Daily Inspiration: March 13. Let Us Be Who in Truth We Are

You are the daughters and sons of the Most High. You are love and light physically expressing herself or himself on this planet. All you in truth ever wish to be, you already are. Being who in truth you are, a kind, loving, forgiving, and peaceful human being is, once you remember and begin supporting your true-self, an effortless accomplishment. Sooner or later, you will find, that there is nothing easier than being who in truth you are. Nothing more is ever asked of us, than to be the examples of who in truth we are. We are all One, once we start to offer ‘others’ who in truth we are, we will strengthen this realization within ourselves. The more we strengthen this realization, the more natural and normal it will feel. There is nothing that will bear more fruit in our life, and on this planet, than the daily practice of aligning ourselves with our true nature. You could in truth not be anything that God is not, for He created you in His imagine, and so knowing that God is Love and All, you must be a part of that All, and All is Love, and therefore you must be Love and only Love. Yes, the ego may have convince most of us that we could be something that is in opposition or apart from All, Love, God, but being something that is apart from All, that could only happen if we are buying into the ego’s fairy tale as real. Let anytime that you are seeing yourself or another as something other than All, Love, let that not be a time to continue to buy into and thus build up the fairy tale, instead let that be a time that you take to focus on your own healing. Take that time to practice letting go of the fairy tale, letting go of the false idea that you and others could be something other than Love, God, All. The more time you give to this practice, the more natural your connection to The All will be.

Regardless how much the ego has programmed us to believe otherwise, kindness, love, forgiveness, joy and peace, are our natural states. We can sometimes forget our natural states, but today let us recall that forgetting simply gives us the opportunity to remember better. Once we remember what we have forgotten, it will be easier to teach those who have also forgotten, how to better remember who in truth they are. We have free will, we may just have chosen to forget for this simple reason: to better understand, and be better able to help, those who have forgotten. Many here have forgotten, and when they do they value the ego’s illusions more than their true nature. Yet, if we pay very close attention to how we feel, no matter how stuck and attached we are to the ego’s world, we will always hear in the back of our minds, the faint call to return home, to realign with who in truth we are, and to share this truth with others. Whenever you doubt yourself, instead I would love for you to begin to understand and acknowledge, how truly courageous you are: You came from a place of perfect Love and Light, where only Love and Love’s expressions exist, but still, from far beyond, you heard a call for help and healing from your brothers and sisters, and you consciously chose to answer that call. You consciously left a place of perfect love, light, joy and peace, to help your brothers and sisters heal and awaken. You very well understood that they only needed help and healing because they had forgotten who they were. Understanding this, you chose to also forget, so that you may better understand the mindset that your brothers and sisters were stuck in. Now, that you are beginning to again remember, because you have been where they are, you can better teach others how to awaken from their sleep, from forgetfulness, and once again begin to recall and become, the expressions and representatives, of their true nature.

Today, let us all practice returning to our true nature. Again, nothing truly hard, regardless of how the ego will choose to perceive it, is being asked of us today. Simply return to being who in truth you are. Today, when we notice ourselves valuing the ego’s illusions more than our truth, let us not judge others or ourselves, but instead simply recall that our natural state is always a choice away. A choice away, that is all. Today, make the conscious choice to value forgiveness more than judgment, compassion more than condemnation, peace more than pain. Is that truly that much to ask of us? Remember, we are the sons and daughters of God, is it truly that hard to simply be who we were created to be? Everything you need to be who in truth you are, resides within you now. You need not buy it, search for it, climb mountains or jump through hoops of fire to have it. Simply let go of your ego, let go of nothing, and in its place receive everything that you have in truth ever wanted. Imagine, all you are being ask to do, is let go of nothing you never really wanted, and for that ‘effort,’ receive everything that your heart and soul have ever truly wished for. Imagine, being given and gifted, in every moment, that opportunity, for that is what in truth every moment offers, the opportunity to leave your illusions behind, to leave all your judgments of self and others, all your frustrations, stresses, anger, hate and pain, and by doing so, open yourself up to receiving and experiencing the love, joy, peace and understanding of God. How easy can it be to let go of nothing? How incredible your reward, for no longer buying into or supporting, the false in you as true. Today, simply be who you were created to be, nothing more than that is requested of you today.

Today, again we are being ask to do something that within the ego’s mindset appears to be hard, but that in reality, is effortless. Is not letting go of the fairy tale, nothingness, effortless? Yes, the ego would say that it is not effortless, because if you reject nothingness, then you are rejecting the ego, and by doing so, it begins to dissolve from your life. So the ego’s very existence relies on you thinking that today’s practice is hard. Be not distressed, distracted or delayed, by the ego’s deceptions, for it has never offered you anything that your truth ever wanted. Today, simply overlook and do not listen to its complaints, by remembering and reinforcing within you, that all you ever wish to be and have, is already within your heart and soul, and given to you by God in your creation. Remember that God being Perfect Love would never allow His children to come into this classroom empty-handed or lacking anything. You have been given everything that you need to be who you came here to be. Trust this truth as true, be at peace in this realization, and become who you came here to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (2)

To be, is the essence of our being in the Spirit of God as we are created to be. For in Him, we live and move and have our being. In God is our be longing. In God is our longing to be. Our attitude of being is Beatitude… being blessed, being love, being peace, being joy… being One in Kingdom’s Heavenly realm of glory.

To forgive is to give for, to give love instead of hate, peace instead of war, light instead of darkness, hope instead of despair, joy instead of sorrow and life instead of death. For forgiveness includes everyone, means that everyone belongs, becomes One in all God’s Creation.

Thank you Roseanne for your lovely comment. Thank you for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

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