Daily Inspiration: March 24. Seeing Light In The Darkness

You do not experience darkness because you are evil, bad, or not worthy of the light; you experience darkness because you have been programmed to believe, in the ego’s mindset as true. The darkness is simply a symbol of a mind asleep. It is only the ego’s past programming, that is currently blocking your awareness, to the light within. The darkness is simply a lack of self-awareness, that and nothing else. In this world of duality there exist many symbols of this lack of self-awareness, of this lack of light, such as stress, sadness, anger, worry, resentment, hate and revenge. When you buy into these symbols of darkness, as more real than the light, it is then that you sink further into darkness, and by doing so begin to forget, and thus block yourself, from the awareness of the light. The further you sink into darkness, the less you will recall or believe in the availability of the light. The light is Love, and Love being God, is always and forever available to you within the now. The present moment, the now, is truly all that exist, and yet within the ego’s mindset, the past and future rule over the now. It is when you are reacting with, or seeing any thought other than the expression of love, that you are buying into the ego’s past programming or future imaginings. When you are buying into the ego’s past programming or future imaginings as real, it is then that you extend the past into and over the present moment, and thus do not experience what the now has to offer. It is in this state of mind, that you are always, blocking the present moment from yourself. It is this mindset that continues to drag the past programming not only over the present moment, but it keeps extending the past into the future, and so your future becomes not a reflection of the now, but an extension of the past. If your future simple becomes and extension of the past, then it is in this state of mind, that so-called negative patterns, seem to repeat. When your past covers and rules over your present and future, it is in such a circumstance, that you are unconsciously allowing the ego to live your life for you.

There is no need to judge yourself or another for being in the darkness, instead simply see it as a physical and emotional symbol, that you have drag the ego’s past programming into the now. Darkness is simply a symbol that shows you that you are not truly seeing what is really going on. The present moment is God’s eternal gift to you, and within it, His light and Love forever reside. Today, let us breathe deeply, and find relief in this understanding: God, being Love, uses all for good. Even darkness and our belief in it, will be use to help us better see, how unlike it is to the truth in us. By doing so, the darkness itself, will help us awaken from the ego’s dream, and return to the light. It is when we tire of the darkness, that we will search for and turn towards the light. Every experience and step on your journey, that the ego has programmed you to curse and judge yourself and others for, is, within the light, thanks to God’s mercy and grace, understood and acknowledged as a gift that you are presenting to yourself. If you are experiencing the darkness, it is because you have consciously or unconsciously called upon it, in order to dwell within it long enough, to see, fully understand and experience, its illusionary nature. It is by experiencing the darkness over and over again, that you will start to realize that darkness, is not your true home. It is by experiencing the darkness over and over again, that you will start to realize, that it is not in the darkness, where you belong. Little by little, you will start to realize, that the ability to leave the darkness and return to the light, is always, thanks to God’s gift of free will, just a simple choice away.

Today, imagine for a moment, if you trusted this one simple thought: “Everything is helpful.” Imagine, everything being in one way or another, a part of a process that is assisting you in understanding, seeing and interacting with this world in a more peaceful, joyful, trusting, forgiving, and compassionate manner. How would this simple shift in perception begin to help change your attitude and experience towards yourself and your so-called darkness? Imagine, if you started to offer gratitude for all you once had been programmed by the ego to curse. It is through such an effort, that you can begin to see the light even within the darkness. It is through such an effort, that even the darkness can be understood and become a gift that we use to help this world and ourselves heal, awaken and return to the light. Just imagine, the gratitude you would feel towards God, if you started to see and realize how everything in your experience, is always, in one form or another, helpful. Imagine, God loving you so much, that in truth, there could never exist a moment on your eternal journey, that if you but realized what was going on, you would not be in awe of His gifts and Love for you. Imagine, no matter how many times you toss, turn and kick him while you slept, God always being there once you chose to awaken. Imagine, no matter how often you cursed His children, He but understood that you were simply dreaming, and that soon you will awaken from the dream. Imagine, no matter your dream, always awakening in His Loving Arms. Imagine, God fully knowing that you are His Loving creation, forever throughout eternity His son or daughter, and so no matter how many characters you choose to play on the ego’s stage, He forever knows your truth, who He created you to be.

Today, let us see and understand the darkness, not as a time to judge ourself or others, but as a time to recall, that it is not there that we belong. When you get that you do not belong align with the darkness, you will stop focusing on and supporting, thoughts, emotions and actions, that take and keep you there. The darkness, because God is Love, Light and All, has in truth, never been true. It is only but a dream that we have been programmed by the ego to see as real. Nothing ever within the ego’s dream is true or real, and thus why God never has needed to judge you. God’s mercy and grace, overlooks the dream and sees only your loving nature. Would it not seem wise to try to see all others as God sees us? Today, if we find ourselves in darkness, instead of fearing it, let us thank it for its service to us, for reminding us that we are not it. Let this understanding expand until it embraces and comforts all your brothers and sisters, see them only as the light that they are, and the thoughts, emotions and actions of the darkness, you will need no more.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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