Daily Inspiration: June 4. Reinterpreting the ‘Act’ of Anger

We are always, unconscious of it as we may sometimes be, working towards achieving a more peaceful, joyful and balance life. Today then, let us be grateful, not judgmental of self or others, when we are being offered the opportunities to reinforce the lifestyle that we are working on. Do not despair, if your road from anger to peace, does not appear to be a straight line. Like rivers that flow naturally towards the sea, none of them flow in a straight line along the way, they all twist and turn, and yet they all, at their own pace and time, end up where they belong. Therefore, let us offer gratitude to those brothers or sisters when they ‘act’ in anger, for all they are truly doing is, offering us the opportunities to practice valuing forgiveness more than judgment, and thus peace more than pain. They, who the ego would have once had us condemned, now thanks to our greater self-awareness, we can see as simply volunteering their time, energy and effort, to help us better understand how to deal with our anger, or the anger of others, in a more productive manner. For example, if it takes us a thousand angry inducing situations, interactions or responses, to finally get, that such a response, does not bring us the peace of mind and joy we want, then were they not all, in one form or another, each by itself and together with the rest, useful in helping understand what does not work for us? Should we then, not offer all those interactions, and those people involved in those interactions, gratitude for being a part of a process, that helped us better understand what we no longer need to use? If we now, thanks to our past experiences, can react with peace to situations and interactions where we once couldn’t, how grateful should everyone who meets us now be, to all those individuals that in the past, helped us become the peaceful and joyful beings that we are today? That is a reason why, once you awaken to who in truth you are, gratitude will be your response to everyone, and to all your past challenges.

Anger, on many occasions occurs, because somewhere inside, you believe that you have been done wrong, that things are not turning out the way you think they should, or that others are not acting the way that you think they should act. In reality, these are all but symbols that you are, unconscious of it as you may be, choosing to trust in your ego’s plan for your life and the lives of those around you, more than in God’s plan for all of us. Which do you think is more rational, that your plan for the Universe is right, or that God’s plan for the Universe is right? Imagine, a day in your life, where you made an absolute commitment to trust in God’s plan for your life. Imagine, dedicating that one full day to strengthening your trust in God, what would such a day look and feel like? Imagine, saying to yourself something like this: “No matter what occurs today, no matter how the ego has programmed me to see it, or how the ego demands I react to it, my one and only response will be, to trust in God’s plan for me, and for all those around me.” If you said this to yourself throughout the day, do you think that your anger responses would increase or decrease? Would they not begin to soften, as your trust in God strengthens? Would the states of peace and joy, not begin to fill more and more of your days? Would you then not become more grateful to God, for bringing about more peaceful and joyful days into your experience? Would you not begin to have greater pride in yourself, as you start to notice, how well and much you are growing and maturing? All this growth occurring, simply because you made the conscious choice, to trust in God’s plan for your life, over the ego’s delusion. How would this one shift in thinking, begin to reshape your life? How would this one change in behavior, trusting God and thus becoming a physical representative of the states of peace and joy, begin to reshape your children’s minds, and the lives of those around you?

Today, let us remember that any and all situations or interactions, that we at first perceive with anger, are actually opportunities that are being presented to us, in order to help us see and better understand, the illusionary nature of anger. Each situation or interaction where anger is expressed, is helping us recall how unproductive and pain filled, its results have been. This frustration with the anger response will in turn, bring us to begin to ask ourselves, if there is not a kinder, more peaceful and productive way, of interacting with each other. It will be the accumulation of our experiences with anger, that will then help us begin to shift away from this unproductive response, and look for and find, a better way. Our ability to suffer is high, but it is not without limit. Sooner or later, we will all get sick and tired of anger’s results. Sooner or later, we will all stop trying to dredge the ego’s endless swamplands, and consciously choose to step onto the solid ground and road to peace. On this steady road, as we look back at our journey, we will not do so with judgment. As we become more self-aware, we will realize that each and every time we reacted out of anger, that it was simply another step on our journey back to peace. When we look back at our life, we see that each and every step on the journey, was of use for its successful completion. Imagine, looking back at all you once curse in anger, and now seeing it and all those involved, with forgiveness, gratitude and understanding. When we return home to peace, we will no longer need to hold unto the pain, sadness, resentment and regret, that so seem to encapsulated, our journey through anger. Now, because we know that our final destination is always assured, we do not have to wait to be shown our journey’s conclusion, to start choosing trust, peace and joy now. My dear friend, you as God’s creation, are forever worthy of peace and joy, today through trust and forgiveness, let go of the anger that no longer serves you, and join our light, so that those in the darkness, may finally see before them, a ray of hope.

Today, when we feel anger begin to surface, let us not put ourselves or others down for feeling this way, instead let us for a moment stop and recognize, that reacting in this manner, has never brought us the peace of mind and joy that we so desire. Let us then recall, that because God is Love and All, that every step along our journey, will be use by God for good. Yes, every single step on your journey, no matter how the ego has programmed you to see it, is leading you to a conscious reunion with your Source. It may not always look or feel this way, but it is always so. Today, trust that God, always has our best interest in mind, and so each and every step along the sacred path that we have co-created with Him, is leading us Home, back to the states of Peace and Joy. Today, notice, that when you trust God, your frustrations and anger diminish. When you do not trust God, your frustrations and anger increases. Today, trust God more than your anger, trust that your destination, your return Home is assured, and be joyous and at peace.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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