Daily Inspiration: March 21. Ending the Ego’s Rat Race

The ego, on a daily basis, will try to convince you that what your sister or brother has, you need. It tries to convince you of a world of scarcity, where if one wins, the other must lose. And so you spend your life on a continual hamster wheel and rat race, fighting your way through the ego’s delusion, that you must get to some imaginary finish line before your brother and sister do. You claw your way, step-by-step, day-by-day, up the ego’s steep and treacherous mountain, always thinking that you only have a limited amount of time to get to the top. That is exactly where the ego wants you, tired, stressed out and worried, always ready to judge your progress, that it is not fast enough, good enough or worthy of the work and sacrifice that you have put in. The ego is always needing you to judge yourself or others, since your judgment is the ego’s main fuel source, and so as long as you are judging yourself or others, the ego’s mindset is fueled and strengthen, while you are starved and weaken. Yet today, having played the ego’s game long enough to understand what it results in, we will practice doing the opposite of what it demands that we do. Instead of worrying, stressing out and judging ourselves or others, we will practice increasing our level of trust in God’s plan. When worried or in despair, we will simply breathe deeply and recall, that as God’s creations, we have everything we need within us now, to complete our sacred journey successfully. Everything we have thought we ever needed, we have within us now. Imagine, no longer having to fight anyone for the ego’s crumbs. Imagine, in fact, never needing to fight at all. God assured our success in our creation. We have come here to grow, and that is what we are doing in every minute of every day, if we are doing what we have come here to do, then we are succeeding, and there is no more need to question ourself or others about our progress. Do you not make sure your children have everything they need before they go to school? Do you not think that God, is at the very least, as wise and loving with all His children as you are with yours?

God indeed has sent you here, into this world, with everything that you need. You do not need take anything from anyone else, or even beat people to some imaginary finish line to win or achieve some level of peace, success and joy. Peace, success and joy, are actually, as Love’s expressions, your inheritance. In fact, you do not even need to concern yourself with comparing yourself to others. Your tools and gifts are specific to you, as theirs are to them, simply express the love that is within you, in whichever way your heart and soul are calling on you to do. That is all you need ever do, to have the fulfilling life that you so desire. Every day practice aligning yourself with the energies of peace, love and joy, in whichever ways feel most natural to you. Do this and you will start to realize that everything that you have ever truly wanted to be or express, you have always had within you. Today, when a false thought of lack enters your mind, remember that God’s creations can not lack anything, and so simply be, align with, become and express, what you think that you are lacking. The more consciously you express what you once thought you lacked, the more natural, normal and available to you, this way of being will become. Imagine, knowing and trusting, that you already have everything that you in truth need, to do what you came here to do. What need would you ever again have to fight anyone else for some made up scares resources when you have remembered that the Creator of All, has through your creation, given you all. Today, let us practice raising our level of trust in God’s plan, and decreasing our belief in the ego’s rat race. When we do so, our peace of mind, love and joy, will increase while the ego’s control over us will begin to decrease.

Today, instead of continuing to waste our time, focus and energy, on stressing out, worrying, and trying to continue to force ourselves through the ego’s imaginary rat race, let us use that time, focus and energy, to practice aligning with, reinforcing and strengthening, our true nature, what individually aligns us with the love that we are, what brings us joy, peace, and what we are passionate about. As we practice this shift in perception and expression, we will get a clearer picture of our unique and sacred mission on this planet. Once you tire of running in the ego’s rat race, you will stop and realize, that the calls that you have been hearing from within you, are not from some external fictional thing or reward that you think you need acquired, but from your internal loving nature and unique gifts, asking for a fuller expression. No longer despair or try to rush across some fictional finish line, simple breathe deeply, relax, and practice consciously aligning with who in truth you are. Do so, truly look within, and realize that you are missing nothing. Realize that you are whole, loved, and complete, exactly as you are. As God’s child there is not one single supply you are missing, not one single tool that you must obtain or become, to be victorious over the world that you think you see. You are perfect, awake, and whole, always exactly as you were created, forever changeless in your loving nature. Your true victory came in your creation, and your true self is who you are now, have always been and will always be. Rejoice, and see that the ego’s rat race is finally over. Rejoice, that you have reached a place on your journey that gives you the clarity to finally truly see. Today, if you find yourself caught in this so-called rat race, remind yourself of the following: “My prefect Creator only creates perfectly. Thus, I and my journey, must be and will always be, perfect for my growth, healing and awakening. Today, when doubt comes knocking, I simply breathe in deeply, and practice resting assured in this realization. That is all I need do. What a relief it is to simply be able to breathe and be. What a relief it is to no longer need or have to judge myself against all others. What a relief it is to simply love them and myself, and appreciate the sacred and unique nature, of each and every one of our journeys.”

Today, when we find ourselves in the ego rat race, unconsciously running through life from point A to B to C, stressed out, anxious and judgmental of self and others, let us for a moment just stop, breathe in deeply, recall that Perfection created us perfectly, and that our journey has been co-created in a sacred partnership with God. God being perfect only creates perfectly, and so let us rest assure knowing that everything that we think we need do, is and will always be done, at its own Divine timing. Let us recall that we are not some rodent on a hamster wheel, we are the creations of The Divine. Our journeys will always be completed, in the best way possible, for our growth, healing and awakening. Trust this, trust fully in the sacred nature of the plan that you have co-created with God, and be at peace. When you do this fully, the ego’s rat race, and its power over you, ends. Be still and rest assured, that you are forever loved, no matter what you think of, say or do. You are forever loved because Love only Loves. What race must we now or ever again run, if we already have God’s Love, if we already have everything we have in truth ever needed or wanted. Today, simply remember this, breath deeply, rejoice in your sacred co-creation, and be at peace, nothing more than this is truly ever asked of you, then for you to be who you in truth already are.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

That’s interesting, I just woke up and for some reason I thought of all the people downtown Chicago, who are my brothers and sisters, running, walking fast within the confines of the sky scrapers. I rarely think of downtown, I’ve been been there,but not for a long time.Then I read your post.I thought then of my past jobs in sales and coworkers and how we all needed to be “better” than each other. It was challenging, I never was as driven as the number one people. Yet we can follow our hearts and work in all these places and do our best to respect and live each other. I don’t know where I’m going here,I was just surprised because I was thinking of the rat race and you wrote about it That shows you how connected we all are. So yes I will keep love peace and joy in my mind today.And I am looking forward to spring,today’s the second day of spring. Happy Spring!

Thank you Donna for your comment. We are in truth love, peace and joy, and we are in truth all One. Peace. JBC

This is me…always wanting what the other person has. Jealous, envious, all those terrible things. When it happens I pray and ask God to take the feelings away but I know that we can all have a relationship with God so with love. It is making different choices.

You no longer need to be who you desire not to be. The power to change and align, in every moment with your light, is forever within you now. Give everything that does not align with the love that you are to God and watch it dissolve in His wisdom and mercy. Peace. JBC

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