Daily Inspiration: March 1. Aligning with Our Mission

Our personal mission on this planet, is within us right now. We do not need some guru up in the Himalayas Mountains to tell us what we should or should not be doing. In fact, we don’t really need anyone to tell us what we should or should not be doing with our lives. All we need do, to begin deciphering our mission, is to on a daily basis, practice more closely aligning with what we enjoy doing and are passionate about. It does not matter what others think you should be thinking, saying, doing or being, for your journey is yours, not theirs. Equally so, you should not be imposing your will or what you think others should be doing, on them. You, as much as they, have co-created an individualized and sacred plan with God, to work on and heal, emotions, relationships, and a mindset, that are specific to each person, therefore their journey is not yours, and your journey is not theirs. As God’s children, He desire us joy, peace, and love. He desires us to follow our passions and feel fulfilled, and thus when align with what we have come here to do, our true journeys, will become expressions of these desires. Your journey will be specifically tailored to you, and thus comparing what your journey looks like to others, is of little use. The understanding of this, ends, your ego’s need to compare yourself to others, and judge yourself as less than or more than others. It ends, your ego’s need for jealousy or envy of any kind. This journey that you are now on, you have co-created it with God, and thus there is no need to judge it or yourself. Simply be who your heart and soul are asking you to be. Those around you may have other dreams for you, respectfully listen to them, for God has placed them along your path, but above all else, remember, all answers reside within you now, simply awaiting for you to ask. Be not afraid nor feel unworthy to ask your heart, soul, and God, about your path, in fact the more you make the conscious choice to align with them and their guidance, the clearer your path will be.

It is only when we consciously or unconsciously support the ego’s delusions and fairy tales as true, that inner confusion results, and we feel lost, alone, off-balance and without a purpose. The ego would insist that it has the answers, because the ego understands, that if you focus on it, that it and its mindset get to become a bigger and more important part of your life. And so the ego offers you one false treasure map after another, and you follow its maps and mindset, because you see most everyone around you doing the same thing. But pay close attention to where most of those around you, especially those following the ego’s treasure hunts, reside. They mostly reside in a state of confusion and chaos, off-balance and lacking purpose, this inner conflict can have dozens of different names such as sadness, depression, stress, anxiousness, anger, judgment or self and others, resentment, hate, thoughts of revenge and a need for power and control. This inner conflict results, not because any of the ego’s treasure maps are real, but because we think they are real and will lead us to what we really want. And so we follow these maps, and sure we may, every now and then, find what our ego thought it wanted, only to later on figure out, how lacking what the ego said we wanted and offered us truly was. Then the ego, not wanting to lose you, tries to entice you with “more”, but if what the ego insisted that you wanted did not fulfill you, then more of what did not fulfill you, more of what is truly nothing, will still not fulfill you. Nothing, is what the ego can truly offer you, because the ego being nothing, can only offer you what it is. Today, let us put the ego’s treasure maps back in the bottom draw, and instead look within for what will fulfill us. Being and sharing joy, peace, love, passion, compassion, knowledge, hope, and healing, all these and many more, as expressions of Love, can through your individual and collective expression of them, fulfill you and bring you purpose. They can offer you everything that a belief in the ego’s fairy tales and treasure maps and hunts, can’t.

Today, let us simply become a little more consciously aware of our time and how we are spending it. Are we spending it in an effort to align with our mission, or are we still lost, confused, and buying into the ego’s fairy tales and treasure hunts. Even if you just spend an extra five minutes a day becoming more self-aware, and consciously aligning with the energies of joy, peace, love, passion, compassion, knowledge, hope, and healing, you will go far today. Then each day forth, consciously increase the time you spend becoming more self-aware and aligning with your eternal essence, purpose and mission. The more time you spend aligning with your mission, the less time you will spend buying into and supporting the ego’s delusions as real. The more your real self begins to surface, the more your false self will begin to sink and finally disappear. As we allow the energies and expressions of Love, that most naturally align with us, to encompass more aspects of our lives, our missions will become clearer, and our confusion will begin to fade away. There are very specific and sacred reasons why you feel drawn to what you feel drawn to. It is not by chance, that you love and are passionate about certain things that some around you may have no interest in. It is not by chance, that what fulfills you may not fulfill your family members or neighbors. That is perfectly fine. Do not let your seeming differences stop your forward progress. Compare yourself, not to those around you, but to who your heart and soul desire, and are calling on you to be. Do so, and you will become, who you came here to be.

Today, let us focus on becoming the expressions of Love, that our hearts and souls, are calling us to be. The more time we spend consciously trying to align with the areas of our lives, those that we take joy in and are passionate about, those that fulfill us and bring us peace, the clearer our personal and collective mission on this planet will become. Today, let us be conscious not to measure ourselves by what others or this world thinks is important or worth while. It is not their mission you have come here to successfully complete, it is yours. You have individually co-created with God, a perfect and sacred plan for your own growth, healing and awakening, and it is this plan which will align you with your purpose, hopes, desires and dreams. Today, do not underestimate the key and important part that you play in our Creator’s creation. God has chosen you and you alone to play your part, and God knows what He is doing. Remember this each and every time that the ego demands that you judge yourself and your journey: “God knows what He is doing. When I consciously unite with this understanding, I will have peace. God needs me to play my part, not someone else’s part, and that is why I am here. If God did not need me here, then I would not be here. I now make the conscious choice to trust God instead of the ego, and by doing so, I will have peace and align with my true purpose and mission in this life.”

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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