Daily Inspiration: June 21. Undoing the Ego’s Thought System

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Today, when the ego once again demands that you act and react by judging self and others, with anger and resentment, choose not to dive deeper into its darkness. Instead, stop that line of thinking, take a moment, and ask yourself: “Has the ego’s mindset ever brought any sort of peace of mind or joy to my life? How does the ego’s thought system truly make me feel when I use it? How much longer am I going to support a way of thinking that only poisons me with my own thoughts?” The first step to removing ourselves from such a mindset is to recognize what tools it uses. The second step is to recognize that non of its tools have help us reach our desired destination. The third step would be to replace the un-useful thoughts and tools with useful ones. Today, when the ego once again demands judgment, anger and resentment, let us recognize them as the ego’s tools. Then let us recall that they have never delivered to us the peace of mind and joy we wanted. Finally, we replace them and find more useful tools to works with. Today, instead of judging, let us forgive. Instead of anger, let us develop compassion. Instead of resentment, let us try and be more understanding. These efforts are the beginning of dismantling the ego’s programming. When we begin to dismantle the ego’s programs, what we are doing is taking our power back, taking back control of our own minds. Let us recall, that the only power the ego ever has, is the power that we give to it. Anytime we are ‘acting’ from a place of fear, we are giving our power away to the ego. Yet, do not despair, for if it is we who have given our power away, then it is we who can take it back. Today, when in doubt about what to do, choose to place your bets on Love instead of fear. It will be such a conscious choice that will begin to lift you above and beyond the ego’s battlefields.

We have unconsciously dedicated a large part of our lives to learning the ego’s thought system, its mindset. We have fought and defended this mindset as true, as us, over and over again. We have lost family, friends, relationships and maybe even part of ourselves, to it. We have been hurt, punished and ridiculed, for putting it on a pedestal. But now, up there on the pedestal, it stands alone. In this loneliness and sense of separation from others the light shines on it and we begin to see how truly unlike it is to us, to our core essence, to our hopes, desires, passions and dreams. We begin to notice that it brings us no peace or joy to defend it and its tools of judgment, anger and resentment, as proper, normal and right. No, there is nothing proper, normal or right, about the ego’s mindset. We are starting to notice, that its need to be right, is now not as important to us, as our desire to be happy. We are now starting to feel the difference between its judgments of self and others, and our ability to forgive. As we do so, we are finding forgiveness more and more appealing each day. We are noticing that the ego’s anger brings us nothing but pain, yet that being compassionate brings us the peace we want. We are noticing how corrosive and poisonous our focus on resentment is, and that because of that there must be a better way. Our experiences are helping us see, that the undoing of the ego’s thought system, can and is being accomplished. Do not despair when your progress towards peace of mind and joy seems slow. The distance to the finish line is not far from here. All you need now is to recall that you desire to be an example to others of God’s truth, instead of the ego’s lies. All you need now do, is to recall that your Creator being Love only creates lovingly, and then choose to create as God does.

Today, let us see all our brothers and sisters as allies, not adversaries. Today, all others will be assisting us in the undoing of the ego’s thought system, and thus in our awakening process. It is thanks to their participation in our experience that we are getting to see what areas in our lives we have given our power away to the ego. Anytime we use judgment of self and others, anger and resentment, we now know that the ego’s programs are in control. Let us recall, that it is we, our loving nature, not the ego, who should be in control of our own minds. The more we get to practice catching ourselves when we are unconsciously allowing the ego to rule over us, the sooner we can disavow such behavior. Today, let us be grateful to all those who are helping us see when we are lost following ego’s programs. Let us thank them for helping us realize how different the ego’s mindset is to our loving nature. Now, understanding the role that everyone plays in our awakening, let us offer them, before any interaction, this thought and prayer: “From the bottom of my heart, from deep within my soul, thank you for helping me, through our interactions with each other, practice deprograming myself from the ego’s mindset. Thank you for helping me recall who in truth I am. Today, together, we heal. Today, when a fear based judgment centered thought is offered by the ego, I decline it. Instead, I now substitute its fear for God’s loving guidance. When the ego calls me to judge, I forgive. When it demands I worry, I trust God more. When it insist on my brother’s guilt, I only see them as innocent, as God created them. I now take back control of my mind, by aligning it with Love, with the Mind of God. I now only offer God’s Love to you, because both you and I as His creations, are forever worthy of His inheritance, of the Peace and Joy of God.”

Today, let our goal be threefold: First, to catch ourselves when we are supporting the ego’s thought system as real. Second, to stop fueling it with our time, focus and energy. Third, to consciously switch to a Love based mindset. Judgment, anger and resentment, or any other thought, word, emotion and action, that places itself in opposition to Love, these we now know as symbols of the ego’s mindset. When we are using the ego’s symbols, let us know that it is the ego, not the truth in us, who is in control. If the ego is in control of our thinking, then it is in control of our minds. If it is in control of our minds, then in essence it is living our lives for us. Let us use this knowledge to undo the ego’s thought system and take back control of our own minds. Let us do so by aligning our thoughts with Love, and allowing Love to now lead the way.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

I had never understood about ego before. I read your book, a while ago now (loved it); also have been reading your posts/messages for a little while now and getting to understand re: ego (as you explain, and I readily agree). Today a friend was explaining to me re: ego, super ego and id (that which Freud taught). Am I right in thinking now yours is a new way of understanding ego? Is it the highly spiritual way, as I believe it is?

Your teaching of ego has helped me twice in my day today so Thank you so, so much.


Thank you Paula for being open to the message.

Yes, ego the way I write about it is just a limited false idea within the mind, a false programmed way of thinking that has been taught to us as true. The ego trying to oppose God who is All, is therefore nothing, not real or true. Only in a dream could we believe that we could ever be something other then the love that God created us to be.

The ego, being nothing, holds no power over us other than the power that we give to it while we are dreaming we are someone we could never be. That is why we forgive the ego and its mindset because in reality it was always nothing, not real or true. Only the love in you could ever be real and true, and being all One, only the love in each other could ever be real and true.

Peace. JBC

What an excellent topic not only for where I’m @ in my spiritual growth today but also it serves as a great reminder of ego, & just how strong, wrong & damaging the “ego(self pride, etc) can be, to our own lives as well as those we encounter throughout our lives”!

Thank you Lorelei for being open to the message.

In the end, the ego is only as strong as we allow it, through the time, focus and energy, we place on it, to be.

Peace. JBC

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