Daily Inspiration: June 28. Creating Your Own Personal Peace Workshop

We don’t really need to follow a guru in order to figure out what to work on and do to achieve a more peaceful mind. We don’t really need to travel to far off lands nor sit in some high mountain cave to receive clarity about our lives. We don’t really have to pay thousands of dollars for some weekend workshop that promises us liberation from our confusion, sadness, fear and pain. All we need do is learn how to pay attention to the now. What is the Universe offering us right now? Then simply practice aligning the now with our loving nature. We have co-created our journeys with God, and thus there is no better place to work on our awakening, then in our every day life. Today, let us awaken to the realization that every day invites us to create our own free personalized spiritual development workshop. For example, if you desire a greater sense of peace in your life, all you need do is sit down in prayer and meditation, or just make a verbal request to the Universe for it. Many times you need not make any conscious direct request at all. Your highest self already knows exactly what you need to work on. The Universe will hear and answer your calls for help and healing. It will bring into your presence those people and situations that can best help you practice rejecting your programmed judgments, forgiving and returning to the state of peace. If you are now dealing with issues relating to peace, and/or a lack of peace, such as those of frustration, anger, anxiousness and stress, then know that you have already made such a request. Being that what you are dealing with is something you have asked for, the proper response to it would be gratitude, not judgment. Having gratitude for the present moment and for all those participating in it, is a sign of self-awareness. It is a sign that you have awaken to the realization that what you are dealing with now is something that you yourself have brought into your life. It is a challenge that you will deal with, overcome and then help others overcome. You have brought such circumstances into your life to help you reach a deeper sense of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Do not despair, simply recall that God is Love, and that Love would never have you face something that you could not handle or overcome.

How many days have we already wasted away judging self or other? What we are failing to see is that it is we who have and are always shaping our days with the thoughts that we ourselves are choosing to focus on. Knowingly or not, our days are designed in order to provide us with the greatest learning opportunities that will best help us grow, heal and awaken us to our true loving nature. Thus, no matter with how much the ego demands that we judge our experiences, they are in truth all gifts from the Universe to us. Imagine, finally getting that the way you are seeing, experiencing and participating in your day, is in the end, purely up to you to decide. Our days are purely a result and reflection of what thoughts we are entertaining within our minds. What feeling, other than gratitude, would you want to express to the Universe for helping you in such a direct and specific manner. All the Universe is doing is helping you clarify which thoughts you are holding within that are helping you or not, reach the state of peace. The physical expression of your experience is God’s gift to you. Properly perceived, the now, is your own individualized spiritual development workshop. Understand this truth as true, and peace and gratitude will become your response to the now, and to all those who are participating with you in the now. Imagine that, every day being your own individualized spiritual development workshop, here to help you become more of who you desire to be. How simple will our life become when we realize that all that we are being ask to do is to let go of thoughts that don’t support the life we want, and learn to support those thoughts that do? When you realize, that the now, the present moment, is God’s eternal gift to you, what but appreciation would you have for your Creator?

Today, let us begin to awaken by letting go of the false perception that things are happening to us. Then, let us align with the true perception that things are happening for us. Forgiveness as an expression of Love, is a tool that has been gifted to us to help us turn the ego’s judgments and confusion, into peace and clarity. Forgiveness helps us overlook what is false, so that we can focus on what is true. Forgiveness is a doorway from the ego’s illusionary fear based mindset, to a reality that knows that God has designed this world in the way that will best help each other awaken. Forgiveness helps open the door to knowledge, to being able to see what is really going on. Knowledge is the simply realization that God’s will for you and your highest will for yourself are One. It is the realization of a Oneness or Unity with all-loving and caring Source. A Source that will ultimately help return you to the state of peace so that you can then become a beacon of peace for others. You will know when you are on the path to peace, when gratitude becomes your primary response to the present moment. Gratitude, is a way of acknowledging to God, that you understand that everything He is presenting to you, is here to help you become who you came here to be. Today, let us realize that every moment, thanks to free will, it is we who through our own thoughts, and by the attitude that we choose to take, are responsible for the world we are seeing. Let us acknowledge each day as our very own individualized sacred growth workshop. Let us now see each day as a gift from God to us. Each day here to help us see how near or far we are to creating the world we want. Then, let us share our knowledge with others. As we share our light with others, they too will begin to see and recall the present moment as the gift from God to them that it is.

Today, let us practice seeing the present moment as God’s gift to us. The present moment, when properly perceived, becomes our very own personalized spiritual development workshop. It is specifically designed by God for us, to help us grow, heal and awaken us to our true loving nature. The more we understand this, the more we see each moment, situation and interaction, as here to help us achieve a deeper sense of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. When you see the present moment, the now, as God’s gift to you, your response to it will be gratitude. When your response to the present moment is gratitude, peace results. When you bring peace to your mind, a more peaceful vision of the world is seen and experienced. As you carry within a more peaceful vision of this world, you become a greater beacon of peace for others. In doing so, you will through your example, begin to better and more clearly reflect and represent, Heaven here on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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