Daily Inspiration: March 14. Being of Service by Being Your Truest-Self

Today, let us practice being of service to others, by simply extending and expressing our truest-self, the love that our Creator created us to be. Today, let us disregard the ego’s false concepts of chance and coincidence. Today, let us recall, that when we are placed before a fellow being, we are placed there by God. We are placed there, because God is trusting us, with His son or daughter. God trusts you, and knows that you will be of service to your brothers and sisters, and that each of them is a gift to you and you to them. Out of seven plus billion people, God has for a time united you with them, because He knows that they are the best possible individuals, in that moment, to help you achieve greater self-awareness and reach a higher level of consciousness. So too are you, in those moments, their best possible teacher. You are both a holy and sacred gift to each other, that is truly who is in front of you today. A holy and sacred gift to you, that is who is always placed in front of you. If today we do not see every encounter we have with a fellow brother or sister, as a Holy Encounter, then we are misperceiving the present moment, and not seeing what is really happening, who is truly in our presence, or what we really mean to each other. Every moment in our experience, when we properly perceive it, is a gift from God to us, from us to others, and from others to us. Every moment, when properly perceive, is here to help us achieve greater self-awareness and reach a higher level of consciousness, so that we may also help others become more self-aware and conscious. Today, let us become aware, that we will only be interacting with God’s gifts to us. No matter how differently the ego’s false mindset has programmed you to see them, if you do not appreciate the Holy nature of each and every moment, each and every interaction, and each and every being, then you’re missing out on the true meaning and purpose of the life that you have co-created with God.

Today for example, when we go into a café or restaurant, let us use such an opportunity to become of service to our “servers.” Not so much with our money, though that would be nice, but mostly with our words, eyes, emotions, and time. Invite God to join, lead, and flow through you. Ask your server his or her name. Ask her how her day is going. When you talk to her, notice her, I mean notice her as you have never noticed any other server in your life. Remember, that in those moments you are interacting with her, that she is God’s personal gift to you and that you are her gift. Remember and see her only as God’s Holy daughter. Look into her eyes when you talk to her, and then look even deeper and send her a silent blessing. With all your heart and soul, in those sacred moments, pray for her health and happiness, pray that she is able to forgive those she has yet to forgive, that she opens herself to loving those she has been programmed to believe are not worthy of love. When your server speaks, truly listen to her. Ask God to surround you and her in His Love. The more you practice this, the more right, loving, and natural it will feel. Imagine, what a tremendous gift your server is offering you today, the opportunity to remember, that in every single moment, you can unite, through others, with God. When you offer that server, your brother or sister, love in any of its numerous forms, you are in one way or another, inviting God to unite with you. For God is Love, and that server in front of you is God’s daughter. God thought and created her, Love thought and created her, Hope thought and created her, and we are all One, all equally God’s children. Today, your server is offering you the opportunity to reinforce your Oneness with God, what greater gift than that, can one child of God give to another?

Today, let us remember that we mirror each other, that we are all One, thus when the universe is in one way or another serving you, it is equally an opportunity for you to be of service to the universe. Imagine, how many more so-called ordinary moments during our days can start to become blessings, when we make the conscious choice to be of service to each other. Today, let us remember what a holy gift each and every moment and interaction can be. Today, let us be grateful that this way, through free will, can be the way that we perceive, experience and participate in life. Would we not begin creating a Heaven on Earth if we started living in this manner? Would we not increase our own levels of peace, joy, love and compassion? Is this kind of world not always just a simple choice away? Imagine this, Heaven on Earth always being just a choice away! This is the gift that is available to all those who are now choosing to remember. Today, become a living physical manifestation and representative of this gift, so that others, through your example, may begin to awaken to the truth in them. Imagine, what a great service you will be providing humanity today, by inviting others to interact with someone, who is awakening to his or her true nature. Imagine, offering humanity, through your desire to today be of service to all others, by simply being your truest self, the opportunity to look upon what is possible for them. Imagine, becoming that light at the end of the tunnel for another, showing them how you forgive when the ego’s world demands you judge, or how to have compassion for who the ego’s world insist you must only condemn. Today, align and be the light, that through your service, that your Creator created you to be. You are here now, because you are needed here now. Be who in truth you are, so that through your example, you may help awaken those who still remain asleep.

Today, let us remember that service is Love put into action. Anytime that we are in service to others, we are expressing our loving nature, who God created us to be. There are numerous ways we can be of service to another, and by doing so, helping recall our loving nature, our union, sameness and oneness with God. Today, let us see each and every person that is presented to us, as an opportunity to unite with God, by being of service to His child. Before every interaction you have with another, place the ego’s judgments aside, and ask God to share with you, how you can best serve that brother or sister who He is presenting to you. God is Love, thus anytime you offer Love in any of the hundreds of forms that it comes in, you are being of service. When you are kind, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, when you listen without judgment, when you offer hope to those feeling hopeless, or joy and laughter to those who are feeling down and sad, all these are forms of Love’s expressions, all these are expressions of who in truth you are, all these unite you and help you consciously become one with your Creator, all these are the real you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Thank you for the reminder of recognizing each person we encounter as a Holy encounter. It brought a heightened awareness for me today – some encounters were easy because of the strength of connection – other encounters I reminded myself of your writing and said a silent prayer for the person along with a prayer of gratitude for your writing increasing my awareness. Thank you for helping me remember!

Thank you Sally for being open to the message. Great to see you becoming more consciously aware of the Holy nature of each and every encounter. May we all practice remembering this truth over and over and over again, each and every day, until we treat each and every brother and sister, as the true gift that they are to us and us to them. Peace. JBC

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