Daily Inspiration: March 11. Ending Our Support of The Ego’s Mindset

The ego’s mindset is built upon the illusionary belief that judgment, anger, resentment and fear are real parts of us. It is when we support these false concepts as true that we end up feeling off-balanced, insecure, lost and confused. The truth is that God is Love and All, thus all we could ever be is Love. Today, let us ask ourselves, has the ego’s thought system ever truly supported our loving nature? Has this foreign mindset ever provided us with a true shelter from the ego’s own chaotic storm? Regardless of how much false power it seem to give us over others, have we ever truly felt assured, confident, safe and secure because of what the ego has urged us to do? Has it ever delivered peace to our minds and joy to our hearts? If it can’t do any of these things, why should we continue to support such a defective and illusionary mindset as real, as us? Today, let us choose to no longer support a mindset that we no longer desire to experience. Let us no longer support a mindset that does not offer us anything that we want. Let us no longer support judgment of self and others, anger, resentment and fear as solutions to our confusion. Yes, because of its programming, we may for a time think like it thinks. Yes, we may at first react exactly at it has taught us to react. But now, as we are beginning to awaken from the ego’s dream, we are starting to realize that we no longer need to live in servitude to a mindset that does not serve us. Today, let us use our life experience, not to diminish ourselves or others, but to get a clearer picture of what is and is not working for us. In essence, what does, or does not bring us true peace of mind and joy. By taking personal responsibility and ownership of our life experience, it is now we, not the ego, who decides how we interact with and participate in this world. 

Let us today begin to let go of a mindset that separates us from each other, and understand that we are all One. Let us recall that each and every single person out there is in truth just a part of us, a part of The Whole. Being One with All, why would we ever want to treat parts of ourselves with anything other than love, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, charity, peace and grace? As awakened and awakening beings, we are now starting to see how many of the thoughts, reactions and behaviors that the ego’s mindset supports as true are useless and undeserving of us. As awakened and awakening beings, we no longer need to. like zombies, follow the crowd, those who remain asleep to their true nature. If what you are thinking, saying or doing is not bringing peace to your mind and joy to your heart, then stop supporting it as part of your truth. If it is not lighting your spirit bright, or fulfilling your souls desire to be One with God, then why continue to buy into its lies as true? You have free will, one of God’s greatest gift to you, use it. Use it as God would, use it to choose, be and offer love, peace, joy, compassion, kindness, mercy and grace, to all who God sends your way. These expressions are all energetic reflections of the truth in you. You are, in the most literal sense, the physical extension of God here on Earth. Today, play the part that you were created to play. The ego did not create you, because the ego being in seeming opposition to God, is in truth nothing. The ego may be cunning, but you are now aware of its sales pitch. No longer buy the swamplands that it tries to sell to you as paradise. No longer believe those lies that it swore to you were true. Now, that you are starting to truly see, no longer allow the blind to lead you.

Today, let us no longer blame our ego, parents, friends, peers or society, for how we are feeling, living our lives, and participating in this world. Today, it will be we who take personal responsibility and control over our thoughts. Our thoughts and programming will no longer control us. Today, it is we who recall that our true nature and home is a peaceful and love filled dwelling, bathe in joy’s light, and where forgiveness and gratitude are our eternal companions. Today, when the ego comes knocking at our mind’s door, demanding judgment, anger, resentment and fear, we will no longer be buying what it is trying to sell us. Instead, when it knocks we simply smile, and recall that the ego’s story is just a fairy tale, a fantasy and a fraud. Such illusions may huff and puff, but they will never blow our true Home down. Our true Home is now built on the solid rock and foundation that is God’s Love. Today, let us acknowledge, support and confidently reside within this truth. In doing so, we become examples to others, of what is also possible for them. Today, it is our example of non-judgment, and forgiving nature, that reminds them of what true freedom from the ego’s mindset feels like. Today, let us remind others, that we are not here to judge anything they think, say or do. We are here simply as representatives of the love, mercy and grace of God. We are here to radiate hope, peace, joy and healing. We are here to shine and reflect all the blessing that God has bestowed on us, on them. We are here, as awaken and awakening beings, to show and remind all those that God sends our way, of the love that He has for all, every single one of His children. Every single one of them, our brothers and sisters.  

Today, let us practice better understanding when we are and are not, supporting the ego’s illusionary mindset as real. In essence, when we are and are not being control by the ego’s past programs. Us being in judgment of self or others, is a symbol that shows us that the ego’s past programs are ruling over us. Forgiveness, is a symbol that we have taken back control of our own minds. The more quickly we can recognize when the ego is trying to think and act for us, the less we suffer. The less we suffer the greater beacon of peace we will become. Today, let us be grateful for our brothers and sisters presence in our lives, for they are offering us the opportunities to practice letting go of our own judgments, of a mindset that we no longer want. Our interactions with them are helping us see, that when we are not at peace, we are buying into the ego’s lies as true. Let us now use such moments, not to continue to judge ourselves and others, but to forgive our misperceptions, and by doing so take back control of our own thoughts, minds and lives.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (3)

It’s the narcissism which all negativity and self righteousness is…the sign of separation. Only love is God and love is non judgement.

Yesterday I believe I was in alignment with this lesson. For years there has been extreme estrangement among certain members of my family – with me involved as supposedly having done something no one would ever tell me about. My cousin said that years ago she was forced to choose between me and her brother. Again, I have no idea what that could be all about. My uncle (always closer than my father and father to my cousin) is quite a hero in three different wars and his cremains are to be laid to rest with full military honor and a banquet at Arlington National Cemetery in June. I wrote to my cousin (who is coordinating the event) and she graciously but distantly provided details and agreed for me to be there. There is strife between her and both her brothers over all this – and she expressed concerned and trauma at the very idea that all would be there and what might happen. After a great deal of thought and asking Brother Jesus for guidance, I decided not to attend – knowing that if my uncle knows he understands – and knowing that there is no reason to put myself through the occasion or potentially causing more stress to the occasion than others. I made this decision without judgment and antagonism toward anyone – just love and forgiveness, This has given me peace and a sense that I am on my way toward truly letting it go without needing to know all the whys of the situation answered. So different than I would have been without this spark of growth. Thank u for being such a part of my growth. LOVE AND PEACE AND KINDNESSANDFORGIVENESS,

Thank you Louisa for your comment and for being open to the message.

Whatever the story may be, simply do what brings you peace, and you will have peace.

Peace. JBC

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