Daily Inspiration: June 6. Your Eternal Truth is Within You Now

Today, let us remember that enlightenment, is not a change into something more or better, but a simple recognition and acknowledgment of our eternal loving essence. Our light is in us forever now; being changeless, it is timeless, thus let us no longer fantasize about finding it in the future, or be deceived into believing that we have somehow lost it to the past. Who you are in truth, you have always been, and will forever be. Who you are in truth, is the love the you were created to be, your eternal birthright and inheritance. Yes, the ego’s world may have convince you to focus on something other than your true nature, but that still does not change who in truth you are. You may have temporarily forgotten who you truly are, yet today choose not to judge yourself or others for this, as the ego would have you do, instead recall that forgetting is simply a way to force yourself to search your mind, in order to remember better. It is this practice, your search to remember, that will help you secure, reinforce and strengthen, your connection to your eternal loving essence. Imagine, every single time that you forget who in truth you or your brothers and sisters are, as simply another opportunity to practice remembering better, what else but gratitude could you hold towards those who are, in truth, simply helping you remember the love that you are and have always been? The journey from forgetting to remembering may sometimes appear to be long, but it is in truth, a journey without distance, to a place that you have never left. All you need to begin remembering, is to start consciously choosing love’s expressions over the ego’s programs, in essence love over fear, trust in God over worry, forgiveness over judgment of self and others, being happy over being right and thus peace over pride. One loving choice will make your path to the next loving choice feel much more natural, and so do this over and over again, until love is all that you naturally desire to be, share and experience.

No one needs to learn who they are, for consciously or unconsciously, they already know. You do not need spiritual gurus to teach you anything real, for all truth, all that is real, already resides within you right now. We are all One, thus the knowledge that is available to one is available to All. All so-call gurus and teachers can do, is remind you of who you are and have always been. Everyone, in every moment, is in one way or another, helping you remember who in truth you are. You need not climb the Himalayan Mountains or search for your treasure in some deep ocean, for your treasure forever resides safely within you. Once you begin to truly search, you will do so by looking within, and even if you search outside yourself, you will always, in one form or another, return your search to yourself. Look within for your true treasure, and be not afraid to ask God for assistance in your search. You, as God’s creation, are forever worthy of His help. You are worthy of your truth. Go within, remember and share your eternal essence, that is all you need ever do. Turn off this world’s distractions, close your eyes and become silent. In this silence begin to notice every thought that you are carrying within you that does not belong in your temple of love. Gently discard each and every one of your unloving and unforgiving thoughts by simply reminding yourself that they are not the truth in you, and that only the love in you is true. Then practice spending time in your temple, at One with your loving essence, remembering that you are forever worthy of being in conscious alignment with your All-Loving Source. Feel the love that you are, increasing within you as you concentrate on it, feel it filling you up as your focus remains on it. Then after being completely filled, allow this love to begin to overflow, allow it to overflow to everything and everyone in your life who is, in their own ways, unconsciously asking you to help them remember who in truth they are. Then open your eyes and continue this process, being with and sharing your loving nature, throughout your day.

Today, none of the ego’s temporal clouds will make us forget that the sun still and always shines. Today, let us become those rays of light and hope that our brothers and sisters have been longing to feel. Let us offer hope to those who have been programmed by the ego to believe that they or their situations are hopeless. Let us become the beacons of love, that lights the way for those who are now choosing to return home to their true nature. Let us remind those who are worried and stressed out that they can choose to instead trust God and find peace. Today, when the ego once again demands that we get lost in its maze and forget who in truth we are, let us instead align with the Love that created us, and offer this love through its expressions such as compassion, forgiveness, hope and understanding, to those who are in truth, through their presence in our lives, simply helping us practice recalling and reinforcing our eternal loving essence by offering it to them. This is all that in truth anyone, in their own ways, is ever doing, helping us recall and reinforce who in truth we are. It will be by putting our truth into practice, that it will be strengthened within us, and from this place of certainty, we will become a greater example of what is possible for all of us. For we are all One, and so what is possible for one, is possible for all. There are no more mountains to climb or rings of fire to jump through, all that in truth you are, you have always been and will always be. Allow yourself to remember that all your so-called errors are simply symbols of forgetfulness and nothing else. Today, let us remember who we are, by simply choosing to align with our loving nature, and then let us offer our love, to all who God sends our way.

Today, let us remember, that each moment is being offer to us, so that we may practice recalling, who in truth we are. Love created us in His image, and so anytime we align with any of Love’s expressions, we are reinforcing and strengthening our conscious connection to our true nature. The more we get to practice consciously choosing our loving truth over the ego’s illusionary mindset, the more natural is way of being will become. Let us also be grateful to all those who are offering us, in their own unique ways, the opportunities to practice remembering, healing and awakening to our true nature. Today, to all those that judge us, but we in turn forgive, thank you. To all those that tell us that we should be worried and stressed out, but we instead choose to trust in God’s plan, thank you. To all those who in any way try to demean our journey, but we instead choose to be compassionate and understanding towards them, we say thank you for helping us practice, and thus reinforce and strengthen, our connection to our All-Loving Source.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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