Daily Inspiration: March 19. You Host Every Thought You Think

You are in a constant state of programming yourself with every thought you think. The synapses in your brain that react and correspond with those thoughts will fire quicker and quicker and begin to ‘gel’ the more you use them. The more you use them, regardless of how bad, guilty, sad, or angry they ‘make you’ feel, the more they will become who you think you are. The truth in you is Love, everything else is just a program that we have been taught to see and accept as real. Today, let’s become very aware that our programmed or ego-self, no matter how natural and normal it may feel, is not us. We are forever One with God, because God is Love and All, and we are His creation. Yet, thanks to free will, we can hide this truth from ourselves. Equally so, we can use free will to more fully absorb, accept and radiate, this truth. Symptoms that show you when you are in essence hiding from God, are when you focus on and support the energies and emotions of anger, resentment, fear, stress, hate and revenge. Again, this is our choice, not God’s. This is our free will in action, and not God hiding from us. Yet, equally so, if even during our darkest times, we find a little willingness to drop our programs and unite with God, then our path will be lit by the light of mercy and grace. The ways we show a little willingness, is to start entertaining, thinking and using, thoughts that align us with our loving nature. Loving thoughts such as those of kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness, trust, peace and understanding, will once again unite us with our Creator. Let us today, start to become acutely aware of how every single thought we think, either walks us towards the light, or away from it. Let us also be sure to notice that it is we who have final say, and thus power over, the thoughts we think. 

Let us today not despair when we find ourselves using thoughts that seem to be taking us away from The Light. Instead, let us use such circumstances to remind ourselves that we do not belong in the darkness. That the darkness is but a choice we make. Then let us use the feeling and sense of darkness, despair and separation from God, to trigger in us, the desire to turn around and once again begin to walk in Light’s direction. Your Light and Source, your true eternal essence and nature, is the Love that created you. You may for a time forget this, but you can never change your changeless eternal loving essence and nature. Thoughts that align you with Love will never make you feel bad, guilty, sad or angry. These are all just symbols that you are hiding your truth from yourself. You, as Love’s creation, will always be perfect, awake and whole. You need never try to add to, nor subtract from, the truth in you. We have for a moment forgotten who in truth we are, and in its place accepted the ego’s lies about us as true. This has been done so meticulously so, that we have never actually consciously questioned them or their ‘reality’. When we don’t bring up and question the ‘reality’ of the ego’s false concepts, we allow them to fester and metastasize in us. When we allow the ego to corrupt us, we end up slowly detaching from our eternal essence and nature. Is it any wonder why we don’t feel at home in this world? We don’t feel at home because, when aligned with the ego, this world is not a reflection of the truth within us, but of the ego’s fairy tales, delusions and lies. Today, in as many moments as possible, begin to align your thoughts with your loving nature. Do so until you begin to recall and reflect, only the love that you were created to be.

Today, let us recall that it is us and us alone, who carry, hold unto and use, the thoughts we think. Let us not judge ourselves as bad, guilty, not good or spiritual enough, when we find ourselves entertaining ego minded thoughts. Instead, let us recall that we are doing so, because for a moment in time we have forgotten who we truly are. Ego minded thinking in us or anyone else, is not a symbol of evil, but of forgetfulness. Today, let us choose not to judge, but have compassion for, those who have forgotten the truth in them. Today, our function is to help those who have forgotten, remember. Now we understand that the more they use thoughts the seem to separate them from their loving nature, the quicker they will begin to realize how unlike these thoughts are to the truth in them. The more they experience this lack of consistency, the sooner they will look for a better way. It is for this reason that we are in their presence, to provide and remind them of a better way. A way that is more align with their true eternal essence and nature. There forgetting, is in essence being use by the Universe, to help us all remember better. Understanding this, let us no longer judge or in any way put ourselves or our sisters and brothers down for being human. Instead, let us thank them, for showing and reminding us, who we are not. Then let us use such opportunities, to practice realigning with the thought of Love, who in truth we are, have always been, and were create to be. Today, let us allow only those thoughts that help unite us with our Creator, enter and find rest in us. All other thoughts, we thank them for coming, but gracefully decline their entry into our minds, which now we acknowledge as God’s kingdom.  

Today, let us pay very close attention to what thoughts we are allowing to enter our minds. Let us make a very special effort to only allow in and support thoughts that align us with Love, with God. Equally so, let us make a concerted effort, to stop thoughts at our mind’s gate, that are not loving in nature. By doing so, we start to get a better understanding of how much real power and control we have over the thoughts we think. The more conscious control we have over the thoughts we think, the easier it is to create the life we want. It is we who control the quality of the life we live. The thoughts that we entertain and support either poison and pollute, or bring peace and prosperity, to our minds, and thus to the way we see and participate in this world.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (2)

Thank you for this. Very helpful. I need to read this every morning as a reminder. I choose the thoughts I allow…only thoughts I think with God are true. They will not be negative or judgmental or angry thoughts. I need to turn off the news I think. BLESSINGS.💜

Thank you Katherine for being open to the message.

Your truth is only the Love that God is. God is Love and All, and thus all that is ever true about you or others, no matter how much the ego wants us to think otherwise, is love. When you see this truth as true, peace results. When you choose to forget this truth as true, judgment of self and other, confusion, and chaos result.

Thanks to free will, the choice to experience or not experience peace, is always ours and ours alone to make.

Peace. JBC

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