Daily Inspiration: March 28. Our “Bad Habits” Are Not a Real Part of Us

Who are we? God is Love and All, therefore we are a part of The All, the energy of Love choosing to express and experience Itself within the physical form. “Bad habits” do not exist within Love, for everything within Love is loving. Yet, to fully play, experience, understand and help in the healing within the ego’s world of duality, most of us have chosen to fall asleep to who in truth we are. Within this sleep we dream that we are something other than Love, and so we have slowly unconsciously allow ourselves to be programmed to believe, and buy into the idea, that the characters we are playing within the dream, are real, are actually us. No matter how real the characters within the dream may appear to be while we are playing them, they still, after all is said and done, are but just characters within a dream. How many times within a dream would we have sworn to the dream’s “reality,” and of the reality of the characters within the dream, and yet still, that belief, no matter how strong it was, never made them real. No matter how many dreams or misperceptions about ourselves we have, no matter how different from the energy of Love we think we are, no matter how many bad habits we have within the dream, no matter how real these dreams may appear to be, every single time one awakens, they see that they were but dreaming, and that nothing within the dream was actually ever real. And so here we are, programmed by the ego, swearing that the ego’s dream and everything within it, is real. Let us today, begin to remember, that anything apart from Love is but a dream, an illusionary concept, just a bad habit that we have accepted as real, because we have accepted the dream as real. A bad habit is simply an unconscious response within unconsciousness, within the dream, that we have repeated over and over again, and thus now think of as a natural and real part of us. Nothing within the ego dream is a natural and real part of us. Anything within a dream, no matter how real it seems, it is not real, it is not us, could never be real, could never be us. Today, rejoice, that everything in you, that is not Love, is not real. Rejoice, that you will never need to judge yourself again once you awaken and commit yourself to seeing only your real self as real.

Most people have been unconsciously programmed to believe, that they have little or no control over how they react to their environment, and thus to those around them. And so, just like in dreams, we become reactive, reacting to the environment around us, instead of seeing that it is us, who through our own thoughts, have and are actually creating, the environment we are experiencing. If in any situation or interaction, we are thinking thoughts that are coloring our environment, in a negative, stressful, or unloving manner, this is simply an unconscious habitual response, basically a learned behavior, a ‘bad’ habit, and not representative of our true nature, of an awaken spiritual being. And so what you have been programmed to see as “your” negative reaction, is actually not really “yours,” it is an adopted response, that continues to physically manifest in your life, simply because of your unconscious support of the dream as real. Stop supporting with your time, energy and focus, anything within the dream, and everything within the dream, all your bad habits and false self concepts, will begin to dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came. Stop supporting with your time, energy and focus, anything within the dream, and you will begin awakening from the dream, begin to awaken to who you truly are. Today, make a mental note to help remind you, better see and understand, when you are experiencing the dream as true, and when you are experiencing the truth as true. The more that you can consciously tell the difference, the closer you will be to waking up. Anytime you find yourself reacting, or painting, through your thoughts the environment, in a negative, stressful, or unloving manner, do not keep putting yourself or others down for this bad habit, do not keep sinking into the dream, instead simply understand that when such behaviors occur, that you are simply dreaming. When you find yourself reacting in a positive, peaceful, or loving manner, pat yourself on the back for this behavior is representative of someone who is awakening from the dream.

Today, let us begin to awaken, by making a conscious effort to stop supporting and nourishing the bad habits that we no longer desire to represent or experience. To begin dissolving bad habits from our lives, we simply need to take its fuel source, our time, focus and energy, away from such behaviors. For example if we have a bad habit that involves judging others, today let’s make it a conscious choice, in every situation possible, to value forgiveness more than judgment, when we do, we will begin to see and experience a less judgmental and more forgiving world. As we continue to reinforce this effort, our judgmental habit will become a lesser part of our experience, and we will start to see how much more control we actually do have over the world we see. For you see, forgiveness as an expression of Love, is real, and because it is real, the possibility to experience it over your illusions, is always available within the now. Judgment serving as an opposite to forgiveness, can not be real, for only Love is real, and because Love is All, there cannot be any true opposition to All, thus there cannot be, in reality, an opposite to forgiveness. Judgment is thus, very simply, a symbol that we are in fact dreaming. Forgiveness is a symbol, that we are awakening from the dream. Thus, any time we judge today, let that be a signal to us, that we are buying into a “bad habit,” into the dream, as real. Then, let us allow this to become a signal to us, that triggers an alarm clock within our minds, a sound that reminds us, that it’s time to awaken from the dream, get up, and do what we have truly come here to do. The more you desire to awaken from the ego’s dream, the more you will make the conscious choice to support the energy of Love and its expressions, as your response. The more you do so, the more natural doing so will become. Then after a while of trying to awaken, you will need less and less sleep, until one day you need sleep no more.

Today, let us practice noticing when we are supporting the ego’s dream as real, and when we are awake. Our bad habits, or any expression that seems to place itself in opposition to Love, today we understand, as symbols that we are buying into the dream as real. Understanding this, let us no longer punish ourselves for these bad habits, for being asleep, instead let us use them as a sort of tool and trigger, that helps reminds us, that it is time for us to awaken from the dream. Awakening is symbolized by choosing Love’s expressions over fear’s expressions, such as forgiveness over judgment, positivity over negativity, peace and trust in God over stress and anxiety, or compassion over condemnation. The more we practice such choices, the more we will notice how natural and good they feel, the more we will desire to make them, and the more time we will spend as a being, who is awakening from the dream. It is natural for us, as representatives and creations of Love, to be awake, to be loving, and thus to be examples for others that will help them see, that it is also possible for them, to drop their bad habits and false self concepts, and awaken from the dream.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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