Daily Inspiration: March 23. Dismissing the Ego as Your Guide

Let us no longer look for fulfillment with the ego as our guide. Let us no longer look for clarity, peace, joy, love and understanding where there is none to find. The ego would have us focus our search on “what” we do, and how valued our peers, family or society perceive such work to be. It has us focus on how much money we can accumulate for our efforts. Truth would have you focus your search on “why” you do something, and “how” it makes you feel. There are very deep and sacred reasons why you love and are passionate about certain aspects of life. This is not by chance. What fulfills you, your own individual passions, hopes, desires and dreams, are very specific to you. These show you the keys to the purpose of your unique and sacred mission. On the other hand, the ego’s only mission for you, is to continue helping it exist. It does this through the act of judgment. The ego’s only interest in you, is that you continue in whatever forms you want, to judge yourself or others. The ego does not care that your level of pain is increased by your judgments of self and others. In fact, it delights in your level of pain going up, because it knows that there is a direct correlation between the level of pain you feel and the amount of judging that you are willing to do. The more pain you are in, the more judgmental you become. The more judgmental you are, the more pain you experience. Pain and judgments are both wins for the ego. Understanding this, that the ego is fueled through judgment, and that judgment brings you pain and suffering, why would you ever again want to use the ego as your guide? Why would you ever again want the blind to lead you?

How many times must we follow the ego’s map of dead-end roads, to figure out that it is not guiding us to our desired destination? How many times must we experience and cause each other pain and suffering, before we start asking ourselves, if there is not a better way? How many times must we search for, look into and open, the ego’s treasure chest, to figure out that it has nothing of true value to offer us? Today, let us make a conscious effort to bypass the ego’s programs and directions. Let us not pay attention to the judgments, names and descriptions, that the ego gives to describe what it is we enjoy and love to do. Let it no longer matter how the ego judges what fulfills us. Let it no longer matter how much value the ego places on our passions. If we love it and find joy, value, peace and a sense of purpose and fulfillment in it, then it is right for us. Today, the more we focus on expressing our loving nature, the clearer our individualize path will become. Be it called a doctor or street sweeper, a police officer or Wall Street broker, they are all, if they fulfill you, an expression of your loving nature, of your passions, hopes, desires and dreams, and thus of equal worth. Their true value resides in how they make you feel. The job’s title or description is irrelevant, what is relevant is the passion and drive that it makes you feel. Today ask yourself: “Is the physical expression of what I am choosing to do with my time, focus and energy, bringing me a sense of purpose, peace of mind and joy? Is my work fulfilling me? Am I passionate about it? It is by answering such questions that you will begin to get a clearer picture of the purpose of your mission. 

Today, imagine having no pressures from society, peers, family or friends, what would you begin to do with your time and life? What parts of your life would you begin to focus more of your energy on? It is not mandatory to completely change everything you are doing overnight. Yet, it is important to start getting a clearer picture of what the physical expressions of your passions, hopes, desires and dreams, look and feel like. Today, let us start taking small steps towards achieving clarity. Let us start spending a little more of our time, energy, effort and focus, each day on aligning with the version of our highest, happiest and most passionate self. As you move your energy in the direction of your passions, hopes, desires and dreams, you will start to see your external environment shifting in order to support your efforts. As we start realizing the true power we have to direct our focus, the ego’s power and control over us will begin to diminish. Today, let us realize, that any perceived outward pressures, are just symbols that show us that we are allowing the ego’s programs and mindset to rule over us. Let us today take personal responsibility for our mind by recalling that it is not the ego’s programs that can make us act a certain way, it is our believes in the reality of such programs, that gives our power away to them. Do not despair, for if it is we who have bought into the programs as real, then it is also we who can begin to deprogram ourselves. The power we have over the world we see, is within us, not outside of us. If we are feeling pressured, let us not judge and curse the world as the ego would have us do, for that only seems to make the lies more true. Instead, let us simply practice using such situation to take back control of our thoughts and thinking, and by doing so, begin to let go of the ego as our guide.   

Today, let us realize, that anytime that we are reacting through judgment or fear, it is because we are allowing the ego to guide us. God is Love and All and we are His creation. Judgment and fear, being in opposition to Love, are not representative of the truth in us. They are simply symbols that show us when we are letting the ego direct our lives. When we are allowing the ego to rule over us, it is not the truth in us who is living our lives. It is a sleep walking zombie programmed version of us that has taken our place. Let us today not put ourselves or others down for sleep walking through life. Instead, let us simply learn to become more aware of when we are allowing the ego to rule over us. With this self-awareness, let us redirect our time, focus and energy, towards aligning with our passions, desires, hopes and dreams. As we do so, we chip away at the ego’s control over us, and begin to take greater control and personal responsibility for guiding our own lives.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (6)

Today’s message made me more aware of how our ego can control us. Yet the good news is that we can deprogram it. Felt good to read that. Also makes me understand that others who judge are being controlled by their ego. This makes me more compassionate towards them as I understand why they are so judgmental. Following my hopes and dreams….yes!!!!

Thank you Nadia for being open to the message.

It is indeed good news that we can undo what we have done. That we have the power to choose peace instead of our judgments of self and others.

Today, let us forgive and thus free ourselves from the ego’s demands for judgment. Let us forgive those who still remain asleep to their true loving essence and nature. In doing so, by aligning with compassion instead of condemnation we become the light that God created us to be.

Peace. JBC

This really resonated with me today. Animals are what I live for, but it does not pay much. This has always been a struggle for me. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
With love,

Thank you Heather for being a member of our community.

May you continue, by doing what you love to do, light the path for those still searching for their passions and dreams.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

There are nuggets of gold for me in today’s message. I am living my passion and I have still been feeling intense stress, anxiety and pressure as the world struggles with coronavirus. Seeing your essay today lets me know that the pressure is from the ego and now I can work on getting the ego to be a participant in the shadow, which allows my light to shine.

Thank you Adrienne for being open to the message.

Today, when stress filled and anxious thoughts come knocking on your mind’s door remember, that it is you who can let them in and entertain them, or choose not to allow them to enter. It is you who hold the key to your peace of mind.

Today, remember that as God’s creation you are forever worthy of peace, remember this and choose accordingly. Remember this each and every time a thought knocks on your mind’s door, and no longer choose to let in and support thoughts that don’t support the state of peace in you.

Peace. JBC

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