Daily Inspiration: June 23. Releasing Thoughts of Judgment and Self-Judgment

God is Love and All. There is no opposite to Love which is All, and thus there is in truth no such thing as judgment. Thus, the ‘act’ of judging self or other is not an expression of the truth in us. The truth in us, being Love, does not judge, nor does it have a need for judgment. The truth in others, being Love, could also never truly judge. Others can thus in truth never judge you. If you feel they are judging you it is only because you are seeing and believing in a fantasy as real. Sure, within the ego’s dream, those who sleep may be seeing judgment as real. But because the ego tries to place itself in opposition to All, it itself is nothing, thus all it seems to create is not real nor true. When we awaken, at One with Love, we will recognize the absurdity of the dream of judgment. We will wonder how we could have ever judged God as not Love, less than perfect or wrong. Once we awaken from the ego’s dream, we will have no more interest in judging the characters within the dream that we ourselves have made and defined. When awake, you will no longer need to judge, nor be bothered by others judgmental dreams. Why would you ever be bothered by someone else’s dream of you? When awake, we will see the ego and its false concepts as simply part of a dream that we no longer have or want. Only the ego has the need to use judgment in order to keep us dreaming, at one with it, and thus asleep to our true nature. Today, let us use judgment, but not to dive deeper into the darkness, but as a trigger that helps remind us that it is time to awaken from the dream. Now, judgment of self and others becomes a sort of wake up call, signaling to us that we are dreaming. Now, we use the judgmental mindset to help us recognize that it is the ego, not us, who is in control of our thinking. Let us no longer judge ourselves for dreaming. Now, let us just practice catching ourselves when we are doing so. The more we get to practice using judgment as a signaling device to help us awaken, the less time we will end up spending in a place where we no longer belong.

We are not the ego’s dream nor its demands for judgment. We are not the weight and darkness that these judgments burden us with and encase us in. We are not some made up character within a dark fairy tale. We are not the characters of judgment, frustration anger, anxiousness, stress, resentment or revenge. We are nothing that could ever be in opposition to God’s Love. God’s Love Is All, and thus all we could in truth ever be is Love. Today, if you feel the ego’s nightmares begin to engulf you, remember that you have felt these feelings a hundred times before, and that they have never provided you the peace of mind, love and joy that you, as God’s child, so desire and deserve. Today, let us stop buying into delusions that we know don’t feed our souls. You, as God’s creation, are worthy of so much more than some delusion or dream. You and, because we are all One, everyone else, are forever worthy of the Peace, Love and Joy of God. You, as His child, are worthy of His kindness, generosity, blessings and loving embrace. All that has ever kept you, ‘apart’ from God’s Love is that you have fallen asleep to your true nature. But do not despair, for there always comes a point during sleep, when you realize that you have slept long enough. That point is now. Begin to awaken my friend. Join us on a sacred path back to a place that in truth we have never left. Today, decline every judgment that the ego, in its dream, demands of you. Instead, choose to forgive and awaken. Then take your brother’s and sister’s hands, and lead them back to a place of perfect peace. A place where we are awake and in constant conscious alignment with the Mind of God.

Today, when thoughts of judgment or self-judgment once again look to pollute our minds, let us not fan the flames of fear’s false fires. Instead, remind yourself: “I am no longer asleep. I am no longer a slave to the ego’s judgment-centered programs and mindset. I am now, have always been, and will always be, God’s loving creation. Awake, I now recognize that my brothers, sisters and I are all One with God. Being all One, the love that is true in me, is true in all. Truth does not judge me because Truth is only Love. Thus, I will follow Love’s example, and no longer judge myself nor others. By letting go of my judgments, I rediscover the peace of mind and joy that are symbols of my true eternal essence and nature. Now, if I once again fall back asleep and end up judging my brother, sister or myself, I will no longer allow such a false concept to go unchallenged. Instead, I will use my new-found self-awareness to signal to me that it is now time to awaken from the dream of judgment. Then, I will thank my brother and sister for being part of a process that helped me practice awakening from the dream. Now awake, I see myself and all others as the love that we are and were created to be. Now awake, I consciously aligned with the Love that is God and All. Now awake, all are seen and will be forever seen by me as the love that in truth they are and will forever be.” Asleep, we have travel the ego’s roadways long enough to know that they do not take us to our desire destination. With this life experience in hand, let us once again choose to align with our Creator. Now, with clarity, certainty and confidence, let us march together as Love’s representatives here on Earth. We are, and forever will be, our Father’s creation. We are, the extensions and expressions of the Most High. Let us today, look upon everyone and all through Truth’s Light. From this sacred place, free from judgment, let us together stand as One, hand in hand with our Creator.

