Daily Inspiration: March 8. Learning to Listen to Ourselves

We recognize our physical tears, but fail to realize that judgment, stress, anger, resentment and fear, are tear drops of another form. They are a call from our child or ego-self, to our divine truth or higher-self, for help and healing. Our divine truth will not support nor choose to judge our ego-self for who it thinks it is. But, it will provide a safe space, where it allows the self the time it needs to recognize who it is not, tire of its own reflection and results, and ask for a more productive and loving way of being. Your higher-self offers you someone who actually listens to all your pain and struggle, without judgment. Your higher-self simply awaits for you to awaken and recognize that you no longer need to experience the ego’s dream as real. Your higher-self knows that you are Love’s creation, and that because of that, only the love in you is forever true. Yet still, many of us sleep and continue to dream the ego’s dream. This is a dream that insist that we are separate from each other, and that what you do, say or think of others, has no effect on you. The dream always seems quite real to those who sleep. Remember this, as you yourself awaken. Be compassionate, patient and understanding, as those tired of sleeping also begin to awaken. Know that those that judge you, do so, only because they sleep. Pay attention to your own reactions, for those parts of you that react to other’s judgmental dreams of you, are those parts of you that still remain asleep. Be grateful to your brothers and sisters for helping you realize and understand what parts of you still need to awaken. Remember that you are Love’s creation, and that Love is All, thus that you are only truly awake when you can see all others through love’s lens. 

Today, if you find yourself supporting anything other than Love as true, supporting ego dreams such as those of judgment, stress, anger, resentment and fear, choose to no longer judge yourself for being who you are not. Instead, practice recognizing that these are just symbols within the ego’s dreams, and so now when they come, let them trigger in you the need to awaken. There is nothing wrong with us dreaming the ego’s dreams. This is simply the human experience. But let us also learn to recognize, that it is no longer productive to remain asleep after we are done dreaming. Today, practice catching yourself when in the ego’s dream, and notice that you do not belong there. Then, instead of continuing to value your illusion of self and others as real, feel how out of alignment the ego’s dream is with the truth in you. Then make the conscious decision to depart the dream and awaken. How much longer must we continue to torture ourselves and others by unconsciously choosing to support the dreams of judgment, stress, anger, resentment and fear, as real aspects of ourselves? How much longer must we support the ego’s lies as our truth? How much longer must we struggle through the ego’s swamplands before we realize that this is no place for Love’s creations? Love’s creations are here to awaken to the realization that they are love and only love. Love’s creations are here to share this knowledge with the world and help others awaken to the truth in them. Love’s creations are here to overcome the dreams, illusions and lies of the ego. We are here to remind others, that there is indeed a way out of the ego’s darkness. Our higher-self knows that each and every part of our journey can be used for our own growth and healing. Our higher-self knows that our whole life experience will create a more complete teaching platform that will assist others in recalling and expressing their true nature.

Today, let us patiently wait for the sleeping part in us to tire of sleeping and choose to awaken. Let us choose to be as equally gentle and understanding with all others. Today, let us understand and be at peace knowing, that every moment we sleep, gets us a moment closer to awakening. Every moment is now seen and understood, as the sacred step that it truly is. Now, no matter what that moment looks like to the ego, a blessing is all our awaken-self will choose to see. Today, when our ego once again begins to boil over with illusionary dream-like thoughts of judgments, stress, anger, resentment and fear, let us simply choose to stop punishing ourselves with our own thoughts. As we do so we recall what a blessing each and every moment truly is. We use this recollection as a symbol of our awakening. Today, as awaken and awakening beings, let us look deep into our brother’s and sister’s eyes, and remind ourselves: “We are all One. As I heal, I will begin to see a healed world. When I do not see a healed world, that now becomes a symbol to me, that I am seeing this world through the ego’s eyes, not mine. I no longer desire to see or be a part of the dream world. I no longer buy into the ego’s dream as real. The more I recall who I no longer desire to be, the greater amount of time I will have to remember who in truth I am. By doing so, I begin awakening from the ego’s dream. I have slept long enough. I am now choosing to awaken. I now only choose to see and focus on the love that is our true eternal essence and nature, our divine truth. Aligned with my eternal loving essence and nature, I become an example to others, that their truth is just a simple choice away. Today, I am making the conscious decision to only listen to the truth in me. May my example help others awaken to their true essence and nature. May my example help lead this world to a place of peace.”

Today, let us notice that when we align with our loving essence and nature, we are listening to and representing the truth within. The more we listen to and follow Love’s direction, the greater sense of peace and joy we will experience. Let us also not judge, but simply recognize that when our thoughts, words and actions are not aligned with our loving essence, we are simply not listening to the truth within. Let us use this self-awareness as an opportunity to shift direction and refocus on being the love that we came here to be. When we learn to use and appreciate even our so-call errors for our growth, healing and awakening, then our judgments of self and others diminish. As our judgments diminish our peace of mind and joy grows. As our peace of mind and joy grows, our light shines brighter. As our light shines brighter we become a beacon of peace, joy and understanding for those still asleep within the darkness of the ego’s dream. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (6)

Why would God create the ego if it is so very harmful to us?

Thank you Robert for being a member of our community.

It is we, not God, who created the ego. We for a moment thought that we could be apart from God, forgot to laugh at such a thought, and then God created a world that we could use to help remind us that only the Love of God in us is truly real.

We will believe in the ego and its tools and mindset until we realize that we no longer desire it, and that we now desire the Love of God more. As that shift begins to occur in your life, the ego’s world begins to dissolve away, and the peace and love of God then takes it rightful place.

Peace. JBC

Fear of potential physical pain is one of my greatest hurdles. Reading and thinking about your messages (I have graduated from the condensed versions to the full version as u suggested) every day is a wonderful support that reminds me what is most important. And almost every day I re read a portion of your book, no matter how short the passage on a particular day. I regularly think about how everything fits into a lesson. I regularly am in gratitude. I am learning to remember to see past and present seemingly negative people and situations as opportunities for practicing love and peace and kindness and forgiveness. For so many years from early childhood I was so angry and bitter and depressed. I have become so much calmer and so much more at peace. Wish u wd come to or near to the Atlanta area. Thank u with much LOVE.

Thank you Louisa for your comment and for being open to the message.

In the book ‘A Course in Miracles’ it says “All things are lessons that God would have me learn.” Practice being grateful just for this, that every aspect of your life, is being offered or gifted to you, so that you may become more of who in truth you are, the Love that God created you to be.

Then let us learn to offer only who in truth we are, to all others, so that they too may begin to remember.

Peace. JBC

I think fear can also come from the wounded part of ourselves, so the ego, but that is also a wounded part that needs healing and the only source of healing comes from fear. To be mean to ourselves because we are in ego makes no sense….we have to love that part of ourselves back to health. Only love heals.

Thank you Missn for being a member of our community.

When fear once again tries to enter your mind’s gate, remember all the dead end roads it has had you travel. Then decline its invitation. Learn now to use the appearance of the ego to trigger in you the desire to align only with the love that you are. Then offer that expression of love that the moment seems to be requesting.

This way we can begin to use the ego, its tools and mindset, not to continue to judge self or others, but instead to begin to heal and awaken this world.

Peace. JBC

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