Daily Inspiration: March 26. You Become What You Teach

Knowingly or not, you are a teacher, and are teaching all the time. From your example others learn, while at the same time you reinforce within what you teach. What you share with others you strengthen within you. The more you share or teach something, the more you become what you share or teach. Know that you have the power, in this world of duality, to teach both of the darkness or the light. When you align with the energies of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, you are teaching others symbols of the darkness. Today, let us consciously stop ourselves from teaching what we do not want our children to inherit. Today, let us make a very conscious decision, to take personal responsibility for whatever energies we align with and share. Now we know, that what we share with “others” we teach, and what we teach we reinforce, strengthen and become. Teach the darkness, and it will within the darkness that you and your children will live. Teach the light, the love that in truth you are and were created to be, and it will be the light that will surround and embrace you throughout your day. Teach the darkness, and you will be surrounded by those who desire and are drawn to the darkness. Teach the light, and you will find yourself surrounded by all those who desire to learn and share who God created to bless and heal this world. You have free will, and thus in every moment you can decide what to teach and thus what you will experience. Today take personal responsibility for what you teach by no longer blaming the outer world for your teachings. Today, take personal responsibility for the physical manifestation of your experience. If you do not like what you see, then begin to change what you are teaching.  

You are Love’s creation. You are the son or daughter of The Light. You, as the son or daughter of The Teacher, have come here to teach. Teach only Love, for that is who in truth you are. Teach only Love, for that is why you are here, to help remind others of their true nature, essence and Home. The only thing that separates this world from Heaven, is your teaching. Remind others who in truth they are and begin to see Heaven being reflected here on Earth. You have co-created your journey with The Light. You have volunteered to come here, to teach those who have forgotten, recall their true loving nature. You are here to teach the lessons of love. The lesson of love is taught through such expressions as peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing. The more you teach love, the more real, familiar and natural and normal, these expressions will become. The more normal they become, the more you will experience them in your life. You are in truth the child of The Light. Thus, there is nothing easier and more natural for you to teach than the light. Because this is what you have come here to teach, you will have a sense of fulfillment when you teach it. You will have a sense of fulfillment, because in essence you are doing what you came here to do. Continue to teach the light, which is a symbol of love, and you will shine brighter and brighter each day. By doing so, others will be more able to clearly see, remember, acknowledge and express, the true teacher in them. Today, be, in your own unique and sacred ways, the light that you were created to be. Truly, you need not do anything more than this, then be who you in truth are and were created to be.

Today, we who are recalling our true loving nature, have been called upon to teach what we are remembering. Whatever situation may present itself, or whoever will be coming into our presence, today it is we who, through loves expressions, have been called upon to bring a lantern into the darkness. We are in their presence to take the hands of those who are lost, confused and afraid, and offer them a way back into the light. Today, let us take our responsibilities seriously, for it is we who have been sent out as rescuers within the ego’s wilderness. It is we who have been chosen by The Light to become the physical lanterns that will help guide our brothers and sisters back to a place of peace. Those who themselves are awakening will be on the look out for us. Our light will help their light shine brighter. Then they too will be place along the way back Home in order to light the way for others. Today, let us pay very close attention to what energies, thoughts, words and emotions, we are sharing with others. Let us remember that what we share with others we reinforce within, and what we reinforce within we become. We have recalled the light within, let us be sure not take this gift, opportunity and responsibility for granted. For if it’s not us who will remind this world of its true loving nature, then who? Today, teach only the love that in truth you are. Today, after every interaction, check in on yourself, by asking yourself: “What is it that I just shared and taught my brother and sister? Did I just walk them towards further confusion, darkness and despair? Or, did I just remind them of the beauty, love and light, that is their true eternal essence, nature and Home?”

Today, let us recall that in this world of duality, anytime we interact with another, we are teaching either of the darkness or the light. What we teach others, we reinforce within and become. Today, let us stop blaming the outer world for the amount of light or darkness that we seem to be experiencing. Instead, let us start teaching what we ourselves want to experience. Today, before every interaction, ask yourself: “Do I want to teach the darkness or the light?” Then after every interaction, ask yourself: “Did I teach my brother and sister, of the darkness or the light?” Remind yourself throughout the day: “I have been placed here by The Light, to remind my brothers and sisters of The Light in them, of the Love that is their true and eternal essence, nature and Home.” Today, let us be sure to teach others what we would want our children to inherit. 

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

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Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (8)

Hi, What a great messgae you have here.Thank you. This message gives me pause to think that we are all teachers and studentsas we navigate this beautiful life we have. And, when we learn we teach, when we teach we learn. Its really the yin/yang of life.
This comment makes me think about pausing before I make any comment judgement, or inflect any kind of negative energy into my or another beings day.
To Vet, I have learned that some of my hardest leassons have come from family. These maybe our master teachers, so, I try harder to send love, peace, & light to those. And if that doesnt work, I simply choose to walk away in light & love. Thank you for this message.

Thank you Marilyn for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Yes, before every interaction, remind yourself:
“I am Love’s creation. I am here to create as He created, through love. I now come to every interaction, with my goal already set. My goal is to be the love that God created me to be. Love has numerous expressions. Now, I simply listen to what expression of love that my brother or sister is, in the moment, asking for, and it is this that I will offer him or her. In doing so I will feel fulfilled, because in essence I am doing what I was created to do. Amen.”

Peace. JBC

I have seen within my own family how my negative or positive attitude/mood affect my family members (more so the adults) positively and negativity. That is not verbalising anything just how I am feeling. Even how your feeling effects others without words.
Thank you for the message ❤️

Thank you Vet for being open to the message.

Yes indeed, our own state of mind effects our external environment. Everything “out there” must be defined through the thoughts in our minds. Thus, if we make the conscious effort to achieve a peaceful mind, this state of inner peace will extend outward into the world we see, and thus the world we see will be experienced in a more peaceful manner.

Peace. JBC

Wow, I had to share todays message on facebook!
Two days ago I had an invitation to indulge it some evil from an acquintance, I resisted strongly and told him we need to get you some morals to live by!
I will still see him at meetings, and even teach him how to repair something to do with sewing -which is my teaching field. Hopefully I can be a ray of light in his dark world in another way than just sewing!

Thank you Janis for your comment, for sharing the message, and for being a member of our community.

You will forever be the love that God created you to be. We are all One, and thus the truth in us will always be the love that God created us to be.

When a brother or sister forgets their true eternal nature, simply and without judgment, be the light that you in truth are, and sooner or later your example and light will help them recall, the ever lasting light in them.

Peace. JBC

This was one of the most beautiful messages you have sent..as I teach piano and have felt that I have brought forward the love of music to each of my students. I have played since I was five ears old and have been teaching for over 30 years…I have been close to a lot of my students and a lot of the joy has been in getting to know them and the kind of souls they are,,seeing their fears and helping them to overcome whatever obstacles that may be holding them back from achieving their goals…so thank you again for the lovely passage,,

Thank you Jeanne for your kind words and for being a member of our community.

Thank you for being a teacher of love, joy, perseverance, patience, peace, courage and the present moment.

Peace. JBC

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