Today, let us look to practice awakening from the ego’s dream of judgment. Let us learn to see judgment, not as an adversary, but as an ally. If we find ourselves in judgment, let us not continue to sink deeper into the darkness. Instead, let us use the self-realization that we are dreaming, as a trigger mechanism that helps remind us that it is now time to awaken. Awaken, let us now thank, not judge, all those who were a part of our awakening process. As we use judgment to help us heal, we will notice how God uses all, even our most difficult and challenging times, to help us awaken to our loving nature. Now we know that judgment is simply a sign of a mind that is asleep to its true nature. Now awaken, we let go of the dream of judgment, and by doing so become a greater reflection of Love and non-judgment here on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

You say there is no opposition to God. There is evil in this world, there is the ego trying to capture your life and feelings. New can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist. If there was no evil there would be no need for your message. If judgement, hate, envy, resentment did not exist there would be no need for your messages. Please respond

Bob Hayes

Thank you Bob for being a member of our community.

It is not easy explaining spiritual subjects in human words, and thus it is an incomplete process, but you try your best.

Yes, in the highest sense/truth there is no opposition to God who is Love and All. Now within the dream the dreamer may dream whatever they choose to. Yes, there is evil in the world, I have seen it. Yes, there is evil in the spiritual world, I have seen it. Yes, there is evil from the spiritual realm that comes into the physical realm, I have seen that. No, there is no evil in the Heavenly realm, for it can not exist there. No, demons can not affect you as long as you align your energy with Love. Yes, demons can control you and your thinking if you align your energy with hatred, fear, anxiousness, worry, etc. that’s what feeds and fuels them. If you live in alignment with Love and Its numerous expressions, no spiritual evil can not affect you, unless of course it is allowed to happen for your highest good. And so you see at certain levels there is no evil, at other levels there is, yet you could say there are no such things as levels. And so you see, its complicated, and you just do the best you can with the words you are given.

The message shared here comes from the energy of Love, thanks to God’s grace, through the Holy Spirit, in order to help those within the dream of darkness awaken so that they can become the light that they came here to be. Those who find this message, which are really not that many, come here as a fueling station, to help remind them of who in truth they are – not of who the ego’s mindset and world has programmed them to believe they are, but who God created them to be. In some small way I hope this site and message helps people take steps in Love’s direction so it makes it easier for them to become who they came here and were created to be.

Let’s take an example. Say you judge me and I am asleep, what happens? I view your judgment as an attack thus defend myself by judging you back thus making your judgment of me real. Say you judge me and I am partially awake, what happens? I view your judgment as a call for help and healing, so I help heal the situation through the ‘act’ of forgiveness. Say you judge me and I am fully awake, what happens? Here I see it as just another opportunity being offered to me by the Universe to practice recalling and thus reinforcing who in truth I am, love in the physical form. Here, I know that because you are only love, the truth in you can not be speaking, thus it is just your ego self speaking for you. I recognize this and overlook your delusion of yourself and me, see only the truth in you, the love that you are, and only love you back until you begin, through my reaction of you, to remember who in truth you are, love and only love, love now and forever, no matter what dreams you may be dreaming, because that is who God created you to be.

In the awaken example neither your judgment of me is real, nor is forgiveness real because in truth there was never anything to forgive. And thus both judgment and forgiveness, when fully awake are not real or true. Now, when not awake then both judgment and forgiveness are real and true. When partially awake judgment is seen as not true or real, but forgiveness is seen as real and true.

The message is thus needed as long as people remain asleep, believing in the darkness and all that represents as real and true. Once you awaken, you will no longer need the message, but instead you will use the message yourself, in your own way to help others heal, awaken and recall who in truth they are and what they came here to do. We are all here, to in our own uniques ways, help each other depart the darkness and once again align with the light within so that we can then together become the beacon of light that this world has been praying for and awaiting.

Hope this explanation helps in some small way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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