Daily Inspiration: May 16. Allowing Peace and Compassion to be Your Companions

Let us today practice taking greater personal responsibility for the energies that we allow to flow through us. In the end, it is only we who can decide what thoughts and energies we will place our time and focus on, and thus end up experiencing. If we desire more peace and compassion in our life, then it is we who must make the effort to focus on them in order to bring them into our experience. We bring them into our experience by making them our goals for our interactions. The goal for any activity belongs at the beginning of that activity. Therefore today before any activity or interaction, remind yourself: “Peace and compassion are my goals for this activity or interaction.” Peace and compassion are both expressions of Love. Anytime we align with or support any of Love’s expressions, we are clearing our path to peace and compassion. Forgiveness, being another of Love’s expressions, is a very useful tool in helping you reach and align with peace and compassion. Today, if during any interaction the ego demands judgment, stop, recall your goal, and choose forgiveness instead. Judgment and anger are both symbols of unawareness. Unawareness is a symbol of one who has forgotten their goal and function here on Earth. Forgiveness, peace and compassion, being Love’s expressions, are symbols of awareness, awakening, the Light, of clarity and understanding. Today, if you find yourself in unawareness, lost within the ego’s storm, stop and remind yourself of your goal, and by doing so return to the path of peace and compassion. All of Love’s expressions are your true companions. You, as God’s child, are forever worthy of all of Love’s expressions. But you do have free will, thus it is you who must decide to walk in the Love’s direction by making peace and compassion your constant companions.

Today practice reminding yourself that as Love’s creation you are worthy of peace and compassion. Then remind yourself that you have free will, and that through forgiveness you can reach your goal. Align your mind with the understanding that says: “Peace and compassion are my brother and sister. They are extensions and reflections of the Love that I am. Peace and compassion are the energies I now desire and consciously choose to align with, experience, represent and share with all others.” Anytime that the ego insists on frustration and anger, first stop this thought process, forgive, and then remind yourself of your goal for the day. Then shift you focus to align with and support the thoughts that will help you achieve your goal. Having free will, no matter the circumstance, you can in any moment choose what to focus on, and thus what to experience. Your decisions to consciously value peace and compassion more throughout the day, will bring you more experiences of peace and compassion. Remind yourself throughout the day, that you as your Creator’s creation, are here to create as He creates. He is Love, and thus you are here to create through Love’s expressions. Until you realize this, until you begin to consciously choose and align with God through Love’s expressions, you will not find true lasting peace and compassion. But do not despair, for even in the darkness, free will is a tool you have at your disposal. Use it wisely. Use it, through such tools as forgiveness, peace and compassion, to help you recall who in truth you are and what your function on this planet is. Your function is to in every moment be, in your own unique ways, Love’s representative here on Earth.

Today, anytime you choose forgiveness over judgment, peace over anger, and compassion over condemnation, you are fulfilling your function here on Earth. Each small victory will further inspire you, and reinforce within, that you are indeed worthy of having peace and compassion as your constant companions. It will be these small daily victories over your ego’s programming that will remind you of your connection to your loving Source. The more you consciously choose peace and compassion, the more natural these responses will become. The more natural they become, the more worthy of them you will feel. The more worthy you feel of experiencing peace and compassion, the easier it will be for you to call upon them when the ego once again comes knocking on your mind’s door. Peace and compassion are your natural state, basically your brother and sister, your true Family. You and all your brothers and sisters, all of Love’s expressions, are worthy of each other because God created us all. Yet, do not be surprised by the ego desire to continue to exist. The only way for the ego to exist is through you, by blinding you to who you truly are. Today, when the ego attacks through its ‘act’ of judgment, do not be surprised nor fearful. Simply learn to use its attacks as reminders to help you recall your function, who in truth you are, and who you are not. You are not the ego’s calls to war, you are peace. You are not the ego’s demands for condemnation. You are God’s child – forgiveness and compassion in physical form. You are not here to disperse confusion, suffering, guilt and pain. You are here to be and represent Love, clarity, healing and a higher purpose. You are here to represent your loving Source, to be a light for those still stuck within the ego’s dark mindset.   

Today, let us recall that peace and compassion are our true brother and sister, and thus that we are forever worthy of being each other’s companions. When we forget this truth and find ourselves buying into the ego’s fear and judgment-centered mindset, let us simply call upon another brother and sister, forgiveness and understanding, to help us find our way back to the light in us, our true Home. Love is our true nature and Home. It is Love and all of Its expressions who are our true family. We are here together as One family to help each other recall who in truth we are. We help remind others by creating as our Creator created us to create, through Love. Peace, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, as expressions of Love are all here to help us fulfill our function. Today, let us through Love’s expressions fulfill our function by lighting the way for those who are still finding it too dark to see.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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