Daily Inspiration: March 5. Ending our Worship of False Idols

We have for so long been subjected to the ego’s programing, that its false concepts now seem normal, natural, proper, right and real. We have for so long supported the ego’s false idols as real, that we now think of them as parts of us. There is who we have been programmed to believe we are, and who we in truth are. Any time we are expressing ourselves through the ego’s tools such as those of judgment of self and others, frustration, anger, resentment, anxiousness, worry, hate and revenge, we are supporting our false programmed self as real. If we believe these false concepts are real, then we will come to their defense. If we know them to be false, then there is no need for us to defend them, or ourselves against them. The more we support, with our time, focus and energy, our false-self as real, the more we think our false-self is who we are. Yet, no matter how much or often we support our false-self as real, it will never be the truth in us. Our false-self may for a time obscure our light, the recognition of the truth within, but because it is illusionary in nature, it will never be able to take the place of our light. Love is our light, is who in truth we are. Love is God Who is All, and thus only the light and love in us is truly real. Everything other than our love and light is a false concept, a false idol, that we have been programmed by the ego to see and believe as real. When you seem not to be aligned with your truth, with your love and light, it is not because you can’t do it, nor because you are not worthy of it. It is simply because you have been programmed to see something else as more real and valuable than your true loving essence and nature. Today, when lost in the ego’s darkness, let us not despair. Let us simply correct the misperceptions that we hold about ourselves, by consciously choosing to align with the light within.

No matter how deep we have travelled into the ego’s cavern, there is darkness and there is light. Move towards the darkness, and the more of it that you will experience. Move towards the light, and it will be more of the light that you will experience. The choice of which to experience is, in the end, yours and yours alone to make. Frustration, anger, resentment, anxiousness, worry, hate and revenge are all energetic representations, expressions and symbols of the darkness. They are all symbols of being lost in the ego’s cavern, of worshipping false idols as real. Love and its many expressions such as joy, compassion, forgiveness, peace and understanding, are all energetic representations, expressions and symbols of the light. They are signs and symbols that you are walking yourself out of the ego’s cave. The simplest signal that shows you if you are in alignment with the darkness or the light, is the state of peace. If you’re in the darkness, worshipping false idols, you will never truly be at peace. If you’re in the light, being an example of your eternal loving essence and nature, peace will be your constant companion. Today, all you need do to more closely align with the light is to ask yourself questions such as: “What would bring me peace in this situation?” “Which way of interacting with my brother or sister would bring me the most peace right now?” “How can I align this moment in time with the state of peace?” “How can I become an example of peace for others?” Today, make peace your goal in more interactions and situations during your day. Do so, and feel peace embrace you throughout your day. Do so, and you will begin to deprogram yourself from the ego’s false idols.

Today, let us recall that as children of The Light, we do not belong in the darkness. Let us recall that frustration, anger, resentment, anxiousness, worry, hate and revenge are not us, no matter how natural, normal, proper, right or real they may sometimes feel. They are all false idols that will never bring us the true everlasting peace of mind, joy and understanding that we, as God’s children, desire and deserve. Today, let us stop sacrificing our time, focus and energy to the ego’s false idols. As we make the conscious commitment to reduce their presence in our life, they will slowly dissolve from our experience. Let us begin to truly open our eyes, realize and see how many of these false idols we have been supporting as real. Let us take personal responsibility for their presence in our lives. By doing so we take our power back to choose what we desire to experience. How much longer must we remain within the ego’s darken cavern to truly get that we do not belong there? How many more people must we sacrifice to these false idols, before we get that these false idols offer us nothing but suffering and pain? How much more suffering and pain must we endure before we make the conscious decision to look towards the light? Have we not already sacrificed enough to these false gods? Today, let us say: “Enough is enough, I have already sacrificed enough of my time, focus, energy and life force, to these false idols. Today, I end my support for false concepts that have never supported the truth in me. Today, I choose to no longer answer their call. Today, I no longer entertain them. Today, they do not have my permission to enter my mind. I now know that everything they have to offer, is something that I no longer need or want.”

Today, when any of the ego’s face idols come knocking on our mind’s door, let us make the conscious decision to no longer entertain them as real aspects of ourselves. The less we place our time, focus and energy on them, the less power they will have over us. The less power they hold over us, the clearer understanding we will have of who we truly are, of our loving essence and nature. The greater understanding we have of our loving essence and nature, the better example we can set for those who are still worshipping their false-selves as real. This is what our mission is today, to remain at peace even within the ego’s storm, to become a beacon of light for those who are currently engulfed by the ego’s fog. Let us today, stand steady, strong and provide a real shelter for those who are now desiring greater self-awareness and peace of mind.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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I think this is why the bulk of Christ’s teachings were on behaviors so that we learn to act in love.

Thank you Nancy for being a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

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