is being handed over to you today, the opportunity to finally escape from the ego’s grip of anxiousness, anger and despair. Simply make the conscious choice to place the moment in God arms, and trust that His Will, is your own highest will for yourself. Go ahead, trust God completely, what do you have to lose? All that you will in truth lose, when you make, in every moment, the conscious choice to trust God completely, is your need to worry, stress out, become anxious, to judge yourself or others, to become frustrated, angry, resentful and even hateful. Are any of these fear based programs, truly more valuable to you, then the Peace of God? Trust God with the present moment, and experience the love, peace of mind and joy, that as His creation, is your inheritance. Do you not desire the most wonderful, fulfilling, loving, peaceful and joyful life that is possible for your children? Do you not think that God, Love Himself, desires the same thing for you, His child?

Today, let us practice, consciously aligning the present moment with God. He has birth this holy instant in time, specifically for you. There is nothing that is occurring within this moment, no matter how the ego has programmed you to see and react to it, that is not, in one form or another, in your best interest. What could Love Himself ever want for His creation, other than to remember that as Love’s creation, you are also love? You are love, and here to love and be loving, in whatever ways you feel most natural loving. You are Love’s creation, and here to create as He created, through love. If you are not experiencing this love in any of its numerous forms, such as those of kindness, forgiveness, compassion, peace, trust, joy and understanding, then know that you are still valuing the ego’s delusions more than God’s gift. Do not judge yourself for buying into the ego’s fairy tale as true, for that is what the ego has worked for all its life for, to become your first response. And so the ego, will on many cases, become your first response. Again, do not judge yourself for this, simply recognize when you are not aligned with love, understand this state as simply the ego having control over your mind, then stop it, and take back control of your own thinking, by making the conscious choice to align with love. Now, thanks to that life experience, that the ego would have you judge yourself for, from this place of greater self-awareness, you will begin to recall that if your response to the present moment is anything other than loving, then you are simply buying into the ego’s fairy tale as true. You do not need to punish yourself for buying into the false as true, simply use this moment to recognize where through your own thoughts you are taking yourself, correct your perception, correct your path, then make the conscious choice to once again align with love, with who in truth you are and were created to be.

Today, whenever the ego’s fog of forgetfulness begins to role in and tries to hide the present moment, the holy instant from you, return your focus to the everlasting truth within, that place where anxiousness, anger and judgment, evaporate before your trust in God, before your true light and understanding. What a precious gift you are offering yourself today, the opportunity to return home, to the state of perfect peace, still within the physical form. We no longer need to get to Heaven, to start experiencing Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is always but a simple choice away. A choice that takes you from being chained to the ego’s mindset, to making the conscious choice to align with God and the Divine Design. Today, make the conscious choice not to judge yourself or others, because now you know that this is simply a symptom and symbol, that you are buying into the ego’s fairy tale as true. Instead, use these moments to practice breaking the chains that hold you captive to the past or future, and return back to that holy instant in time, the present moment, where only the peace of God forever resides. Yes, this is what is being offered to you, the opportunities to practice releasing the ego’s past programming and future imaginings, that brought you nothing but confusion, suffering and pain, and return home to God here on Earth. What else but gratitude could you offer the ego, yourself and everyone involve in your life, once you recognize that this is what, each and every moment, offers you? Today, practice aligning the present moment with God, be grateful that you have the opportunity to practice, and thank everyone who is choosing to be a part of that process. Do so, and allow yourself to merge into the holy instant, once again One, with your All-Loving Source.

Today, let us practice recognizing when we are aligned, or not aligned, with the present moment. When we are aligned with the present moment, peace results. We get to this place of peace, by simply trusting in God’s plan for us, that same plan that we have co-created with Him. If we personally get to this place of trusting God with our life, and we are all One, then let us also trust that everyone else deserves this same opportunity, to grow and reach God, peace, in their own way. In supporting this thought as true, our judgments of not only self, but also of others begins to drop away, and in its place, peace results. When we are not aligned with the present moment, we are aligned with the ego’s past programming or future imaginings, and it is these places that are filled with the ego’s false concepts of judgments, anxiousness, confusion and chaos. But we have been gifted free will, and so in every moment recognize where you are, and if you are not where you desire to be, do not despair, simply align with love, and choose once again.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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