Daily Inspiration: June 20. Returning to the State of Oneness

We are all One. We have all, as unconscious as it may sometimes appear to be, made a spiritual commitment to each other to recall, express and become examples of our Oneness. We become an expression of this Oneness or Love, by figuring out what we love to do, are passionate about, take joy in doing, and then sharing our gifts with others. In essence, we serve the world, on a daily basis, by simply being an extension and unique expression, of who in truth we are. What you end up doing is never as important as why you end up doing it. The “why” of it, “why am I doing this”, is always the key question to answer, and thus to help you figure out, how you can best, by aligning with your unique gifts, become a representation of Oneness. When you do, when you are consciously expressing your Oneness, you will become an example to others, that they no longer need to feel alone, separate, unfulfilled, confused or joyless. Those who are feeling alone, separate, unfulfilled, confused or joyless, are not sick, not spiritual or wise, they have simply forgotten who in truth they are. These expressions are all symbols of, not of who they are, but of forgetfulness. But, do not despair, for sooner or later, they will also get tired of being who they are not, once they tire of feeling this way, they will look for that light at the end of the tunnel and begin to gravitating towards you, because you will be unconsciously beaming to them symbols of their true light, essence, mission and home. The ‘why’ will, in one form or another, lead and align you with the Love that is your true nature. The why, will make you feel at peace, joyful, honorable, excited, passionate, of service and fulfilled. Every moment is, in one way or another, ultimately a function of achieving a conscious alignment with Oneness, and thus becoming the gift that we are here to offer to each other. Oneness, is energetically express through our loving nature. Love is our Creator, and our Creator is All, thus making our natural state, One with our Source Who Is Love. When we are expressing our Oneness, the love that we are, love’s expressions such as peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness and kindness, will flow and radiate through us, and shine on everyone and all. In Oneness, a sense of unity with your brothers and sisters is experienced. A sense of Love, Oneness, unity, are all representations of God, who is our true Home. Just as rivers naturally flow towards the sea, so to do we naturally flow towards Oneness, God. We may at times not realize that this is what is occurring, but through our thoughts, words, emotions, actions, reactions and interactions, we are, in our own unique ways, representing and reminding others, of the All to All.

The ego has no interest in wanting us to recall our Oneness, for being in opposition to God, to All That Is, its goal is separation. It wants us separate from God and each other, so that it can have us all to itself. The ego needs us to be its fuel source in order to survive, express itself, and expand its empire. The more we believe that the ego and we are one, the less we will focus on being, through our actions, who in truth we are, our Oneness. When you have a feeling of being separate from your brothers, sisters or God, know that the ego is accomplishing its goals through you. It has misled and lied to you about who you are, and you have bought into its fairy tales as real. When you are expressing who you are not, judgment, frustration, anger, anxiousness, resentment, hate, revenge and regret, flow through you, and being that these are some of the ego’s tools, a sense of separation will be felt. This sense of separation, no matter how ‘in the right’ the ego tells us we are to feel this way, will not feel right, natural, nor will we feel at peace with how we are conducting ourselves. Yet the ego, by its very nature, is self-destructive, and so this sense of separation will, once we experience it for a long enough period of time, only helps us realize, that we are headed in a direction that we truly do not desire to go. For this reason, even these so-called ‘negative’, emotionally challenging moments, ‘backward steps’, mistakes and ‘sins’, will become of use in helping us shift away from the ego’s mindset of separateness. The ego’s mindset of separateness, being self-centered and destructive, will in time lead us away from who we are not, and thus help remind us of who we truly are. This is why we must not despair nor become depress with our view and seeming lack of understanding of our ‘forward’ progress, for in reality, we are always moving forward, always moving, as unconscious as we may be of it, towards God.

Today, let us place our judgments of self and others aside, and offer gratitude for the opportunity that every moment, both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ ones, and everyone involved in those moments, are offering us on our journey back to Oneness. Let us today remember, that every seemingly difficult period in our life, where the ego and its illusionary idea of separation ruled as king, can and will be overcome. The ego will be overcome, because it is false, and we are truth. When we awaken to our truth, when we awaken to the realization that we are all indeed all One, we will not curse the ego for having us suffer and experience the pain of separation, instead we will thank it, and use our life experience to help lead others out of the it’s dark and lonely mindset, and back into Union with The Light. Yes, it will be because others will see that we overcame the illusion of separation, that those still in it, will realize and start remembering, that they too can make a different more loving choice, that they too can leave the pain and return to peace. By doing so, they will unite once again with who in truth they are, and become that ray of hope to others. Little by little, they will start to align with the choice for love, and by doing so they will start to see how truly alike we are to each other. The more they start to consciously choose Oneness over separation, love over fear, and peace over pain, the more they will recall their true nature, until one day their true nature is all that they will desire to have, be, express and share. Let us always remember that because God is All, we can in truth never be anything other than our Oneness, but we can, having been tricked by the ego, and because we do have free will, unconsciously believe that we can be separate from God, or in opposition to All That Is. It is only within this illusionary mindset, that there seems to be an opposite to God, where the dreams of separation appears to be real. And yes, sometimes dreams may feel very real while we are in them, but do not despair, for in truth, they are always, just dreams.

Today, let us be at peace and recall, that God being All, we can never in truth be anywhere but at One with God. In order to put this truth into practice, let us look to more clearly and quickly recognize the symbols of Oneness, and those of the ego’s separateness. When we are aligned with Oneness, we express ourselves through love. Some of love’s expressions are passion, joy, peace of mind, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. When you understand Oneness, you get that what you offer others, you get to experience yourself. When we forget our true nature, and become aligned with the ego’s sense of separateness, and we begin to express ourselves through the ego’s fear based mindset. Some of fear’s expressions are judgment of self and others, anger, resentment, hate, revenge, feeling anxious, depressed and in despair. Today, let us become more consciously aware of what road we are currently taking, and if that road is not leading us to Oneness, let us simply, gently and without judgment, change directions.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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