Daily Inspiration: June 9. Awakening from Hopelessness to Hope

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It is the ego’s senseless demands, its door-less darkened maze, that sends us in numerous directions, all promising but never delivering the peace of mind, hope and joy, we want. Is it any wonder why so many feel a sense of hopelessness in this world? Judgment of self and others, anxiousness, stress, anger and revenge, are all signals on these dark roads. Judgment of self and others is according to the ego’s delusional mindset, a solution to our internal lack of self-worth. We judge and condemn so that we may feel some sense of power over others. Still, this is only a false power, that only produces greater levels of confusion, chaos and pain. The ego promises that anxiousness and stress will keep you vigilant, and protect you against ‘outside forces.’ We buy what the ego sells. Still, it never seems to bring us any closer to the peace of mind, hope and joy we want. The ego insists that anger and revenge are powerful forces. It says that if you align with them, they will make you strong, respected and secure. Again we buy into the ego’s lies as true. Yet still, attacks from the outside world continue to punish and torture us. There are in truth, no doors, no roads, no way to escape the ego’s maze other than to awaken from its nightmare. It is by awakening that you rise above its mindless battlefields. What is not real can not offer you anything real. The ego can not deliver hope, only hopelessness. This is why so many in this world are feeling lost and hopeless as they continue to follow the ego’s roads. The ego’s nightmare, no matter how logical, rational and real it may seem at the time, offers you no true direction. It can offer you nothing of real value other than maybe for you to experience it long enough that you get tired of sleeping and awaken. Today, awaken and watch hope, like the sunrise, begin to rise once again in you.

Today, together, let us awaken and rise above the ego’s mindless battlefields. We do so by offering peace to all those who come to us lost and in pain. Let us from a place of greater self-awareness grab their hands and help raise them above the battlefield. The less people believe that they are stuck in battle, the less they will think that they need to fight us and everyone else for their own survival. The less other people think that they need to fight us, the greater our circle of compassion, peace, hope and joy, will be. Judgment of self and others, anxiousness, stress, anger and revenge are all symbols of pain, of hopelessness. Today, to those lost in the ego’s maze, let us hold out the hands of forgiveness, compassion, love, peace, hope, joy and understanding. Let us lift them up and out of the darkness, and back into alignment with the light in them. As a greater sense of self awareness returns to them, so too will they rediscover their hopeful nature. As we assist them, we help ourselves complete the mission that we have come here to fulfill. They will in turn, thanks to our example, learn how to help others recover their hopeful nature. Today, let us help them remember, that they no longer need to keep digging trenches, awaiting another attack. No longer, do they need to drag themselves through the ego’s muddy pain filled battlefields. No longer, must they continue to do what has never worked for them. No longer, need they attack when they feel attacked, act in anger when they feel angry, or condemn and hate another when they feel judged and hated. No longer, must we continue to do what has never worked for us. Awakened, now we no longer need to fight the monsters in our dreams. 

Today, let us serve as gentle reminders, as rays of light that shine the way back Home to those who remain asleep and lost within the ego’s hopeless maze. Today, let us use these moments of clarity within confusion to help remind others of how worthy of the light of hope we all truly are. Hope is an expression of Love, and Love is our Creator. We are thus forever worthy of hope, as our inheritance. Hope is our inheritance, today let us claim it as ours. Yes, our journey through the ego’s dark hopeless maze has been long and challenging. Yet now, becoming self-aware of our worthiness, of how Loved by God we are, let us allow peace, hope and joy, to lift us up and out of the ego’s confusion, struggle, pain and chaos. Now, aware of the symbols of hopelessness, let us make the conscious choice to turn away from them, and walk in hope’s direction. The longer you walk on hope’s path, the more clearly you will be able to see and understand how truly aligned you are with Love’s message of peace, hope, and joy. You, as God’s creation, are, have always been, and will always be, forever worthy of all of Love’s gifts. You are forever worthy of peace, hope, and joy. Continue today to walk on hope’s path, by making the conscious choice to, in every moment and interaction, align with Love’s expressions. Being all One let us always offer the hand of hope to others. Hand in hand, there is no where that you take your brother or sister, that you don’t arrive yourself. Remember this, and in every encounter that you have, lead them to where you desire to go. Today, lead them towards hope, so that together we may find our way back to our true and eternal nature and Home.  

Today, let us recall that we are all One. Where we, through our thoughts, words and actions, lead our brothers and sisters to, is where we will find ourselves. Today, if we desire to have hope become our constant companion, then it is through our example, and by the way we treat them, that will have us arriving to our desire destination. Very simply, let us offer others, what we desire to experience. There is no magical potion to mix, no deck of cards that you must shuffle through, no spiritual guru to bow down to. Simply recall that we are all One, and as the good book says, treat others as you would want to be treated. Let us today recall that hope is just one of Love’s many jewels, and that we as God’s children, are forever worthy of Love’s inheritance.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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