Daily Inspiration: May 13. A Peaceful Mind is Ultimately Our Responsibility

The more our minds are focus on achieving the state of peace, the more peaceful our brothers, sisters and this world, will appear. Equally so, the more time, focus and energy, we put into judgment and anger, the more those exact same individuals will appear bothersome and “deserving” of our judgment and anger. And so let us today note, that it is not actually those individuals that are defining our state of mind, it is our state of mind that is giving definition to those individuals. The power to focus on what we desire to experience, resides within us, and not in the outside world. So let us practice working on developing peaceful minds, by providing our minds with the tools that will support the experience we want. Let us look back at our past and see what thoughts and behaviors supported a peaceful mind, and begin to more consciously repeat, and thus reinforce and strengthen, those patterns. Peace is an expression of Love, and Love is who God is. Anytime you are aligning with any of Love’s expressions, you are, in one form or another, aligning with the state of peace. Some of Love’s expressions are compassion, kindness, hope, healing, forgiveness, generosity, charity, laughter, and joy, and thus when you are expressing and experiencing any of them, you are aligning with God, and thus with the state of peace. To increase the amount of peace in your life, offer any of Love’s numerous expressions, and you will be spending a greater amount of your day aligned with the state of peace. Let us remember, that we are all One, and thus when you are offering any of Love’s expressions, you are in essence, experiencing them yourself. You in essence, decide how much peace you will experience throughout your day, by what you offer others. You are Love’s creation, you are love, thus simply offer all others including to yourself, who in truth you are, and all the peace that you desire to have, you will experience.

Today, let us look to support thought patterns, that we have personally used in the past, that reinforce and strengthen a peaceful mind. Has choosing forgiveness over judgment, supported the state of peace in our minds and life? Has choosing to trust in God’s plan for our life over the ego’s plan, not also brought us less worry and stress, and more peace to our life? Choosing to be kind and loving over being unkind and hateful, also brings us greater amounts of peace to our minds. Eating healthy meals, deep breathing, stretching and exercising, all seem to strengthen our internal alignment with peace. Little by little we start to realize, that the state of peace comes to us in dozens of forms, is actually always available to us, and that it is simply patiently waiting for our focus to return to it, so that we may enjoy it. Today, let us allow this understanding, that the state of peace is always, in one form or another, available to us, to fill us with a deep sense of gratitude. And talking of gratitude, has being grateful to God and others, not also helped us align with and experience, the state of peace? Practice being grateful for more and more things, people and situations, during your day, and this sense and expression of gratitude, will lead you on the path to peace. Let us not only be grateful, but also let us feel gratitude, flowing through us, as we offer it to others. There are numerous opportunities to be grateful throughout your day, from being appreciative to God for your health, to being grateful for the food on your plate and to those who made it possible for that food be there for you to eat, to being grateful to those who join you in your meals, the opportunities to be grateful are indeed numerous, and each one of them, being Love’s expressions, will help lead you, towards your desire destination, the state of peace.

Today, in your journal or on a page of paper, write down everything that in your past, has personally aligned you with the state of peace. On another page, write down everything that seems to take you away from your peace of mind. On a day-to-day basis look to place more and more of your time, focus and energy, on supporting those thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, that support the state of peace in your mind, and look to decrease those that seem to drive you away from peace. Do this, keeping in mind, that you have the ultimate control and responsibility for the thoughts you think. Allow the state of peace, to be a symbol to you that you are in control of your thoughts. Allow a lack of peace, to become a symbol to you that it is your thoughts, the ego’s programming, that are controlling you. Remember, that you have been gifted free will, thus in the end, it is your reactions to other people’s actions, not their actions in and of themselves, that shape, change and color, your internal condition. Your internal condition, your peace of mind, is in the end, after all is said and done, your responsibility. Today, let us make the conscious decision, not to support with our time, focus and energy, those thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and interactions, that are not supporting the journey that we want to experience. The more moments during your day, that you make the conscious decision to support your peace of mind, and stop fueling what does not bring you peace, the more you will see and realize, how much actual control you have over the amount of peace that you experience in your day, and thus in your life. The more you notice the control that you have over your reality, the more personal responsibility you will take for it. The more personal responsibility you take for your peace of mind, the more empowered you will feel, and because we are all One, the more you will desire others to feel this same sense of empowerment and peace, which will in turn have you more focus on shaping and creating a peace-filled environment.

Today, let us practice taking greater personal responsibility, for our peace of mind. Let us begin to notice, that it is not actually other people’s actions, but our reactions to their actions, the affect our level of peace. The more we understand this, the more empowered we will feel to choose and align with, the state of peace. As we are Love’s creations, so to does Love express Himself in many ways, such as through compassion, kindness, forgiveness, peace and joy, all these expressions are our brothers and sisters, and they all help align us with who we truly are. Because we are all One, when you are choosing any of Love’s expressions, you are also choosing peace. Today, allow the state of peace to show you when you are aligning with who in truth you are. Also allow a lack of peace, to show you, that somewhere you have chosen the ego’s judgment and fear based programs, over the Love, mercy and grace of God. Let us today note, that in every moment, we have a choice between what God and the ego represent. When making any decision, remind yourself that your goal is peace, and that only by deciding with God can you truly reach and experience, your desired destination.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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