Daily Inspiration: March 16. Self-Judgment, Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Today, let us make where we are in life, our ally, and not our adversary. Instead of constantly judging ourselves for not being where we perceive we should be, let us use such a misperception, to instead trigger in us, the desire to practice increasing our level of trust in God’s plan for our life. Let us today trust, that where we are right now, is exactly where need to be, for our greatest good and growth. Imagine, trusting that you are always in the right place and at the right time. What sort of peace would such a belief, begin to bring to your life and to the lives of those around you? Imagine, dropping all judgments of self and others, simply because you fully understood, that where you are, and who you are with, is exactly where you need to be, and who you need to be working with, in order to best grow, heal and awaken. Thinking in this manner, would not every moment start to become a blessing to all involved? Thinking in this manner, would not a sense of gratitude begin to fill you throughout your day? Imagine, placing each day, more and more, in God’s hands. Trusting that because God is Perfect and All, that the journey that you have co-created with Him, is also perfect for you. Knowing this, you would feel that wherever you are, in any moment, is exactly where you were needed. When we, within the present moment, become conscious and understand that this is exactly where we need to be, this acknowledgment brings us peace, joy and gratitude. Anytime you are not at peaceful, joyful or grateful, know that it is not because you are not worthy of these energies, expressions and experiences, it is because you have not yet fully awaken to the realization, that the journey you are now on, and every step along that journey, is one that you have co-created with a Perfect God, and thus perfect for you. Knowing this, each step along the way must be, regardless of how the ego has trained you to see it, perfect for you and those around you. When you align with this understanding, the need for judging yourself, for thinking that you are not where you need to be, will diminish and then soon vanish.

Be at peace, we are all always exactly where we need to be, to become who we came here to be. Trust, that God loves and cares about your growth, healing and awakening. Trust, that because we are all One, He cares for everyone’s growth, healing and awakening, the same. Trust this, and you will encounter the beginning of the end of your judgments of self and others, the end of your pain, regrets and sorrow. Trust this, and not one cloudy day will ever again truly darken your path. Trust God, that is all you need do, to truly find peace. Trust God, and be at peace in the realization, that your journey has been, is, and will be, exactly as it needs to be. You have tried it the ego’s way long enough. You have tried judging yourself and others, worry, anger, resentment, jealousy and hate, over and over again, and what has such a delusional mindset ever honestly done for you? Has it ever brought you, your brothers and sisters, true lasting peace of mind or joy? Let the ego and its mindset go, for it is unworthy of the truth in you. Recall that every single one of your brothers and sisters is here, in one form or another, to help lift you out of the darkness. They are here to help bring you back into alignment with the light, so that you may become an example to others, of the light, of their true nature. God being Love and All, your brothers and sisters are All in truth this Love. They are all God’s sacred gifts to you, and you are His sacred gift to all others. Behold them as they truly are, behold yourself as you are and were created to be, let go of everything else. Be at peace knowing, that you are always being guided by The One who is Love, Peace and Joy. Your journey is necessary for this world, or else you would not be here, remember this knowledge as true, and be at peace being, exactly who you are.

Today, let us make our brothers and sisters, our allies in our awakening process, and not our adversaries. When we experience frustration and anger with them, let us remember that we are all One, and that they are simply helping reflect and bring healing to, our current internal condition, the false beliefs that we hold about ourselves. When we experience frustration and anger with them, let us remember that they are simply showing us, in a physical form, where we are not aligning our hearts and minds with God. Today, when the ego insist that we have every right to argue and become upset with another, we will instead recall that God has put us in this specific situation, at this specific point in time, and with these specific individuals, for a higher purpose. They are with us, to help lead us, to a more peaceful, forgiving, joyful, compassionate, understanding and loving place, within our own hearts and minds. This realization will lift our hearts, and lessen our inner conflict. As our alignment with the light increases, we see other people’s smiles, peace and joy, as symbols, that where we are right now, is exactly where we are needed. Imagine, trusting that God’s Love, always places you, exactly where you are needed. This physically manifestation and expression, when understood, shows you, God’s all-encompassing Love for you, and for all your brothers and sisters. For we are all One, and so when you are making the conscious choice to Love them, you are also making the unconscious choice to love yourself. Loving yourself is a necessary step in the understanding, that all you have done till this point in time, and that all you will ever do on this planet, is in service to The All. The All knows this, and thus why It always appreciates you and your efforts, no matter what the ego may think of them.

Today, whenever we think of judging ourselves, others, our journey or theirs, let us consciously reject this false concept. Instead, let us recall, that God is guiding us all, and so each one of the sacred steps that we take on our journeys, has and holds, a perfect place within The Whole. As we get that each and every one of our journeys is of use and necessary for this planets growth, healing and awakening, it is then we begin to lessen, and then stop, our judgments of self and others. You are here now, exactly where you are, doing what you are doing, because you are needed here now exactly as you are, doing what you are doing. We are all One, thus every single person you ever meet, is here now, exactly where they are, doing what they are doing, because they are needed here now, doing what they are doing. Today, let us consciously place our self judgments and judgments of others aside, knowing that they are simply false concepts that are not worthy of the truth in us. You are a sacred part of The All, you are a sacred part of God, and so too are all your brothers and sisters, today remember, reflect on, and support this truth as true, and all false judgement will begin to bow down, before your light and understanding.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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